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Coffee Types: Filter Coffee, Local Coffee and Espresso

Cafec TH-2 Kahve Filtre Kağıdı - kahvebi

Cafec TH-2 Kahve Filtre Kağıdı

295,00 TL

Hario V60 Kahve Demleme Seti - kahvebi

Hario V60 Coffee Brewing Set

Sale price   4.240,00 TL Regular price   5.300,00 TL

Hario V60 Simple Set - kahvebi

Hario V60 Simple Set

Sale price   3.750,00 TL Regular price   4.700,00 TL

Hario V60 Pro Kahve Demleme Seti - kahvebi

Hario V60 Pro Coffee Brewing Set

Sale price   3.990,00 TL Regular price   5.000,00 TL

Moccamaster X Comandante Kahve Seti - kahvebi

Moccamaster X Comandante Coffee Set

Sale price   25.000,00 TL Regular price   27.500,00 TL

Moccamaster x Fellow Seti - kahvebi

Moccamaster x Fellow Set

Sale price   34.500,00 TL Regular price   36.085,00 TL

Moccamaster X Fellow Mug Seti-1 - kahvebi

Moccamaster X Fellow Mug Set-1

Sale price   16.150,00 TL Regular price   17.955,00 TL

Moccamaster X Fellow Mug Seti-2 - kahvebi

Moccamaster X Fellow Mug Set-2

Sale price   15.999,00 TL Regular price   17.300,00 TL

Cafec TH-1 Filtre Kağıdı - kahvebi

Cafec TH-1 Filtre Kağıdı

295,00 TL

Cafec TH-3 Kahve Filtre Kağıdı - kahvebi

Cafec TH-3 Kahve Filtre Kağıdı

285,00 TL

Cafec Traditional Filtre Kahve Kağıdı Cup 4 - kahvebi

Cafec Traditional Filtre Kahve Kağıdı Cup 4

215,00 TL

We aim to guarantee you the best coffee taste in this journey that we set out with the mission of the best filter coffee . With the experience we have gained over many years, we have taken a new step with the brand of Sakarya Kahve Akademi. We have no doubt that we will become an indispensable coffee brand in the filter coffee sector, where competition is high. The coffee varieties we roast with our expert team are grown and harvested in the best regions.

Filter coffee varieties grown and harvested in the best regions are scored by Specialty Coffee Asocation and scored according to SCA criteria. The coffees you will have through Kahvebi receive a grade of 80 or more out of 100 points, and are considered as qualified coffee . Quality coffee varieties are grown in a special and ideal climate and have a perfect and distinctive taste profile.

Filter Coffee Types

Filter coffee varieties, aromas and other features are roasted by our expert team and reach you in the freshest form. In order to make you feel the whole adventure of coffee from soil to cup, we have taken care of the quality of coffee as a basis. That's why the people involved in the whole process, from the farmer who grows and harvests the coffee to our experts who roast the coffee, must be experienced. For this reason, the local coffees in Kahvebi manage to make you feel all the flavors offered by the region where they are grown.

Local Coffees

In Kahvebi, there are many types of coffee that you can find according to your own taste. Some of these coffees are as follows:

Kenya: Known for its strong flavors and character, it is similar to Ethiopia, displaying an intense wine richness, dry and intense flavors. But it has a fuller wealth than Ethiopia.

Colombia: A medium-bodied coffee that usually has a rich flavor and citrus-like acidity. The best high altitude Colombian coffee offers the light fruity flavors of Latin America.

Brazil: The seeds of Brazilian coffee, which can be grown at a lower altitude than other coffees, are not very dense. Especially the Brazilian coffees in Cerrado, Matas, Mogiana, Sul de Minas regions are very famous.

Sumatra: It is among the most delicious premium coffee varieties in the world. Especially Mandheling, Ankola and Lintong, which are grown in Sumatra, are among the most famous. Distinguished by its different herbal tones and low acidity, Sumatra is ideal for people who are sensitive to organic acids.

Ethiopia: Growing the world's best coffees, Ethiopia is known for the marked complexities often found in its sharp, wine-like quality and acidity. It is attractive with the rich density and bright acidity it leaves in the mouth.

Guatemala: It has a subtle, light yet complex and interesting flavor. Guatemalan coffee, with its distinctive delicate fruity flavors and sweet floral aroma, leaves a pleasant aftertaste on the palate.

Honduras: An indispensable flavor for those who like a light and slightly sugary taste. Honduran coffee has a smooth fruit flavor and a caramel-like flavor. It leaves a cocoa taste in the mouth as it has a bit of hazelnut breeze in its seeds.

