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French Press ile kahve demlerken yapılan hatalar - kahvebi

Mistakes made when brewing coffee with the French Press

We have compiled the mistakes made while brewing the French press for you. After reading this article you will become a real french press guru. Are you ready?

Every person who likes to drink coffee or just wants to drink coffee at that moment deserves a delicious coffee. We will start to list the things that need to be considered in order to extract the aroma of the coffee in the best way while brewing coffee. If you want to brew a coffee that suits your palate, there are a few things you should pay attention to.

Common French Press Mistakes

In this article, we will compile the most common French press mistakes made by people who cannot achieve the ideal coffee flavor. When these small details are not taken care of, it can lead to really disappointing results. If you're ready, we're starting to sort through our list of mistakes made while brewing coffee with the French press. After 2 minutes, you will have learned what you should pay attention to while brewing the coffee that will give you strength throughout the day and reach great tastes.

1) Bad Coffee Use

What would you do if you have the best French press in the world... Even if you are performing all the brewing steps perfectly, coffee is the basis of brewing. So how do we know a good coffee?

As we repeat at every opportunity, let us remind you that there is no best coffee, since the subject comes here again. When we say good coffee, of course, we mean a good coffee bean. Not stale, fresh, aromatic. In French press brews, the flavor comes directly from the bean. So make sure you have a fresh cup of coffee. If you are new to coffee, let us help you choose the bean that suits your taste.

Robusta seeds have a bitter taste. It contains more caffeine and is hard-drinking. Arabica beans, on the other hand, have a sweeter, floral flavor. It is up to you to decide which one is more suitable for your taste buds. If you have no idea about this subject, we recommend starting with Arabica.

2) Finely ground coffee beans

The coffee bean must be ground in accordance with the brewing method. Coffee beans should be ground coarsely in French press and pour over brews. People who have just started brewing coffee or haven't done much research on the subject may sometimes be asking "where did I go wrong" because of finely ground coffee. A finely ground coffee prevents you from getting the best flavor of the coffee during brewing. Finely ground coffee passes easily through the french press filter section. This allows you to drink a sedimented coffee. So what are we doing? We use coarse ground coffee.

It is very important to have a coarsely ground coffee in order to make an effective brew with the French press. If you do not have a grinder, you can guide them to grind at the appropriate setting if you say that you will brew coffee with a French press while buying.

3) Using boiling water

One of the most common mistakes made in every coffee brewing method, not just with the French press, is the use of boiling water. The recommended water temperature is 88-96 degrees so that the coffee does not burn and the aroma is best revealed. When brewing coffee with a French press, the recommended water temperature is 92-94 degrees. If you use boiling water you will get a bad taste. This ensures that you don't enjoy the coffee after a while.

You can control the water temperature by owning a kettle with a thermometer, which is made for you to control the water temperature. Isn't there a more economical way, if you call me too many micro details; there is. If you wait two minutes after the water has boiled before brewing, you will have achieved more or less the appropriate temperature. Is it the best solution? Not. But it's better than using boiling water.

4) Not being able to adjust the size well

In order to brew a quality coffee in the most correct way, it is necessary to adjust not only the temperature of the water, but also the coffee-water ratio. Putting the coffee and water to be used in the French press at the right scale is one of the indispensable details for completing the brewing like a poem.

Everyone's taste is different. Therefore, it would not be correct to draw sharp lines as an ideal measure. However, we can give a small tip to guide people to brew their coffee again. First, get a scale. If there is no scale, let's go over the dessert spoon for now. A teaspoon of filter coffee weighs approximately 3.5 grams. The ratio of coffee to water should also be 1:12. Now it's up to the numerators.

5) I can't keep the time

If you want to make a good brew with the French press, you have to use a timer. You can take the brewing process to the next level with the timer on the sensitive scales, where you can adjust the coffee and water in the best way. You can also use your worst phone's stopwatch.

It takes about 4 minutes to complete the brewing with the French press. In order to reach the coffee flavor that suits your taste, you can play with this time little by little and try to reach the taste you want.

6) Holding the coffee

Keeping the coffee in the French press after completing the brewing process is one of the most basic mistakes made. The brewing process takes about 4 minutes. Leaving coffee in the press after serving the coffee to the cup after brewing is complete causes the coffee to become bitter. After brewing is complete, you should pour the coffee into a different jug or thermos for other cups.

7) Mixing coffee maybe not for you

A group that does not brew coffee with a French press mixes the coffee several times at the beginning of the brewing process. Another group is in favor of letting the brewing flow naturally. You can understand which method is suitable for your taste only by trying it. If you want to mix it, you should mix it immediately after adding the water and wait for the brewing process for 4 minutes. The only thing you need to pay attention to during mixing is metal etc. not using a tool. Wooden spoon is fine.

8) Negligence in cleaning

As with any coffee brewing equipment, you should clean the French press after brewing. If you neglect the cleaning step after brewing, you will get acidic flavors in your next brew. Don't forget to clean your press after brewing to achieve the same flavor every time you brew.

French press is very easy to clean. You can complete the cleaning phase in a short time by rinsing the coffee after you have completed the brewing and poured the coffee into the jug or cups.

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As it seems, there are many details to be considered while brewing coffee. Although they may seem like very small details, they are all vital details that directly affect the taste of coffee. We hope you found this article useful. If you found the article useful, you can share the article with your friends who brew with the French press and help them correct their mistakes.

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