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How to clean the coffee grinder: everything to consider

To say how important a coffee grinder is sure would be an understatement. If you are not using a high-quality coffee grinder , it will be difficult to achieve an even grind size distribution. This will affect the quality of the extraction . In this title, we will touch on all the details such as ' how to clean the coffee grinder , what should be considered'.

But no matter how powerful your coffee grinder is, cleaning and maintenance is vital to ensure you get the most out of it. If you don't regularly maintain your burrs and clean your grinder, you're burned out. Whether you're at home or behind the bar, if you want coffee with the same consistency and flavor over and over, you need to make these.

How to clean the coffee grinder?

There are several ways to clean a coffee grinder. Of course, we'll also share tips from top-notch coffee grinders to learn about some of the best. Please keep reading to find out, don't be lazy!

Why is it important to clean your grinder?

During the roasting process, it causes gases to escape from your coffee beans as the cell structure deteriorates and becomes more porous. This is why roasted beans are much more fragile than raw green coffee, which grinders both home and commercial will have a hard time breaking up.

But roasted coffee also actually contains fat. These are lipids that naturally migrate to the surface of the bean during roasting. Lipid is the name given to the basic organic compounds found in the structure of living things.

Coffee oils stick to the teeth of the burrs. If it stays there, the smell and taste of the old coffee will affect the new coffees you are grinding.

The teeth of your burrs are small protrusions and slits that fit around the edge and surface for both conical and flat burrs. The angled design of these teeth helps to grind the coffee both evenly and quickly. But it also allows oils and very fine coffee grounds to stick to them easily.

By the way, burrs are not the only thing affected, of course. Fine coffee grounds build up over time and cause blockages. This causes mechanical problems in your coffee grinder.

Clogs in your coffee grinder fall into the coffee grounds bin, especially in the duct. However, it causes the coffee to become contaminated with old stale grounds. Unfortunately, this negatively affects the aroma of your coffee. It also affects the exit path of your grinder and slows down the grinding speed.

coffee beans in grinder

What is grind retention?

The grind hold is where the ground coffee stays in the inner grind chamber and mouth. Even if your burrs will always hold a certain amount of coffee, they will vary in shape.

Some holding can be beneficial to reduce static and maintain a consistent grind flow. However, high levels are somewhat harmful. If old floors are not cleaned regularly, the freshness of the coffee and the performance of your grinder are compromised.

Believe me, the possibility of holding coffee is now a very popular subject. Because coffee lovers are more aware than ever of the importance of drinking freshly ground coffee all the time.

Flat burrs tend to hold more coffee grounds than conical burrs due to differences in grinding mechanism. for flat burrs, coffee is ground between the upper and lower burrs aligned horizontally. These force the grinders sideways into the inner chamber.

On the other hand, in conical burrs, it sits within the upper cap and the lower burr. This means that gravity forces the ground coffee to flow through the hopper and spout, however, the set is less ground.

coffee in the portaliter

Clumping and cleaning

Because ground coffee contains moisture at first, it often sticks together in small clumps. This is also caused by the static electricity generated by the continuous high-speed rotation of the burrs. There is a coffee pattern, there is a static electricity pattern...

This clumping causes a number of problems. But the first of these is the uneven grinding distribution in the portafilter. In turn, it causes channeling, where water finds the path of least resistance through the coffee bed.

Channeling means that water bypasses the more compact areas of the coffee, leading to a combination of under- and over-extraction that causes the cup to carry more undesirable flavors and aromas. I think you will have to read this sentence 1-2 times, I did not know how to explain it more clearly, but it may seem complicated...


Grinding fresh coffee

Most flat burr grinders can hold between 1g and 12g of coffee per dose. This makes it difficult to know how much of the coffee you're brewing is fresh and how much is stale.

After the coffees are ground, their flavors and aromas begin to deteriorate as they oxidize. This process causes a coffee's more subtle characteristics to fade. The heat created by the burrs of the grinder causes the remaining grinds to lose their flavor even faster.

Cleaning your mill from stale grounds helps ensure that the coffee you serve or drinks is fresh and served as intended. You will feel comfortable!

But besides improving the coffee grinder cleaning experience, it also allows baristas to work more efficiently. Grind retention unfortunately prevents baristas from flavoring effectively. Because retained grinds can be thrown into the portafilter after a change.

Burr quality also affects grinding retention and removal quality. The sharper and stronger a burr set is, the longer the grinder will perform at its best.

pour over coffee

Cleaning and maintenance: Here are some great tips

Regularly using your coffee grinder is very important. It is a completely necessary event to maintain the quality of coffee.

As you know, coffee goes stale three days after it is ground. That's why coffee grinders should always be cleaned after at least three days.

Having baristas clean grinders can seem like a daunting task, especially for new baristas or those with less experience. Despite these concerns, cleaning and maintaining your coffee grinder is very important. If you want to get the best flavor from your coffee, cleaning is a must. The best place to start is to make sure your grinder is turned off. Some jokes, eheheh..

You don't need any extra tools to clean the grinders. In some grinders, when you change the burrs, it is difficult to separate the chamber because there is a thread in it. However, all coffee grinders in Kahvebi are easily cleaned.

By the way, there is another way to clean your grinders without disturbing your settings. You can clean it easily with a small vacuum cleaner and you won't lose the grinding point. Yes yes, this is no joke.

If you say you want to clean it with something small, it will be enough to clean the inner chamber and other parts with a soft bristle brush. But for a more intense cleaning, we can say that professional cleaning pellets are the best way to go. Because you can't remove oils using just a brush. Professional products allow you to do this and keep burrs clearer for longer.

coffee grinder

Regular and thorough cleaning is essential to getting the most out of your grinder. Not only will this improve performance, it will also improve accuracy and consistency.

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