Nicaragua: Among coffee varieties, Nicaragua, which is similar to Central American coffees, has higher acidity than other coffees. Thanks to a comfortable coffee drink, it offers a great pleasure to the drinkers.

Meet the flavors we bring from the best regions of the world with different aromas. How would you like to feel this history on your palate, whose legacy we can trace centuries ago to the ancient coffee forests on the Ethiopian plateau? Better online coffee We bring qualified personnel from various regions in order to provide buy coffee with you now. Each of our coffees, which have been given high scores by Q-Grader people, has different aromas. As Sakarya Coffee Academy, we want to give you a different experience. Find the coffee that best suits your taste and embark on the journey of coffee with us. Now, if you wish, let's take a tour together.

Online Coffee Order

As time changed, people started to look for different tastes. As consumption habits changed, people turned to beverages with which they could have different experiences. One of the best examples of this is, of course, online coffee. You can order coffee online over the Internet, and people have the opportunity to have a different experience by brewing their own coffee equipment. If we go back to the 1990s, the biggest goal at that time was to prepare quickly.

order coffee online

You have often heard of 3rd generation coffee. However, 2nd generation coffee, unfortunately, still continues to be the most preferred type of coffee in daily life. We say unfortunately because for us, they are too bad to be called coffee, believe me. But it would not be a lie if we say that the 3rd generation has a great effort in bringing it to life. We saw the bad and looked for the good...

Buy Coffee

With the 3rd generation, we have reached the point where the coffee culture is most developed, at least for now. Here, brewing techniques are used according to different densities. As we mentioned in the paragraphs above, equipment such as v60 is used. We focus on the properties of coffee beans such as the strength and aroma, and there is no rush. At this point, all the flavors we offer you have their own unique aromas. If you want to taste a really good taste, buy a coffee from Sakarya Coffee Academy and join this trend.

buy coffee

If we take a look at the techniques, the most popular one is definitely Hario v60 will be. V60 is a coffee equipment. It is one of the most popular brewing techniques today. Medium-finely ground filter coffee is brewed on a cone-shaped filter, resulting in an incredible flavor. So how do you say it? But let's talk to you quickly anyway. The filter is placed on the top and firstly washed with hot water. Then, if you pour the water inside, preferably on the soil of a flower, it will not be wasted. Finally, filter coffee is poured into it and the brewing process is started by transferring water with the right techniques. You can learn about it by reading the link we just gave.

Experience different coffee

Every morning, millions of people definitely start their day with coffee. To be specific, this number is more than 171 million in the USA. If we include those who prefer to have a cup of joe in the afternoon or evening, the daily consumption already exceeds 200 million in the USA alone. An average of 65% of the population consumes it every day, and many of them order coffee online. So how is this situation in Turkey?

This trend, which has just started in our country, seems to come to a much better point in the future. Different people have different concerns when it comes to the taste and quality of coffees. Some like it rich but dark roasted, while others like it medium roasted. While some people like coffee bags, others want to have different experiences by brewing them at home. In fact, these people put coffee in a very important place in their lives and even examine the origin and source of the beans. Others want to shop from brands that are organic or follow fair trade rules.

As Sakarya Coffee Academy, we obviously have a more niche coffee culture. Although our quality coffees are above 86 points, all of them are in the premium category. As a team, our aim is to both provide a good experience and increase your knowledge about coffee by telling you about the adventure of coffee. We also have blog posts where you can have information about what you should pay attention to when buying and how you should grind it. Our aim, goal and mission has always been the best coffee. With this vision, we, as Nafi Gıda, have been meeting this need in our region since 2004. In this highly competitive industry, we are one of the leading companies in our region, with our experience and knowledge. In 2017, the Sakarya Coffee Academy journey started and we started to catch more delicious flavors and reached the point where our knowledge reached the highest level. With our understanding of 3rd generation coffee, we aimed to bring the taste you get from coffee to its peak.

We contribute to sustainable agriculture

Known as the second most consumed beverage in the world after water, coffee is an important raw material that affects many people. But unfortunately, this marvelous beverage is often grown in poverty and low-income countries. Especially in recent years, with the increasing culture of buying coffee on the internet with the pandemic, production has also become difficult. Our farmers are forced to deliver larger harvests at lower prices than ever before. As a company trying to prevent this, our biggest dream is to make coffee a part of the daily life of future generations. This is of course possible with a sustainable platform. As a team, we communicate directly with coffee producers and try to ensure that the money reaches them until the end, without intermediaries. Thus, we must establish a transparent, fair and long-term dialogue where higher quality should always be accompanied by a higher price.

