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Cortado Nasıl Yapılır? - kahvebi

How to Make a Cortado?

It's time to embrace the warmth of coffee in the hustle and bustle of life! Today we invite you to the mysterious journey of Cortado, a wonderful gift of the coffee world. In this article, you will find basic information about Cortado as well as the answer to the question "how to do it".

The sincere warmth of coffee provides us with a break and a breath of fresh air from our daily hustle and bustle. Cortado offers a unique, unforgettable experience while taking this break. His story is the beginning of the moments when coffee lovers come together. It's not just a drink in a cup, it's actually a drink that bears the traces of a culture and a lifestyle. Read on to learn more about Cortado, the coffee with which you enjoy the most coffee taste among milk coffees.

What is Cortado?

Cortado is a coffee term of Spanish origin and literally means "cut" or "mixed". This drink usually contains equal parts hot steamed milk with an espresso. The feature of cortado is that milk is added directly to the coffee and heated with steam. This process leaves the drink with a strong coffee taste, but with a noticeable softness of milk.


The cortado is not as thick as a latte or cappuccino due to its milk content. For this reason, the characteristic features of coffee are more evident. Moreover, this drink is often served in a small glass or a clear glass. Cortado's popularity has led to it being frequently preferred among coffee enthusiasts and gaining a special place in coffee culture around the world.

Cortado's popularity is not limited to Spain and Portugal, it has been adopted among coffee lovers around the world. This drink, which can be preferred at any time of the day, has contributed to the diversification and enrichment of coffee culture.

What does Cortado contain?

Understanding the key ingredients that create the unique flavor of the cortado helps us further appreciate this tremendous drink. We have listed the basic contents of Cortado, which has minimal content and is not complicated at all, for you.

1. Espresso: At the heart of the cortado is a strong and aromatic shot of espresso. The intensity of the coffee is one of the key ingredients that creates the characteristic flavor of the Cortado.

2. Milk: Another important element that meets espresso is milk. However, Cortado, unlike other milk-based coffee drinks, keeps the amount of milk limited. This adds a light milky texture while preserving the character of the coffee.

The ideal temperature of the cortado is the slightly warmed milk and the temperature balance where the espresso shot meets this hot milk. This ensures that the taste of the drink is holistic and satisfying.

With all these ingredients, Cortado creates the unique character of the drink and offers coffee lovers an extraordinary taste.


How to prepare cortado?

Cortado is a wonderful drink that is indispensable for coffee lovers. Here's a practical step-by-step guide to enjoy a hot glass of Cortado:

1. Choosing Quality Coffee The coffee that forms the basis of the cortado is the key to taste. Start by using 9 ounces of coffee in a basket designed for single shots. Quality coffee is a must for a delicious Cortado.

2. Proper Preparation of Espresso Prepare the portafilter and work quickly to prevent the espresso shot from cooling. If you're using a single-boiler machine, move on to frothing the milk after taking the espresso shot.

3. Milk Frothing Process: Add 1/3 of milk to the Pitcher and dip the frothing wand into the milk. Create high-pressure foam with a mixture of air and water by holding the wand close to the surface. Control the pressure by tilting the pitcher to the left during the frothing process. Increase the foam by holding the pitcher close to the surface, and decrease it by moving it further away.

4. Milk Heating and Final Touches When foam forms, remove the stick from the milk by tilting the pitcher to the right. The ideal foam temperature is 65 degrees. After taking the espresso shot, complete the Cortado by adding 30 ml micro foam milk.

5. Adding a Pattern (Optional) If you want to add a pattern, make sure you froth the milk as much as you need. When transferring the pitcher (steel jug milk pot) into the cup, initially hold it up, and when you want to add a pattern, move the tip of the pitcher closer to the surface.

Adding a pattern may not be an action that will yield successful results on your first try. It takes time to master this. Keep trying without giving up!

Cortado variations

Cortado's unique flavor provides a great base for combining it with different flavors. Here are three delicious Cortado variations that coffee lovers should try:

Vanilla Cortado: A Touch of Sweetness

Vanilla adds a soft and sweet touch to the Cortado. Vanilla extracts added to a single shot of espresso and hot milk foam add tremendous flavor and aroma to the drink. You can also create a visual feast by decorating it with vanilla sticks or vanilla powder.

Cinnamon Cortado: The Magic of Spice

Cinnamon offers a warm spice note added to the Cortado. The perfect harmony of espresso and frothy milk integrates with the intensity of cinnamon. You can complete your drink and add warmth to it by sprinkling a light cinnamon on it.

Chocolate Cortado: A Feast of Flavors

Chocolate adds a unique flavor to the Cortado. A half shot of espresso and a half shot of hot chocolate creates the chocolate version of the Cortado. You can make your drink even more attractive by sprinkling grated dark chocolate or cocoa powder on it.

These Cortado variations are a great option for those who want to add new dimensions to their coffee experience. Feel free to experiment and discover your favorite to suit your taste!


Common Errors and Solutions

Error 1: Wrong Grind Setting

Solution: The coarse grind setting suitable for the French press is not suitable for making Cortado. Cortado, an espresso-based drink, must naturally be made from finely ground coffee beans.

Error 2: Poor Water Quality:

Solution: Use clean or filtered water.

Mistake #3: Too Fatty Coffee

Solution: Clean your coffee machine regularly. Use cleaning tablets periodically to prevent oil build-up.

Error 4: Wrong Water Temperature

Solution: Check the water temperature. The water should generally be between 90-96°C.

Mistake 5: Deviation from Ideal Measurements

Solution: Determine the correct measurements according to the type of coffee you use. There are ideal proportions for each type of coffee.

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