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Kütüphanenize eklemek isteyeceğiniz kahveyle ilgili 5 kitap - kahvebi

5 coffee-related books you'll want to add to your library

There are many books about coffee that you should read to strengthen your coffee knowledge, to take a look at the development of coffee and to see the changes from past to present.

There are many books you should read to strengthen your coffee knowledge and see the development process of coffee from its discovery to today. The best books to go with your coffee will be books about coffee. If you are a true coffee consumer, you should definitely include these books in your library.

Book recommendations about coffee

From Earth to Cup / Cenk Girginol

From Earth to Cup

The book titled "From Soil to Cup" by Cenk Girginol offers an opportunity to experience the magical journey of coffee from soil to cup. Topraktan Cup, an enjoyable information and gastronomy book, starting from the raw form of coffee; It contains many details about its cultivation, collection, processing, roasting, blending and brewing.

It is a book that should be added to the library of both users who are interested in coffee as a pleasure and hobby, and professionals who make coffee a profession as a barista or roaster.

Lost Coffees of Anatolia / Naim Koca

Lost Coffees of Anatolia

It is a resource where two coffee masters who are passionate about coffee transfer their experiences to us by working for years. Lost Coffees of Anatolia, by revealing the coffee cultures and histories that have begun to fade into oblivion in our lands, offers great content to coffee lovers and baristas or roasters who make coffee their profession.

The Coffee Roaster's Companion / Scott Rao

The Coffee Roaster's Companion

The world's first professional roasting book, The Coffee Roaster's Companion was written in consultation with the world's best roasters. The author of the book, Scott Rao, came together with the world's best roasters and wrote about their experiences in this book. Scott Roa is also the owner of "The Professional Barista's Handbook", which is among the most popular books about filter coffee , espresso, in short, coffee.

The World Atlas Of Coffee / James Hoffman

The World Atlas Of Coffee

Coffee, one of the most consumed beverages in the world, has never been better and more interesting than it is today. Coffee producers now have access to more varieties and techniques. We know that from where coffee comes from, how it is harvested, how it is roasted, and the water used to brew it are factors that affect the taste of the coffee we drink. In this book, expert roaster and champion barista James Hoffman covers coffee varieties, the impact of terrorism, how coffee is harvested, processed, and roasting methods used.

From Cup to Taste / Cenk Girginol

This time, Cenk Girginol touches on the stories of coffee, starting from its discovery, how it was processed into Ottoman and European culture, and the traditional coffees that are drunk around the world. Coffee accompaniment is a book that extends to the unique recipes of local tastes and will leave a feeling of pleasure and happiness in the palates of coffee lovers.

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