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Bodum Chambord French Press İncelemesi: Uygun Fiyatlı ve Dayanıklı - kahvebi

Bodum Chambord French Press Review: Affordable and Durable

Are you one of those people who start every new day with a cup of coffee like most people? Unfortunately so am I. I always need a jolt of caffeine to wake up to, but my ritual of brewing my own fresh coffee each morning is just as important.

Unlike most people, I spent most of my adult life working in the coffee industry and still do. My standards are a little higher than usual, but making good coffee at home is much easier than most people think. You're essentially adding a modest french press to your everyday brewing method, and that's it.

Are there any more interesting ways to make coffee at home? Of course there is. You can make favine cups of coffee with coffee equipment such as Quality Wave, Hario V60 or Origami, but you also need special paper filters and extra equipment. However, it requires a little more attention for a good brew. As a result, it is not preferred for those who wake up early in the morning (especially if you wake up around 5-6). In my experience, the french press makes much better coffee than any electric coffee machine and is very easy to use. Of course, I keep the Moccamaster brand separate among filter coffee machines . No one can be like him...

Bodum Chambord French Press is completely different!

I've used many french presses over the years, but the model I come back to has always been the Bodum Chambord .

When I hear the word French press for the first time, this is definitely the product that comes to mind. There are several color options available such as brass, copper and even red metal, but the most classic is of course chrome.

Frecnh press consists of metal cap, metal frame with plastic handle, glass beaker plunger and metal filter. Don't be afraid if it sounds too much, rest assured everything is really easy to clean. The French Press comes out of the box and comes to you fully assembled ready.

The chrome finish obviously reminds me of an image that reminds me of classic kitchenware from the 1950s. The metal frame surrounds the glass beaker, which has been treated enough to withstand prolonged exposure to the head. The matte black plastic handle is fixed to the frame. A piston is attached to the cover, and just below that is the metal filter.

A standard 8 cup Bodum Chambord French Press means you can make about two or three cups of coffee, both for yourself and for family or friends. But you can always use less coffee and water to adjust how much to make. There are also several different sizes of french presses in the Bodum Chambord range. Whatever color group or size you buy, you will definitely not regret it.

Bodum Chambord French Press is very easy to use

The recommended ground-to-water ratio is one to two tablespoons per six ounces of water, but if you can't measure perfectly, we recommend buying a coffee scale.

French presses work with a process known as immersion brewing. It is one of the easiest and simplest manual brewing processes. Fresh, coarsely ground coffee goes to the bottom of the press and then hot water is poured over the grounds. The coffee and water stand in the beaker for about four minutes to brew. Then the cap is attached and the piston is pressed.

This process filters the ground under the press so nothing spills into your mug. When it comes to manual brewing, it doesn't get any easier than this!

You will be amazed when you see this amazing french press equipment makes a full-bodied cup of coffee. Most of the oils and organic compounds released in the brewing process will be in your glass down to the last drop. That's why it's not uncommon to see a slight sheen on the surface of your cup. Also, if you notice some sediment at the bottom of your glass, don't be afraid, that's all.

It's easy to clean the Bodum Chambord Fnrech Press

Another reason I love this product is that it can be easily disassembled for cleaning. The metal filter is made of several stainless steel components that can be disassembled and taken apart as needed. The beaker can be removed and cleaned by sliding it off the frame. This also makes it easy to get spare parts in case any component breaks.

When it comes to durability, this equipment is really great. I've been using the same frame, cover and filter for at least five years. Yes, it's still all very solid!

This product is great if you intend to use it at home. It's also great if you're traveling, but we still recommend paying attention. Because there are unbreakable options for beakers made of plastic, but in my experience, plastic seems to be of poorer quality. Plastic is a material that generally expands and cracks when exposed to heat. Frankly, it's not a material I want in a coffee equipment. While plastic may seem like a safer option, the opposite is true for quality and durability. That's why I always prefer glass.

Under Part

The Bodu Chambord is a simple device and allows you to consistently make delicious coffee. Paper filters are not needed, so the only recurring costs are spare parts I guess. However, replacing any component is a very rare event. When you get used to using it, you will find that the rich and perfect coffee it produces is a comforting friend every morning.

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