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French Press Models - French Press Price, Most Popular French Press

Bialetti French Press 600 Ml - kahvebi

Bialetti French Press 600 ML

Sale price   999,00 TL Regular price   1.149,00 TL

Bialetti French Press Smart Kırmızı 1 L - kahvebi

Bialetti French Press Smart Red 1 L

Sale price   729,00 TL Regular price   899,00 TL

Bialetti French Press Smart Kırmızı 350 Ml - kahvebi

Bialetti French Press Smart Red 350 Ml

Sale price   699,00 TL Regular price   799,00 TL

Bialetti French Press 350 Ml - kahvebi

Bialetti French Press 350 Ml

949,00 TL

Bialetti French Press 1 L - kahvebi

Bialetti French Press 1 L

Sale price   999,00 TL Regular price   1.349,00 TL

Cafec Abaca Kahve Filtre Kağıdı - kahvebi

Cafec Abaca Kahve Filtre Kağıdı

285,00 TL

The French Press , which is growing day by day in the filter coffee world and is among the most preferred equipment by coffee consumers, is a very good coffee brewing equipment. You can review the products at Sakarya Coffee Academy for the best French Press prices and models, which are recommended to be used especially by those who are new to brewing coffee in the first stages. So, how is a high quality French Press , what is its use and what are its advantages? Let's examine these details together. Before we started to read the article, we brewed our coffee with the big French Press and started the narration.

French Press

Take someone who isn't so into coffee today and enter a 3rd generation coffee brewing shop. Be sure, he will watch in amazement by saying "what's going on here". Naturally, when he sees the equipment, he will think that brewing coffee is a very complicated thing. But this is not so for the French Press. Because it is very easy to brew coffee in the French Press coffee equipment, which is recommended for beginners.

Some say that brewing coffee is not so simple, but according to, not all are. Perhaps the easiest of manual coffee equipment is the French Press. Another name is a submersible or press vessel. Some filter coffee Make sure according to your equipment very very very easy.

Making coffee in the French Press equipment is very easy; But let's see if you use a terrible product, your coffee will be too extracted and taste bad. That's why we will list the best french press equipment and offer you products that you will not regret.

It is an equipment that ensures that the water in a glass container, together with the coarsely ground coffee grains, is drained into the glass by filtering the coffee as a result of moving the strainer in the mouth right after the brewing process is finished. These equipment, which you can brew not only coffee but also beverages such as herbal tea, are generally available in sizes such as 350 ml and 600 ml (double). If you examine the shelves of the Coffee Academy, you will see that there are more different models available. Especially for those who want to use it as a thermos, we also have products in the form of thermos.

french press

Located on the shelves of the Coffee Academy best french press our brands; Our products, which help you to prepare beverages that need to be brewed, such as filter coffees and herbal teas, are usually in single-person sizes. However, there are also small, medium and large models on our shelves. Especially when you are going to make coffee, you can leave it to brew with these equipment, you can easily handle your work on the one hand, and you can consume your coffee quickly after brewing. In the meantime, you can easily brew cold brew coffee at home, especially in summer, to catch a perfect taste.

Brew great coffees with the French Press

When we take a look at the best french press equipment in general, we think that the best is Bodum. While the French Press method helps preserve the aroma of coffees, it's important to remember that trademarks remove the coffee from the coffee pot during production. Therefore, please do not buy quality coffee from the supermarket shelves, but from the coffee shops that you think are really good. It would be great especially if you prefer the ones that roast them in-house.

The only heat source of French Press equipment is hot water poured into it. Therefore, instead of brewing immediately, it is necessary to heat the French Press first. Because the equipment being cold causes it to absorb the hot heat of the coffee. The same goes for the trophy. Just like with the French Press, it's good to warm your coffee before pouring it into your mug. Before pouring your coffee into your mug, mix and warm a little with hot water. Then pour your coffee and enjoy your hot coffee.

When making espresso coffee, a fine grind is required, but when it comes to equipment, it should be the opposite. Having a coarser ground coffee is very important. However, another important issue is to use adequate filters. Depending on how thick your coffee grounds are, you may need two for large grounds and four for finely ground ones.

A good coffee in a short time with French Press

If you have a prejudice against French Press equipment, do not be too much. In fact, coffees made with it are very unique because the metal filter allows more coffee oil to enter your mug, unlike paper filters. Many see this statement as a marketing strategy, but it is not. In addition, heavy coffee drinkers who are at risk of high cholesterol should avoid this type of coffee. Let's take note of it...

If you're not for a greasy coffee but want to drink coffee on the go, but Areopress is not for me, try Bodum. If you say that you are not alone, there is more than one person, we recommend the 350 ML Bodum Travel Press. That should be enough to satisfy you and two more friends.

Choose the one that suits you among the French Press models.

