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Espresso neden su ile birlikte servis edilir? - kahvebi

Why is espresso served with water?

Both the internet and encyclopedias are silent on the origin of why espresso is served with water. When you want to investigate the origin of this subject, you cannot find many resources. In this article, we will discuss why espresso is served with water.

You can probably find out in a much shorter time how and why the dinosaurs disappeared, how many girlfriends Bob Marley has, or how much money Mario Balotelli made from Adana Demirspor. As Kahvebi, we tried to solve the mystery of coffee by combining the facts in the history of coffee with certain theories.

clear glass cup with brown liquid

Espresso-Water relationship

According to some stories, the water served with espresso proves to the customer that the water is clean and drinkable. In the past, the waters in cities were not always up to current standards.

When we drink water, the minerals contained in the water clean our palate and stimulate the taste points. In this way, the water you drink before the first sip of espresso, which is a rich and intense beverage, cleans your palate before drinking the coffee and prepares you for your coffee experience. If you like coffee, you are ready to start a great day. So what if you don't like it? If you don't like it, you can get rid of the bad taste that coffee leaves in your mouth by rinsing your mouth with water on top of the coffee. If you want to drink, you can of course, it's up to you.

This is a situation we are familiar with from Turkish Coffee. We also see that Turkish coffee is served with Turkish delight alongside water. This story has the same scenario. However, we do not recommend excessive sugar consumption.

close-up photography of filling clear drinking glass with dispenser

Another argument presented for the water served with espresso is the hydration issue. Hydration; It is called keeping the body's water and electrolyte levels to a certain extent, and it is especially important for athletes. Dehydration is a condition in which the body cannot meet its fluid needs. Well what does it mean?

Espresso is a strong coffee brewed from heavily roasted coffee beans. It also has diuretic properties. Thus, the mineral balance of the body is disturbed and there is less water in our body than necessary. A glass of water helps stabilize hydration.

Were old coffee machines faulty?

Above, we mentioned the reasons for the water served with espresso. One of the first scenarios was that after drinking coffee, the person would rinse their mouth with water next to them. There is an interesting subject in history on this very subject. In 1901, Luigi Bezzera invented the first espresso machine based on steam and water flow. Two years later, the patented machine manufactured by Bezzara was purchased by Pavoni, which made this coffee brewing machine known all over the world.

Despite some minor changes to the design, no one has been able to fix some problems with this steam coffee machine's system. These problems were most simply related to the incompleteness of the coffee brewing process as it was. An uneven brew persisted for a while. This problem was solved with a water heating system invented by Giovanni Arhille Gaggia in 1947.

Considering the researches made to date, the first periods when water and espresso started to be served are known as the period between 1903 and 1947. The inadequacy of the extraction system in espresso machines produced under the conditions of that day may have adversely affected the taste of the coffee. The tradition of welcoming guests with water in bars and restaurants in Europe may have also been born at that time. Possible scenarios, but these are all just possibilities.

Speaking of water: Remember to drink plenty of water all year round, not just in the summer. Although water is perhaps one of the most easily accessible beverages during the day, keep in mind that it is the most important. When it comes to espresso, drink it the way you like, preferably fresh right after brewing. Caffeinated days!

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