We think that our farmers who grow our coffee also deserve a good life. That's why we work with suppliers that drill water wells in Africa and build schools and shelters in the Americas. We are trying to contribute to sustainable agriculture through these ways.

Filter coffee varieties, which are the apple of the eye of every coffee consumer with 3rd generation coffee; It has become a beverage that is consumed quite frequently in open areas such as offices, homes and camps. With the spread of this culture in our country, consumers who enjoy a good coffee can no longer stop drinking local coffees and best filter coffee goes in search. At this point, we, as Sakarya Coffee Academy, step in and roast you good coffee. with high scores Filter coffee prices are suitable for your budget and offer you a good coffee taste.

Filter Coffee Types

Filter coffee varieties are coffees obtained by brewing our ground coffee beans in accordance with the methods used, meeting with hot water. These are the perfect flavors. filter coffee The biggest reason why it is called coffee is that it becomes ready after it is filtered through paper or metal filters and separated from the pulp. The coffee formed with its filtration becomes both clearer and more fluid.

filter coffee varieties

The first filter coffee appeared when a person named Melitta Bentz, who lived in Germany, invented it at the age of 35. The biggest reason why he needs a filter is because he doesn't want grounds to come into his mouth while drinking coffee. This person, who produced a filter coffee machine of his own, especially in home conditions, using everyday items, established a company with his first patent and the income he earned from it. This company is still managed by its grandchildren and carries out international activities.

Local Coffees

Local coffees, on the other hand, have led to the development of equipment and an increase in varieties by coffee consumers and producers, inspired by Melitta Bentz as of this date. Finally, it took its present form. In fact, if we look at the starting point, it never fits with the Ottoman coffee culture in our culture. This is because the grounds are separated from the coffee. But both have their own pros and cons. It is not quite right to compare, it varies according to everyone's taste.

There are many different methods of making local coffee. used for making coffee coffee equipment and it is determined within the framework of many different factors such as different methods, needs of people and taste. It is among the most used coffee equipment during coffee making. There are French Press , Hario v60, Chemex and Aeropress. In addition, excellent tastes are also obtained with a world-class, minimal equipment such as the Moka Pot.

local coffees

For example, let's tell you how to brew the best filter coffee with a French Press. First of all, transfer the coarse ground coffee according to the number of servings you will put in the French Press (average 15 grams for 1 person). Add 300 ml of hot water to it, and then press it after a brewing period of about 4 minutes and pour it into your glass. By the way, speaking of glasses, instead of glasses Stanley thermos might be great for that, it's available on our shelves!

Best Filter Coffee

The best filter coffee; may vary according to its density, hardness and aroma. Maybe you don't like espresso or the amount of coffee may be insufficient. You may not like flavored coffee, but this is the real thing about the local. You can adjust the coffees according to your own taste and taste, add or subtract as much as you want and prepare them. The coffees you prefer vary in brewing times depending on their strength. In short, these coffees we are talking about appeal to everyone in terms of diversity.

best filter coffee

These coffees we drink every day significantly reduce the risk of developing liver cancer in the long run. Our coffees, which are also very beneficial in terms of health, provide the removal of harmful microbes from the body during the disease period, thanks to their diuretic feature. In addition, coffee, which helps to prevent heart diseases, also allows to reduce diseases such as Alzheimer's as a result of researches.

Filter Coffee Prices

Filter coffee prices on the shelves of Sakarya Coffee Academy differ according to the points and varieties of our coffees. For example, while Kenyan coffee with 81 points is 60 TL, El Salvador coffee with 79 points is offered at a price of 50 TL. The best filter coffee prices we offer you according to the market, sometimes even vary according to the region.

Thanks to the caffeine in coffee, when consumed regularly, it contributes to the acceleration of metabolism by activating it. If you want to have a faster metabolism and consume much more energy, it is recommended to consume at least 1 glass a day. Our coffees, which cause you to spend more calories, are also ideal for people on a diet. Our products, which do not contain any additives or preservatives, are obtained by completely natural harvest. It helps people who want to burn more fat to control their weight.

filter coffee prices

Although it may seem quite easy to make coffee, it is actually not so. Although it differs according to the brewing methods, it is just as enjoyable to learn. But you definitely need to have different equipment for coffee types such as espresso. Our natural coffees do not consist of water-soluble substances. As you know, companies selling instant coffee separate the aromas of coffee beans through many different chemical processes, resulting in bad tastes that cannot be called coffee. However, these wonderful flavors that we offer you on the shelves of the Coffee Academy are collected from the trees in their most natural form and are freshly roasted for you and reach your hand. Therefore, our consumers do not face health problems and taste great tastes.

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