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Küba Purosu ve Kahve İkilisi - kahvebi

Cuban Cigar and Coffee Duo

The three apples of Cuba are coffee, cigars and rum. In this article, we are talking about Cuba's world-famous cigars and the coffees that best suit these cigars. While smoking your cigar, whether for Espresso, Cappuccino or Turkish Coffee, you should consider the size and length of the cigar, the type of coffee and the way it is presented. Undoubtedly, when these coffee and cigar-like flavor duos come together, they satisfy both our body and soul. Therefore, while choosing your cigar and coffee, you can take your taste culture to a different point by increasing the pleasure you will get by choosing the ones that are most compatible with each other.

Experts recommend that if you are consuming the cigar with coffee, you should choose a tobacco with a smoking time not exceeding 30 minutes, that is, close to 130 mm in length. Habanosommelier world champion Philip Illi recommends for beginners; Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robusto, 52 mm diameter and 102 mm long, with soft strength and pleasant aromas, or Romeo and Juliet Churchills, 124 mm long and 50 mm in diameter, a dense and strong cigar of medium strength and maturing a little over 5 years Secret of Cohiba Maduro with a length of 110 mm and a diameter of 40 mm.

The 3 Best Cigars to Pair with Coffee

Here's our simple guide to creating the perfect duo. The most important thing to remember is that balance is the keyword. The taste of one should not be superior to the other. There has to be a similarity between the two, clearly in their strengths but also in their flavor. Therefore, if you have a smooth and sweet cigar, you should drink a lightly roasted coffee. Or if you have a cigar with a stem, you should drink a cup of coffee with a high stem. Don't worry if you're still unsure, here are some Cuban Cigars that go great with a coffee:

Montecristo no. 3 - "Mocca Coffee and Smoked Wood Flavors"

This cigar is suitable for both experienced cigar smokers and amateurs alike. Los Montecristo is known for its consistent good draw. It offers a medium-intensity flavor with the aromas of mocha coffee and smoked wood. With a length of 142 mm and a diameter of 42 mm, it is a wonderful flavor that goes well with coffee. Next to Montecristo, a creamy coffee like Latte would be best!

Partagas Lusitanias - "Absolutely Soft"

One of Partagas' most popular cigars, Lusitanias is 192mm long and 49mm in diameter. Expect rich and dense smoke from this cigar, plus it's definitely as hard as a punch. It starts off smooth with sweet and floral notes and progresses to aromas of leather, cedar and almond. Its full body makes it ideal for a single cup of coffee.

Cohiba Behike 52 - "Coffee and Wood and Earth Flavors"

Every cigar lover knows Cohiba's reputation! The flavor many of us enjoy, Cohiba is widely accepted to be one of the best Cuban cigars ever made. With a diameter of 52 mm and a length of 119 mm, it has a medium to full flavor profile. From the smoke of this cigar you can expect no more than light aromas - it evokes earthy and woody flavors with a little coffee

Coffees to Try with a Cigar

It would be impossible not to mention coffees alongside Cuban cigars that can be paired with coffee. The coffees we recommend in the list of coffees that should be tried with a cigar are delicious accompaniments to your coffee consumption with a cigar.

Are you ready to take your cigar taste to the next level with aromatic coffees from different regions such as Colombia, Kenya or Nicaragua? Let's take a quick look at some of the coffees we recommend for you.


The flavors and aromas of coffees grown in the northern, central and southern regions of Colombia have different taste and acidity compared to each other. Therefore, in order to choose the most suitable coffee for your cigar, pay attention to the region where the Colombian coffee is grown. Coffees from the northern regions, namely Antioquia, Santander and Magdelena, are more suitable for cigars as they have chocolate, hazelnut and caramel flavors. We think that the best coffee to go with a Montecristo will come from Colombian beans.


Kenyan coffees, which are rich and dense in body and strong in acidity, are very rich in volcanic terms. We recommend Kenyan coffees, in which citrus flavors are felt more, together with Partagas. The fruit notes of the balanced roasted Kenya AA plus coffee accompanying the floral notes of Lusitanias will further increase the pleasure you get from the cigar.


Nicaraguan coffees with a strong and balanced body grown in volcanic lands can be a perfect pair with a medium-bodied Cohiba. Sour and sweet, with brown sugar and raspberry notes, Arabica beans will accompany the light aromas coming from your cigar.

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