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Comandante C40 - Red Clix nasıl ayarlanır? - kahvebi

How to set up Comandante C40 - Red Clix?

The Comandante C40 Nitro Blade is considered by many to be the world's best manual coffee grinder. The device consists of a combination of the highest quality materials. It adorns its stable operation with its refined design, and paves the way for grinding coffee of the same quality for a long time with its high quality material. In this article How to set up Comandante C40 - Red Clix We will consider the topic. After reading this article, you won't have to ask anyone questions about how to grind coffee with your Comandande grinder or mess with external sources. Have a good read ahead!

The burrs found in the grinder are the result of research and improvements made in the previous version of the grinder. Made of nitrogen reinforced stainless steel. Its sharp edges and exceptional stabilization ensure a smooth and even grinding of the beans while maintaining a very low level of retention. The grinding setting is controlled by a handy knob located under the burrs. Comandante C40 offers a unique experience to people who want to grind their own coffee. It does not burn your coffee during the grinding process and does not change its taste. It allows you to get the best flavor. The comfortable profile handle and additional coffee pot are made of thick glass (BPA-free) finished with an oak handle. This hopper holds 40 grams of coffee.

The Comandante C40 has a unique design. The use of high-quality materials ensures reliability and comfort of use. The body of the grinder, which is both pleasing to the eye and offering the best in terms of functionality, is made of stainless steel. The thin wood veneer on it stands out as a satisfying detail in terms of design. So what should we pay attention to when grinding coffee with the Comandante C40? At what setting should we grind according to different brewing methods? If you're ready, let's start.

How to Use Comandante C40 Nitro Blade - Red Clix

The Comandante C40 Nitro Blade is the dream equipment of many baristas and coffee enthusiasts. If you are among those whose dreams come true, then you are in the lucky group. What coffee aficionado wouldn't want a compact, sturdy coffee grinder? By owning the miscellaneous Red Clix, you can get twice as many grind settings as regular axle models.

With the Comandante 40 you can grind coffee in accordance with coffee machines, Chemex, AeroPress and other V60 equipment. In any case, only one question arises in mind. How to set up the Comandante C40?

The Commander Grinder has a very wide range of grind sizes. Before we start explaining how to use it according to brewing methods, let's talk about a basic issue. The point where we start counting clicks in the grind setting is point 0. Every sound we hear as we turn it slowly means a new "click". Let's take a look at how many clicks you'll need for different brewing methods.

Footnote: In some sources, it is referred to as click = click.


How to set the Comandante C40 - Red Clix, we start our article with espresso. The Comandante is one of the few hand grinders that excels at grinding coffee for espresso. For this method of brewing coffee, grinding with the standard axle Comandante is optimal in about 10-15 clicks. In Red Clix Comandante, the number of clicks varies between 18 and 24.

Moka Pot

When brewing coffee with the Moka pot, you should grind your coffee finely. The moka pot is one of the most popular coffee brewing methods that requires fine grinding. The Moka requires 16-21 clicks with the Comandante C40 and 25-30 clicks for the Red Clix model, depending on the size of the pot.


Honestly, the best setting would be between 10 and 15 clicks. Because we have an endless number of recipes, ratios, timings and combinations for this brewing method. Therefore, it is not easy to set the standard for AeroPress. However, we'll give you some tips on traditional preferences for grinding with the Comandante 40 for the AeroPress. The first of these is around 20-22 clicks for the C40 model and 25-30 clicks for the Red Clix. With the inverted method, you can try grinding in the 24-28 and 32-36 clicks range, respectively.

V60 and so on

The V60 is one of the most popular alternative coffee brewing methods in third generation coffee. It has different sizes and filters. For singles, you can start by navigating between 25-28 clicks and find the most suitable grinding setting for yourself. In brews for two, you can go up to 38-42 clicks.

These settings are also compatible with Moccamaster machines. Let's also mention that we brew more, at least 18 oz (532 ml.) brews at a time with these coffee machines.

french press

Requires a coarser setting than normal for a French Press. Thus, coffee beans and water come into contact for a longer time. This process takes about four minutes.

When grinding for the French Press, we recommend searching for 32-37 clicks for the C40 and around 50-55 clicks for the Red Clix model.


Designer pitcher Chemex and original paper filters require a coarser grind. This brewing method is most commonly used to make more than 18 oz. coffee. You should use thick, efficient paper and ideally brew the coffee for about 4 minutes. For all these reasons, it is better to use thicker coffee. Click 40-45 times with standard axle version. With the Red Clix model, I usually stay at 55-60, 65 clicks.

Turkish coffee

Would you like to drink Turkish Coffee, one of the most consumed coffees in our country, in the most delicious way? With the Comantande grinder you have, you can instantly grind your coffee beans and enjoy a fresh and delicious Turkish Coffee. Your loved ones will never be able to solve the secret of taste!

You can grind the Turkish Coffee bean, the last type of coffee in our article on how to use Comandante C40, between 5-10 clicks.


The click intervals mentioned above are shaped in line with general information. Feel free to go bold to find the best setting for yourself. For example, there are large gaps between 32 and 37 in the 32-37 click range we recommend for French Press. Try 33, try 34, or even try 30. Only in this way can you find the best coffee experience for yourself. Do not forget to share your experiences with us and other coffee consumers in the comments section.

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