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Soy Coffee Pot: Copper Coffee Pot, Coffee Pot Prices, Turkish Coffee Pot

Soy Coffee Pot C1G

Soy Coffee Pot C1G

Sale price   3.132,20 TL Regular price   3.480,00 TL

Soy Coffee Pot C2G

Soy Coffee Pot C2G

Sale price   3.490,70 TL Regular price   3.875,00 TL

Soy Coffee Pot C3G

Soy Coffee Pot C3G

Sale price   3.802,50 TL Regular price   4.225,00 TL

Soy Coffee Pot C4G

Soy Coffee Pot C4G

Sale price   4.099,50 TL Regular price   4.590,00 TL

Soy Cezve Tekli Stand - kahvebi

Soy Coffee Pot Single Stand

2.700,00 TL

One of the best coffee pots with the highest heat transmission. Soy Cezve will offer you the best Turkish coffee you have ever had. These wonderful coffee pots, which are 1.5 mm copper outside and silver plated inside, are preferred by both home consumers and professionals. You can cook great Turkish coffee, especially by using quality coffee beans. Although the base is flat, it is suitable for electric stoves and grills. Turkish coffee pot .

The world's best coffee pots produced for the finest Turkish coffees; It is suitable for use in wood fire, sand, embers, gas stoves and electric stoves, and the bronze handle has a silver inner coating.

Size Information

Our coffee pots also have 4 different capacities called C1G, C2G, C3G and C4G. The meaning of these dimensions is as follows.

Reminding: Cup capacities vary depending on the cup you use. Information such as "1 cup" below is valid for a normal cup.

Soy Coffee Pot

Soy coffee pot brand, which designs the products they deserve for their kitchen, shop and most importantly for those who want to drink Turkish coffee with a great taste, is the most well-known name in the coffee pot industry. Soy coffee pot, the most popular coffee pot manufacturer both in Turkey and in the world, produces exquisite products for the high-demand kitchen industry, specialty coffees, mixology and bartending. At the same time, he never hesitates to share his experiences with home users.

Would you like to try the perfect Turkish coffee flavor that our palate is accustomed to, with the most exclusive coffee beans of the Minas region of Brazil?

Soy products, which are copper coffee pots, are indispensable for those who really want to enjoy Turkish coffee. This coffee pot, which is a real Turkish coffee pot, is completely handmade with a thickness of 1.5 mm, although it is copper on the outside, as in all its products. At the same time, the products of the brand, which is coated with silver and tin upon request; It is used daily by barista champions from Ukraine, Hungary, and Türkiye. It is indeed the best in the world as it has quite good references. It guarantees a unique taste for the purest Turkish coffee experience.

Copper coffee pot

All Copper coffee pot The coffee pots of the brand, which produces its varieties as handmade, sometimes vary slightly in weight, since they are handmade. Due to their experience in this process, the actual thickness of the products is usually produced a little higher.

soy coffee pot

Coffee Pot Prices

Soy, one of the most preferred brands in the world and taking its place on the shelves of Sakarya Coffee Academy coffee pot prices varies according to its capacity. It is produced as handmade in different sizes such as C1G, C2G, C3G and C4G. Generally, if we look at the price range, there is a price between 450 TL and 700 TL. If we examine the references of the brand, which has many good references, we see that even world barista champions prefer this brand. The brand preferred by Vadim Granovskiy (Ukraine), Zoltan Kis (Hungary) and of course the Turkish champion Turgay Yıldızlı, is the world's best Turkish coffee pot brand, as its references say. Guaranteeing a unique coffee experience to all its customers, the brand produces high-functioning products in all weather conditions.

coffee pot prices

Solid silverware, cookware and bar sets, which are just a new introduction to the culinary arts, are among the brand's areas of expertise. Although the prices of coffee pots may seem expensive, they are actually sold at these prices, since they are not factory-made and are produced after a great deal of effort. Of course, the lifetime warranty is also a big factor. The brand, which uses only locally produced fine copper and silver of the purest quality in Turkey, does a job that requires command and patience. Their team of artisans who cut, bend, machine, hammer, machine and polish each piece by hand is part of years of experience.

Copper coffee pot

Turkish Coffee Pot

All products made by the brand are considered high-end products. Even the single-person coffee pot, which is one of the smallest products of the brand, is made of copper with a thickness of 1.5 mm (which is much more difficult to process). These types of coffee pots are difficult to make, even in Gaziantep, which has great craftsmen. The brand, which offers services such as a lifetime guarantee and free maintenance, is definitely the best in Turkish coffee pot, although it is expensive.

Although many people do not think that they will ever use it because it is thought to be expensive, they realize that it is actually worth the price and will not give money to the coffee pot again when they use it.

Turkish coffee pot

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