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Hario V60'ın Tarihi ve Evrimi: Japon Yeniliklerinden Küresel Popülerliğe

History and Evolution of Hario V60: From Japanese Innovation to Global Popularity

Are you ready to discover the story of Hario, the beloved brand of coffee consumers? This story extends from the Hario brand's origins in Japan to how it became a favorite among coffee lovers around the world. The rise of the Hario V60 is a story woven with Japanese craftsmanship, innovation and a commitment to delivering a unique coffee experience. As we explore this narrative, we will uncover the unique design features and brewing methods that set the V60 apart from others, thus understanding what makes the V60 an icon in the world of coffee brewing.

Born in the heart of Japan, Hario continues today to produce excellent brewing equipment for those who want to brew coffee or tea at home, with the V60 brewing method a symbol of the meticulous craftsmanship and commitment to excellence that defines Japanese culture. V60's journey began with the vision of highlighting the flavors of coffee beans as well as creating a work of art icon in the coffee-making process. Its conical shape, spiral protrusions and wide opening at the bottom allow optimum extraction, creating a perfect brew. As we delve deeper into the history of the V60, we will uncover the innovations that contributed to its global popularity and discover how it became an essential tool for coffee lovers around the world.

History and Development of Hario V60

Hario products are among the indispensable choices of coffee enthusiasts, standing out with their unique features and superior design, turning the brewing process into an art! Now, let's take a closer look at Hario's roots and continue exploring the history and evolution of the V60.

When Hario was founded in Japan in 1921, it produced glass products primarily for science laboratories and medical use. However, II. After World War II, Hario started producing different coffee brewing equipment such as siphons. This step marked the beginning of the brand becoming a major player in the coffee world.

Expanding its product range in the developing years, Hario today draws attention with its various products such as not only coffee brewing equipment, but also tea brewing equipment, kitchen utensils and heat-resistant cooking equipment. Hario's long history and experience make the brand a leader specializing in quality glass products.

Hario V60 optimizes the coffee brewing process with its unique design known for its conical shape and spiral protrusions. This special design keeps the brewing of the coffee under control, allowing the flavor to be extracted more evenly. V60, which has become the favorite of baristas and coffee lovers around the world, continues to exist as a symbol that brings Hario's quality and innovative approach to the coffee world.

Origin of Hario V60

The Hario V60 was introduced to the coffee world in Japan in 2004 and takes its name from the 60-degree angle of the cone. This special design represents a carefully selected angle to optimize the coffee brewing process and ensure even extraction. Hario means "Glass King" in Japanese and is a company founded in 1921. Initially producing laboratory glassware and ornaments, Hario also began producing household products such as kitchenware and tableware in the 1950s.

This evolution in Hario's history reflects not only its expertise in glass products but also its expansion into kitchen and tableware products. Hario's quality and innovation have made it a globally recognized brand for coffee and tea equipment. Today, the V60 drip machine stands out among Hario's various products and continues to be the choice of coffee enthusiasts. This special coffee brewing equipment has established itself in the coffee world as a symbol of Japanese craftsmanship and Hario's careful design approach.

Development of Hario V60

Over the years, the Hario V60 has gone through many changes and improvements. In 2005, Hario introduced the ceramic version of the V60, which is still widely used today. The ceramic material helps maintain a consistent temperature during the brewing process, which is important for a good cup of coffee. In 2007, Hario introduced a glass version of the V60 that was visually appealing and allowed for easy monitoring of the brewing process.

In 2012, Hario introduced the metal version of the V60. The metal material helps retain the heat necessary for consistent extraction. The metal version also has a unique copper coating that increases its aesthetic appeal. In 2016, Hario released an olive wood version of the V60, handcrafted and featuring a beautiful natural wood finish. The olive wood version is produced in limited numbers and is highly sought after by coffee enthusiasts.

Popularity of Hario V60

Hario V60 has gained popularity among coffee enthusiasts for several reasons. The V60's unique design ensures a more even extraction of coffee, resulting in a superior cup of coffee. The V60 is also easy to use and clean; This makes it a favorite among home baristas. Additionally, the Hario V60 is available in a variety of materials and finishes, making it a stylish addition to any coffee lover's collection.


The Hario V60 is a pour-over coffee maker that has gained popularity among coffee enthusiasts in recent years. The V60's unique design ensures a more even extraction of coffee, resulting in a superior cup of coffee. Over the years the V60 has undergone many changes and improvements, including the introduction of ceramic, glass, metal and olive wood versions. The popularity of the V60 can be attributed to its ease of use, easy cleaning and availability in a variety of materials and finishes.

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