So what should we pay attention to when buying? Let's say we decided to buy any of the French Press models. First of all, the most important thing we need to know; Using this equipment is already easy and the coffee it will serve will generally be delicious. In particular, grind freshly roasted, high-quality coffee beans to the right thickness, put the coffee in, pour hot water (not boiling water) over it and start brewing. The result is a perfect coffee!

Most of the French Press equipment found on is generally made of two materials: Borosilicate glass or stainless steel. Some like the borosilicate glass one, some like the stainless steel one. I am writing these lines right now, I love stainless steel, but borosilicate glass has its advantages, of course.

As for the design, their designs are generally the same on the surface. But so is practice. For example, when we look at comfort and experience, some models stand out much more. Especially sometimes there is a period when we have a coffee crisis. This period usually happens in the mornings, which is fine because our minds don't work very well in the mornings. As someone who has even seen tantrums when not drinking coffee, these guys need to use this equipment in the morning.

We talked about design, but we missed it again (eheh), let's go back. It would be an evasion not to mention aesthetics because we won't say, a handsome coffee machine doesn't always make good coffee. We saw nice designed machines, the coffee it makes is not coffee, we saw many unaesthetic machines, the coffee it makes is legendary. So, of course, you want to brag about your newly bought French Press or show it to your friends with enthusiasm, but it doesn't make any sense unless it makes delicious coffee. In short, every French Press is very similar, in terms of design.

But do you really need a big French Press?

When you make a cup of coffee, are you really just making one cup, or are you making two cups and drinking one for one? If you're drinking 2 cups to wake up in the morning, you probably need a French Press that can keep up.

If you want to choose from and want a large French Press 12 oz. and 34 oz. I would like to say that those are the most popular. If you live alone, 12 oz is ideal for you. 12 oz will usually give you one large cup or two small cups of coffee. It also goes without saying, the 12 oz model is a total travel-friendly.

If you find yourself constantly drinking coffee with your family, colleagues or friends, definitely choose the 35 oz one. 34oz seems like the ideal, as 12oz won't be enough for you to buy two cups of coffee. But let's not go without saying this:

Big is not always good. French Press is all about proportions. If you were to use the 34oz size, you would have to put a lot more coffee and hot water in the jug to keep the plunger working with depth. Your job is getting harder.

French Press Price

On the shelves of Sakarya Coffee Academy French Press price also very suitable. When we look at the French Press price list, where we present the products of the best brands, there is a wide range of products from 200 TL to 600 TL. For example, while a product of Bialetti is 269 TL, there are products of Espro for 400 TL. Bodum brand products, which produce excellent products in this category, are now waiting for you at Sakarya Coffee Academy with prices starting from 128 TL.

french press price

If you are one of those who like strong coffee, it has another feature that is not among other coffee equipment. In this equipment, since you can adjust the brewing time yourself, you can extend or shorten the brewing time to adjust the hardness according to your own taste. For example; While the brewing time is 4 or 5 minutes, if you reduce it to 3 minutes, you will get a soft coffee. But when you increase this time to 6 minutes, a stronger coffee emerges. In this way, you will have the chance to brew coffee according to your own taste.

Great French Press

Before letting the coffee brew with the water you have boiled, wet it with hot water so that it touches everywhere in the large french press. In this way, the inside of the equipment will be heated and your coffee will be prevented from cooling during brewing. Apply the same process to your glass and drink your coffee in its hottest form when brewed.

large french press

When you are going to brew coffee, you should definitely pay attention to the temperature of the water at the points where the water and coffee contact each other in the first stage of this equipment. If your water has just boiled and is very hot, it will burn the coffee the moment the water touches the coffee. This is not noticeable to the eye, but it is understandable when it is reflected in the taste. Naturally, such a coffee will have a bitter and somewhat disturbing aroma. If you want to avoid such situations, we have a great suggestion for you. After the water boils, wait for 1 minute and let the water rise above its initial temperature. In this way, your coffee will not be burned and you will have a more delicious coffee.

Quality French Press

One of the biggest mistakes made in coffee brewed in quality French Press products on the shelves of the Coffee Academy is the inconsistency of the time. Setting the brew time in estimated numbers will give you bad coffee. You may have completely forgotten about coffee, especially if you are concentrating on the work you are busy with at the time. As a result, the coffee that has been waiting in the equipment for minutes may become cold and its flavor may be lost. Since it will be cold, bad and bitter coffee, you will throw it in the trash and it's gone, my beautiful 15 grams of coffee. If you do the opposite, that is, if you can't wait to drink the coffee and start consuming it within 2 or 3 minutes before it is brewed, you can get a very good taste.

good quality french bress

If you want to avoid all this, you must follow the brewing time that you have determined according to your own taste from the stopwatch on your phone and brew your coffee that way.

Brewing coffee in these equipment is much easier than in other equipment. Our equipment, which keeps people away from complexity, is the products preferred by coffee brewers in the first steps. Of course, not only beginners but even professional baristas have at least one French Press. At the same time, it does not bother you with other materials such as filter paper and does not incur extra costs.

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