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Hario Filtered Cold Brew Bottle Black

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Evinizde barista gibi Cold Brew yapmaya ne dersiniz? - kahvebi

How about making Cold Brew at your home like a barista?

A cold coffee is a great choice these days when we feel the effect of the hot weather to our bones. Cold Brew, one of the most popular coffees of the summer months, can tire your pocket a little when consumed outside on a regular basis. For this reason, on days when you don't go to the coffee shop, you can consider making your own coffee at home. If you are ready, we start; how to make cold brew coffee at home

To make the best possible cold brew, it's worth knowing more about the process. Below, we will include assistant products that you can easily make cold coffee at home. But let's talk a little bit about how the system works. Cold brew actually works on the same principle as the French Press method. In brews made with cold water, the extraction takes much longer than in hot brews. On the other hand, there is no heat and pressure for the aroma of coffee to emerge quickly. For this reason, cold brews take much longer than hot brews.

Making Cold Coffee

The question of how to make Cold Brew at home can seem a little intimidating at first if you are a new coffee brewer. But making cold brew is easy; Really. Moreover, you do not need to buy a lot of stuff for making cold coffee. Making cold coffee at home can be as simple and complex as you want it to be. Because your taste and consumption habits determine how the best coffee will be and how it will be prepared.

In this article, we will appeal to people who have wondered about making cold coffee and are looking for an answer to the question of how to make cold brew at home. Even if you have no previous experience in making cold coffee, by following these simple steps, you will be able to reach the ideal cold coffee for yourself.

The flavor profile of the coffees produced by cold coffee making is different. As with hot brews... If we consider the process in general, cold coffee loses some of its aromatic intensity and leaves a lot of acid behind. That's why cold brew coffee tastes smooth, sweet and chocolatey.

Making Cold Brew at Home

We got the ideas of Oğulcan Torlak, one of the baristas of Sakarya Coffee Academy, for the question of how to make cold brew coffee at home. Let's continue by answering questions such as which setting should you grind your coffee, which coffee should you prefer. To make cold brew at home, you should grind your coffee at the coarsest setting.

If you have no idea about making cold brew at home before, these coffees will help you to get started. You can also try our other coffees to experience different flavors in the future. Who knows, maybe you will like it even more.

Below we will list some of the equipment you can choose for cold brew for you. Although the brewing system is basically the same, each brewing equipment has some micro differences. You can visit the product page to access detailed usage information about the equipment you like.

Which coffees should I use when making cold coffee at home?

Each coffee bean has different properties and aromatic structures are different. For this reason, some coffee beans may not get good results in cold brews that take a long time. Oğulcan recommends that dark roasted coffees should be avoided as they will taste very bitter in cold brews.

"Many coffees can taste good in cold brews. However, I prefer to use freshly roasted coffees that I know the history of."

Oğulcan lists his favorite coffees as Kenya, Sulawesi, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Sumatra during cold coffee making. He thinks that the flavors that tend to honey, vanilla, orange, strawberry, and peach are much more suitable for cold coffee, which is a refreshing drink. If you do not have experience in brewing cold coffee, coffees such as Kenya and Rwanda, where you can feel the fruit aroma, may be suitable options for you.

Take a look at the coffees Oğulcan recommends for making cold brew at home and don't forget to grind your coffee at the coarsest setting. If you do not have a grinder, it will suffice to state that you will brew cold brew while buying your coffee. Hope to see you in another blog post. Goodbye.

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