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Günün en iyi kahvesi için izlemeniz gereken 5 adım - kahvebi

5 steps to follow for the best coffee of the day

For those who have made drinking coffee a ritual, they can talk for hours about the pleasure of drinking coffee during the day. Everyone has something to say when it comes to excellence in coffee. Because the concept of the best coffee is a very variable concept. Coffee that is good for one person may be average for another person. It is not possible to make the best definition of a subject whose criteria are determined by personal tastes.

As Kahvebi, we have listed the things you need to pay attention to in order to spend the coffee time of the day in the best way. The information we will provide includes topics that should be considered in general. You can use the knowledge you gain to find the best coffee for yourself.

Includes dedication to the best coffee

There is only one thing that has not changed from the first day of the coffee. And that caffeinated happiness is always evolving. The happiness of a cup of coffee you drink today is the harbinger of the happiness that the coffee you will drink tomorrow will bring. Maybe the next day you will drink the best coffee of your life. Maybe it's psychological, maybe not, but we love this feeling. We are also happy to be with people who share the same feelings as us. We are just as emotional. Thank you very much, we continue without distracting the subject.

There are some steps to follow to have the best coffee experience. It may differ from the amount of water used to the amount of coffee, from the coffee bean to the brewing method. We will talk about what you should pay attention to when determining the ratios that you will adjust according to your personal tastes. As coffee visitors, we have listed the five steps you need to follow for the best coffee of the day.

The quality of the coffee beans has reached unimaginable levels with the help of various roasting techniques to make a perfect cup of coffee. So, what should we pay attention to when brewing at home? By following the steps that you will read shortly, you will be able to brew a great cup in the morning. Follow the steps for the perfect cup of coffee. We guarantee that you will reach a delicious coffee at the end of the road. As of August 2021, the 5 essential steps of brewing coffee are waiting for you below. Read on for tips that will maximize your brewing and tasting experience.

  • Use of appropriate water/coffee ratio
  • Ideal water temperature
  • Grind your coffee at the right setting
  • Set the time well
  • Choosing the best coffee beans

How to brew the perfect cup of coffee?

1- Pay attention to the use of appropriate water/coffee ratio. Whatever you prepare in the kitchen, there are rules you must follow if you want to get a good result. It is necessary to adjust the ratio very well in order not to encounter comments such as "too salty" or "too oily". The situation does not change in coffee. How you like your coffee, you should adjust the water and coffee ratio accordingly. Some people like strong coffee, while others like soft or medium flavored aromatic coffees. 170 ml for starter. We recommend using 10.5 grams of coffee per water. 10.5 grams of coffee is equivalent to two tablespoons of ground coffee. If you are brewing with Pour Over or French Press, a delicate scale can be very useful. After trying this ratio, you can reach the best coffee ratio for you by trial and error method.

2- Brew your coffee at the ideal water temperature. Temperature is one of the most important details of the coffee brewing process. The ideal water temperature will ensure that the coffee you will brew is just for you. Although it varies according to the brewing method, the water temperature used during brewing should be 90-94 °C. In brewing made with cold water, the aroma of the coffee does not fully reach the cup. This causes the coffee to be sour, weak and watery. If you use very hot water, you will encounter a mixed and bitter taste. Because hot water causes the coffee to burn as soon as it comes into contact with the coffee. If you don't have a thermometer, wait 1 minute after the water boils and start adding the water. Then wait 70-75 seconds and make another brew. In this way, you can reach the water temperature that is most suitable for you. If possible, get a thermometer and practice more disciplined as if you were doing an experiment.

Use clean water, not tap water. We usually use Hayat water. Try and decide for yourself which water brand is most suitable for you.

3- Grind your coffee at the right setting. There is no universally accepted grind for coffee beans. It should be grinded at the right setting according to the brewing method. For example, if you are using the French Press or Pour Over brewing method, you should grind your coffee at a coarse setting. For espresso, you have to grind it finely. Medium grinds are preferred for automatic coffee machines. Another point to consider about coffee grinding is your grinder selection. Blades in mills can deform over time. It may burn the coffee by overheating while grinding the coffee. To avoid such problems, you should use a mill with ceramic gears. If you invest in a good coffee grinder, you can grind your coffee as you wish for many years and get the best aroma of your freshly ground coffee.

So why is the grinding process so important? Oxygen is coffee's worst enemy. Ground coffee begins to lose its aroma as soon as it is ground. It starts to go stale to say the least. Therefore, if you want to achieve the best coffee, you must grind your own coffee.

4- Stick to the brewing time. Adhering to the brewing time is just as important as sticking to the coffee/water ratio during brewing. If you have paid attention to all these details, you are now ready for a perfect cup of coffee. So, how should we pay attention to which brewing method we will set the time? At this point, besides the guides we have prepared, you can access countless information on the internet. However, as with any information, research the reliability of your source well.

Knowing how long to add the water for manual brews is an important factor in making a great cup of coffee. The time elapsed with the contact of water with coffee must be adjusted correctly at each stage. For example, in a brew made with the Pour Over method, you must first wet the coffee and wait for 30 seconds for the flowering phase. You complete the brewing by adding the water you will add until the end of the brewing piece by piece.

There are multiple different methods to follow when brewing with the French Press. Some people add half of the water and mix, adding the rest of the water. Some people add all the water, wait a while for the coffee to settle, and press the press slowly. Although each brewing takes approximately 3-4 minutes, some micro details affect the taste of the coffee seriously. You can find the best brew for yourself after a few tries.

5- Choose the best coffee bean. In fact, this is an issue that needs attention first. However, we wanted to save this item for last. If you want access to the best coffee, you need to have a good coffee bean. It will be a bit of a cliché, but "quality is not a coincidence".

We have listed the items you need to pay attention to in order to drink the best coffee of the day. On your way to reach good coffee, the topics we have mentioned above will be very useful for you. Hope to see you in healthy days when we drink quality coffee. Goodbye!

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