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Favorite Cold Coffee Varieties

In this article, we are talking about the most popular cold coffee brewing and preparation methods. Cold coffees, where the energizing taste of coffee comes together with the cooling effect of ice, is almost like a medicine for the tiring pace of our daily life.

As the third generation of coffee makers began to spread, we began to explore more types of coffee. In our article, we tried to explain in detail the coffees we consume every day and the types of cold coffee consumed in other countries and gave recipes. We wish you pleasant reading.


Italy's most famous dessert drink, Affogato, is the result of the perfect harmonization of espresso and ice cream. Let's share the recipe for Affogato, which Italians usually consume after dinner, so that you can enjoy this beautiful and practical taste, let alone the debate about whether it is a dessert or a drink. We recommend you to try Affogato, which is made with creamy vanilla ice cream, a strong espresso coffee and hazelnut liqueur and can be prepared in as little as 5 minutes, depending on your liquor preference.

Prepare your espresso using an espresso machine or using a moka pot like a real Italian. Pour your espresso on the bowl where you put two scoops of vanilla ice cream, then some hazelnut liqueur and dark chocolate to grate on it and your affogato is ready. It's that easy! Enjoy your meal.

iced americano

The emergence of the Americano begins with the American soldiers serving in Italy during the Second World War, adding water to the Italian espresso and drinking it. Since the espressos in Italy were harsh for the American soldiers, Italian coffee makers began to serve the espresso to the American soldiers in this way, and the watery espresso took the name americano over time. Over time, the americano became widespread, first in Europe and then in America, and became the most consumed espresso-based beverage in the world.

The version of Americano prepared with cold water and ice, as it is called, cold Americano. Continue your day more vigorously and energetically by consuming Americano, the most preferred espresso-based beverage, cold. You can easily prepare your espresso, which you will prepare with your espresso machine or moka pot, by adding an equal amount of cold water to it and adding ice.

Cold Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese cold coffee or Cafe Sua Da is a refreshing beverage made with traditional filter coffee brewing equipment of Vietnam, Asia's largest coffee producer. Vietnamese Cold Coffee is a combination of strong coffee and ice and sweetened condensed milk. Our Vietnamese iced coffee recipe is simple and can be made in a variety of ways.

We brew the ground coffee in a heatproof bowl with 2/3 cups of boiling water for 4 minutes. After adding the coffee to the filter part, some hot water is added and the coffee is allowed to bloom for 10 seconds. Then the rest of the hot water is added and the coffee is expected to flow slowly into the glass, this process takes 4-5 minutes. You can prepare your cold Vietnamese coffee by mixing the brewed coffee with condensed milk and ice at the end. The combination of the caramel sweetness of milk, the strong aroma of coffee and the cooling effect of ice creates the perfect coffee. Enjoy your meal. :)

Cold Brew

Especially the most preferred coffee in summer, Cold Brew is a sweet and refreshing cold brew coffee, a great option for summer or warmer climates. Just like with traditional coffee brewing, there are many ways to make cold brew and many ways to tailor it to your taste. Cold brew is very popular with coffee lovers as it is sweet, mellow and has low acidity.

You may have seen the ice brewing method, also known as the Kyoto or Dutch method, in third generation coffee shops. Cold brew, which is obtained by melting the ice and slowly dripping from the coffee with the Cold Brew mechanism, which consists of glass tubes and gives the feeling of a scientific experiment, lasts for 24 hours. This coffee, which has an intense and low acidity, can have different flavors depending on the taste profile of the bean you use.

Of course, installing such a stand in your home can be both costly and troublesome. We recommend the cold brew bottle of the Japanese company Hario to our readers who want to make their own Cold Brew at home.


You can reduce the brewing time, which takes between 8-24 hours, to 8 hours by using cold water. In addition to taking up little space, it is very practical for home consumption. Finally, let's talk about the benefits of ColdBrew to our health. Since it has low acidity, it is good for indigestion and has an effect that relaxes the stomach. Those who experience its cooling and refreshing effect cannot give up Cold Brew even in winter.

Cold Filter Coffee

Cold filter coffee, also known as Japanese style, is known for its cool and lightening effect, made using third generation brewing equipment such as V60, Origami, Chemex. You can catch different aromas and tastes with your single origin coffees. With the classic V60 brewing method, you add ice to your serving jug while brewing your coffee. However, the critical point here is that the rate of 1gr coffee/16gr water you use is higher when brewing regular filter coffee. Our recommendation is to use 240 g of water for 20 g of coffee. You can have a refreshing coffee experience with this method, where you can better feel the aromas specified in the tasting notes of the qualified coffee you use.


Established in our neighbor Greece in the early 90s, the espresso-based Freddo has become even more popular than Frappe today. The warm weather of the Mediterranean must have prompted the Greek people to make such a refreshing coffee. If you want a cold drink with the quality and consistency of a traditional double espresso, Freddo is the answer. Freddo typically comes in two variations: Freddo espresso and Freddo cappuccino At Freddo, it all starts with a perfect double espresso. How the coffee is processed…

Let's come to the making of Freddo. To prepare your freddo, add freshly ground espresso shots and a few ice cubes to a mixing bowl. It is important to make sure that the correct amount of ice is added, as too much will dilute the drink and too little will keep it from cooling. Most low to medium acid blends are made with popular origin coffees from India, Brazil, Indonesia, Guatemala, and Costa Rica.

Freddo cappuccino continues where Freddo espresso stopped. Cold milk (chilled to 3–5°C/37–41°F) is added to a mixing bowl and shaken until a smooth and shiny foam is formed. Skim milk is generally preferred here as it creates a longer lasting foam than whole milk. When the milk is ready, it is poured over the foamy espresso to form a layer. It should not be mixed, as the frothed milk should sit on top of the espresso layer. As Freddo drinks the cappuccino slowly, the frothed milk will eventually become less solid and combine more with the espresso, creating a new textural experience.

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