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Moccamaster neden 40 dakika sonra kapanıyor? - kahvebi

Why does the Moccamaster turn off after 40 minutes?

As you know, Moccamaster always turns off automatically after forty minutes. In this blog post, we will explain why this is so, after exactly forty minutes.

How was it start?

In 2015, the European Union passed a new law. This law states that espresso and filter coffee machines with hotplates must automatically turn off after exactly 40 minutes. This helps prevent dangerous situations by not allowing you to linger on the stove all morning with the coffee jug open.

With this law, the EU strives for safer household appliances as well as less energy consumption. This not only helps save consumer costs for electricity, but also puts less pressure on the environment.

First priority for Moccamaster is safety!

With the enactment of this law, Technivorm started to produce adjusted models for filter coffee lovers. Now filter coffee machines automatically turn off not only the heating element, but also the hotplate. Thus, you can enjoy using the Moccamaster filter coffee machine without any worries.

The hob in the Moccamaster Select keeps the coffee at a constant temperature between 80-85 ˚C. Then it turns off automatically after 40 minutes. This only applies to machines manufactured since 2015. Old Moccamaster models do not have to comply with this new regulation and unfortunately you have to turn it off yourself.

This 40 minutes may seem like a little, but when you brew your coffee with Moccamaster, you will naturally want to pour it immediately and enjoy it. Freshly brewed coffee is always the most delicious coffee!

I hope you now know enough about automatic shutdown.

Do you still want to have a Moccamaster filter coffee machine that does not turn off automatically? Then the right product for you will be the Moccamaster KBGT. A traditional filter coffee machine like the Select, the Moccamaster KBGT has a thermos jug. That is, a system without a heating plate. Within 6 minutes, you can brew as much coffee as a full thermos in a 1.25 L thermos jug. You can view KBGT by clicking here .

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