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French Press Filtre Kahve Yapımı Rehberi - En iyi sen demle - kahvebi

French Press Filter Coffee Making Guide - Brew you best

The French press is one of the most widely preferred coffee brewing equipment in our country. In the previous months, we shared information about how to brew in our article on how to use the French Press. We hope it was useful. Now is the time to raise the bar even higher. You'll learn little about everything you need to know about how to make the best brew with our French press filter coffee making guide.

People who like to brew their own coffee prefer the French press, which provides great convenience due to its cleaning and ease of use. With this brewing method, it is possible to reach rich flavors and seductive aromas in a short time.

Photo: Stacy Ropati

How to Use a Filter Coffee Pot?

Within the scope of the French Press filter coffee making guide, we will learn the answer to the question of how to use a filter coffee pot to the finest detail. These details you will learn about the coffee brewing phase will enable you to consume much more delicious coffee. We repeat as we always say. Coffee may vary according to taste. Therefore, you can discover the most suitable brewing method for yourself with minor changes based on the information we have provided.

We have prepared in detail the answer to the question of how to use a filter coffee pot in order to reach more delicious coffees during the discovery process. Without further ado, let's move on to the French press filter coffee making guide.

1. Use quality and fresh coffee

Everyone's taste is different. For this reason, the concept of good coffee varies from person to person. However, this does not mean that every coffee is good coffee. Although mass-produced coffees seem to be life-saving, there is a huge difference between quality coffees. If you want to drink a quality coffee, it is essential to have a good coffee bean.

2. Grind your own coffee

As soon as the coffee beans are ground, they start to go stale and lose their aroma. Bean coffee retains its aroma longer. This is because the coffee beans start to lose their oil and aroma after grinding. This is the main reason why coffee, which is in the form of beans, preserves its flavor for a long time. Even when you start grinding your own coffee with a beginner grinder, you can easily notice the difference.

Photo: Dan Smedley

3. Preheat Your French Press

One of the most important factors during coffee brewing is heat. The temperature of the water, the brewing equipment, the temperatures of the cup or thermos are the hidden heroes of a delicious coffee. Since we are making a French press filter coffee making guide, every fine detail should be specifically mentioned.

Before brewing with the French press, you can preheat the brewing equipment with hot water. The preheating process ensures that the aroma of the coffee beans is best revealed during brewing.

4. Preheat Your Mug

Just like in the French press, you should run the cup or thermos in which you will serve the coffee through hot water. Because cold brewing equipment (or cup) absorbs heat during brewing. This prevents the realization of ideal brewing. Before pouring the coffee into your cup, run it through hot water and enjoy the coffee as it should be.

5. Using boiling water

It's 2021, and there are still those who brew coffee with boiling water. Fortunately, it's a shame not to find out. So how does boiling water harm coffee? While brewing coffee with the French press, the ideal temperature of the water should be between 92-94 degrees. When you add boiling water to your coffee, the oils in the coffee are released more than necessary. It also causes the coffee to burn. This gives you a bitter taste. You can use a thermometer to check the temperature of the water. If you don't have a thermometer, you can wait 2 minutes after the water boils.

Photo: Kevin Martin Jose

6. Make sure the coffee is brewed at the correct setting

Depending on the coffee brewing method, the grinding setting of the coffee beans changes. For example, if you want to make an espresso for yourself, you need a finely ground coffee. In the same way, it is the same with Turkish Coffee, which is a very well-known coffee. However, the situation is the opposite when brewing with the French press. The coffee bean should be ground at a coarser setting in press and pour over brews. If you don't want to compromise on taste, you should make sure that the coffee beans are ground at the right setting. If you don't have a grinder, just say that you will brew the coffee with the French press where you bought it.

7. It doesn't hurt to brew a little more coffee

A little extra coffee never hurt anyone. Let's briefly explain why. You cannot drink the end while brewing coffee with the French press. Because the sediment of the coffee can be mixed with the coffee you have filled in the cup, even though it is a filter. This happens even with the highest quality equipment. It is very easy to prevent this. By brewing a little more coffee than you want to drink, you avoid a possible placebo effect. The French press filter coffee making guide continues from where it left off.

8. Keep up with the times

We go step by step to get the best aroma of coffee. As we said at the end of the French press filter coffee making guide, you will brew the best. You have freshly ground your quality coffee at the right setting, preheated your press and cup, adjusted the temperature of the water as it should be instead of boiling water… It's time to establish the time-brewing balance. Add the coffee to the press and slowly add the hot water. However, at this point, coffee consumers are divided into two. So we will offer you two ways. You can decide by trying which one is better for you.

First you add the coffee and slowly fill the entire press with water. Coffee brews itself. However, some people, after adding water, mix it with a spoon and wait for it to brew. By the way, the spoon should definitely not be metal. You should use a wooden spoon. We like it without mixing, but maybe you can love it more with mixing. You can only learn this by trying.

Photo: Izzy Rivi

9. Keeping the coffee in the press

If you have brewed coffee for one person, this item does not concern you. After brewing and serving the coffee, coffee should not wait in the French press. If you continue to hold the coffee, the brewing will continue and this will make the second cup of coffee even more bitter. Therefore, if you have brewed too much coffee, it is useful to take the coffee in a jug.

10. Don't neglect cleaning

Don't forget to rinse the coffee brewing equipment after use. If you disrupt the cleaning, you are likely to get bitter tastes in the next brews. So what are we doing? We do not neglect cleaning after brewing.

11. Use a beaker for coffee and water

If you want the best brew, you have to pay full attention to all the details. Because of their density, coffees should be brewed by adjusting the water-coffee ratio very well. You can solve this problem by having a sensitive scale. Or you have to specialize in how many grams a dessert-tablespoon equals.

Photo: Ashkan Forouzani

12. Grind your own coffee

As soon as the coffee is ground, it starts to lose its aroma. It starts to go stale to say the least. If you want to get the most out of your coffee's aroma, you should grind your own coffee. If you want to grind your coffee wherever you go, you can choose smaller models that are more suitable for mobile use.

13. Brew coffee with quality water

Water directly affects the taste of coffee. Therefore, using tap water while brewing coffee spoils the taste of the coffee. Using purified, bottled or distilled water ensures that you get the most out of your coffee, as it won't add flavor to the coffee.

14. Adjust the amount of coffee well

When using a French Press it is very important to make sure you are using the correct coffee/water ratio. When you don't use too much water and not enough coffee, you get a watered-down taste. A good starter ratio is half an ounce of coffee per 250 grams of water.

15. Use hot water, not boiled

Water that is too hot or cold will over- or under-apply flavors and your coffee will be too bitter or too weak. You can use a thermometer to check the water temperature. While brewing with the French press, the ideal temperature of the water should be between 90-96 degrees. If you don't have a thermometer, you can wait two minutes after boiling the water.

Photo: Aziz Acharki

Happy ending

We have mentioned above all the requirements for you to be able to brew the best coffee. Now you know the details you need to pay attention to when brewing coffee with the French press. If you think that different ingredients should be added for the French press filter coffee making guide, you can write to us on social media. We also welcome comments.

We hope you liked the guide. If you want your loved ones to drink better coffee, you can share this guide with them. After all, it's nice when you share information, isn't it? See you later!

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