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Kahve kokteylleri: Kahve şurubu kullanmanın 3 altın kuralı

Coffee cocktails: The 3 golden rules of using coffee syrup

Do you like coffee cocktails? Not sure how to create your own cocktail? Never fear, designing cocktails is actually not as scary as it seems. In fact, if you start using carefully selected simple coffee syrups, you can soon have a menu full of unique, fun and delicious drinks.

However, there are some common mistakes people make when using simple syrups. From choosing your flavors to how much syrup to use, there are 3 golden rules to consider.


1. Flavor

When it comes to syrup, if you can dream it, you can make it happen. You can experiment with edible flowers, spices, herbs, seasonal fruits or even candies to create unique flavors. Don't be afraid to be specific either. For example, honey crisp apple syrup is a very popular syrup.

Of course, with all these options, you may feel overwhelmed by the choice. So, if you're working on syrup for a particular beverage, we recommend starting with the coffee's tasting notes. Opting for a syrup that emphasizes or complements the flavors already found in coffee can make it an incredible drink.

Remember, too, that flavoring isn't the only thing that affects flavor. For different syrups, try different types of sugar. A clear, simple syrup would probably suit white sugar. However, if you want more complex and molasses undertones, try raw sugar or one of its derivatives. For more floral effect, use honey. And if you're feeling really crazy, you can dissolve some marshmallows in water.

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2. Consistency

As weight is important in coffee making, it is just as important in syrup making. Consistency is only possible when you weigh your ingredients each time. This is an important topic because if you're dealing with sugar. Because sugar is granulated, just like coffee, it tends to sit unevenly. Visually estimating the weight in this measuring cup produces different results with each batch.

But consistency isn't just about weighing the ingredients before you start. It's also about how you cook them. Therefore, never boil your water. This will evaporate it and then beat the ratio of sugar to water. If you're worried, you can technically make simple syrups with cold water. But sugar dissolves much faster and much more consistently in hot water. So you can set your regular hot water heater to 205℉/96℃.

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3. Balance

Knowing when to use simple syrups can be as difficult as knowing what flavors to create. Be careful not to overdo it in the syrups. With all that said, for people who are just starting out with specialty coffee and want something sweet, be sure to go for something a little lighter.

When it comes to excess, balance is key, after all. It is especially important when creating specialty drinks. Simple syrups are a powerful way to flavor a drink and rarely need more than an ounce. Usually half an ounce will suffice. Don't forget to take the size of the drink into account, too.

Don't forget to consider other ingredients in the drink as well. You will definitely need a sweetener to remove the refreshing bitterness. You can use cocktail bitters for this. But if you're just trying to sweeten a latte or cappuccino, you'll likely need less.

Yes, we are aware. While this may be difficult at first, it will get easier with practice. Study classic cocktail recipes for any direction and learn through trial and error. You will soon have an almost instinctive grasp of what works.

Taste, consistency and balance; Three key factors for a successful coffee syrup and syrup-based cocktail. Remember these and no matter how creative and experimental your drinks are, you will surely succeed.

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