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about us
KahveBi, after 15 years of experience in Nafi Gıda, was put into service in 2017 with the aim of offering unique flavors directly to coffee lovers by blending the world coffee culture with local motifs.

Our primary goal is to improve the coffee culture and knowledge in our region, to share the experience of our valued guests with coffee, and to provide what they need to live this unique story at every moment of their lives.

By observing the taste, consumption habits and needs of the geography we are in, we develop coffee roasting techniques in the light of these data by receiving continuous feedback from our guests. In addition to being a coffee development laboratory, KahveBi lays the groundwork for improving the taste of coffee with barista trainings and workshops.

By accompanying the journey of coffee around the world, we convey the story behind the coffee bean to coffee lovers with our experienced staff.

While we offer special brewing and roasting techniques by bringing coffee lovers and coffee together in an interactive environment, we convey these techniques to coffee lovers with our professional training team. We aim to ensure that this culture is transferred to future generations by strengthening the qualified coffee-qualified consumer model in the region.

We collect the most productive harvests that the world offers us from coffee gardens and present them to our guests in their freshest form. We prepare our team for world-class coffee presentation by following the brewing/roasting techniques as well as the coffee harvest.

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