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Kahve abonelik planına geçmeniz için 5 neden: Fluxus Coffee ile tanışın!

5 reasons to switch to a coffee subscription plan: Meet Fluxus Coffee!

We know that everyone who is real coffee maniacs like us. As coffee freaks, we know there's no better feeling than waking up with a great cup of coffee. Who does not want to make a pleasant start to the morning by feeling refreshed?

At this point , a coffee subscription works amazingly! Because coffee, which is a very necessary and routine thing in this active life, should definitely be automated! We, as Kahvebi, wanted to introduce you to Fluxus Coffee, which will open very soon, so that your coffee never ends.

A coffee subscription is nothing new. If it makes your life easier, it's perfectly logical. For example, if you have refined tastes in milk, doesn't it make you happy to have the milk you want delivered to your door? And wouldn't you be tired of constantly having to search for coffee on the internet every month?

We, as Kahvebi, are about to launch our new project, Fluxus Coffee, which focuses on coffee subscription, due to our passion for coffee. It will be great just to be able to choose the coffee you like and have it reach you regularly. Whether you grind to your standard brewing method or are looking for something a little different, with Fluxus Coffee's flexible coffee system, we allow you to customize your coffee order in just a few clicks.

Still not convinced? So now let's talk about a few reasons to join your coffee subscription.

1. Always freshly roasted coffee

Here, Fluxus Coffee's unique coffee order roasting service solves the problem of staleness by sending you as much coffee as you want, freshly roasted, at intervals according to your needs. In short, we apply a roasting model according to your order. This means that we do not stock up. This means we supply the freshest possible coffee to be shipped within 48 hours of roasting.

We roast the coffee beans on a weekly basis to send them in their freshest form. This allows you to make the most of your coffee while also supporting local roasters.

2. Convenience and flexibility

Did you forget to take your coffee? Don't worry, our subscription automatically checks for coffee from your weekly shopping list. Depending on the delivery frequency you choose, your fresh coffees are delivered to your door. With an excellent presentation!

That's why, while offering a coffee subscription platform, there is no strict plan that binds you to buying the coffee you don't want. You can pause your account at any time and reschedule your next posting. With all this, you can change the types of coffee and cancel whenever you want. There is never any upfront payment or commitment.

3. Discover different types of coffee from all over the world

Fluxus Coffee's coffee menu is regularly updated with the latest harvests from around the world. At the same time, they are all over 80 points, oh how nice! Therefore, you can visit Fluxus Coffee from time to time and see the new coffees.

4. Worth the money!

As a coffee subscriber, you can take advantage of a 15% discount on coffee and brewing equipment and be more profitable on your purchases compared to a one-time purchase. Yes, we appreciate your coffee subscription journey and that's why we plan to make you happy with our occasional little prize giveaways.

5. Log your coffee experiences

You can review your coffees from the "Order History" page in your account and see your previous coffees. However, if there is a coffee you haven't tried, you can try it and discover new flavors.

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