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Hario Cold Coffee Brewing Jug 0.6 L Red

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Hario Mini Plus Ceramic Coffee Mill

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Hario V60 Craft Coffee Maker

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kahve paketi, beyaz dripper ve hario kettle

V60 brewing equipment under the spotlight - Which is better?

Hand-brewed filter coffee has a special place in our hearts and cups. Many methods, such as the lively and complex taste of espresso or the crispy texture of French Press , which offers a completely different flavor, cannot replace hand-brewed coffee. At home, at work or on weekends, we gathered our filter coffee experience preferences, which is one of the most enjoyable molars for most of us, under a single heading and evaluated the pros and cons.

This brewing method has been used since the early 1900s. Chemex was invented a little later. Chemexi was invented in 1941 and has remained basically unchanged.

Each year, new hand-brewed coffee makers are introduced to the market, while existing models are also updated and tuned. Models like the Chemex, Hario V60, and Kalita Wave have been our trusted picks over the years for their quality and flavor, as we continually test and evaluate new manufacturers.

As explained below, these models, each of which we love for different reasons, are tailor-made for you to achieve different flavors in different situations. Some are faster than others, while others require more technique. But first, we want to present the most important rule of thumb for making a great cup of coffee:

Buy good coffee beans and grind them fresh!

After completing this stage, you will already be on your way to making a great cup of coffee. First, let's take a look at the pros and cons of different products.



Chemex uses a thicker, patented filter. Thus, you can brew a clean cup of coffee that provides a thinner body and balanced floral notes. When brewing with Chemex, you should use a medium grind setting, and use ground coffee beans that are roughly as fine as rock salt.

Especially when brewing for multiple groups, Chemex may be a better choice than other dripper models.

Advantages 👍🏼

Its thicker filter brews a clearer and sweeter cup of coffee. You can also easily make larger quantities (over a single cup) of coffee with Chemex. The coarse filter also offers a similar result to the V60, while offering a less precise brewing experience compared to smaller dripper models.

Disadvantages 👎🏼

Finding the Chemex filter may not be as easy as finding standard filters. It is difficult to transport as it is made with glass material.

hario 60 serving jug

Hario V60

A versatile brand, Hario manufactures many products to perfect everyday brewing. You can browse the store section to review the stylish Hario models designed for different brewing methods. Dripper models allow a faster brewing process than Chemex. According to Chemex, these products, which require a more technical brew, come together with experienced hands, resulting in excellent brews. When done well, a beautiful, bright and tangy cup of coffee with pronounced citrus notes can be obtained. As a grinding setting, a finer setting should be preferred compared to Chemex.

Advantages 👍🏼

Its versatility makes it a great option for those who want to customize their brewing technique based on variables like speed and pouring method. It offers a more nuanced and more flexible brewing experience.

Disadvantages 👎🏼

Although customizable, it's less forgiving than other filter coffee makers and you need to focus your full attention when brewing.

kalita wave

Kalita Wave

Kalita Wave produces products that fascinate coffee and design lovers. Its flat bottom and unique wave-pattern filters (as the name suggests) help delicate beans extract evenly, even while brewing. With Kalita you can always brew a balanced, complex and transparent cup of coffee. Using a medium-fine grind setting, ground coffee beans are about as fine as table salt.

Advantages 👍🏼

Kalita is lightweight and durable, so it's a great option when traveling or camping. More forgiving than the V60, thanks to its flat bottom design and special filters that help how water flows over the coffee.

Disadvantages 👎🏼

Requires careful brewing. While adding the water, you should carefully complete the controlled spiral pouring process. For this reason, the most ideal product for pouring water is Hario Kettle models or kettle models produced in top quality. It is the most expensive of all single-cup coffee makers and filters.

metal filter

Metal Filter

Using a metal filter may be the most reasonable option for you among v60 brewing methods in some cases. Especially when outdoor activities are considered, the small footprint, no need for extra filter paper, and the durability of the product stand out as the details most comfortable for metal filter users. The metal filter has a thicker outlet that does not get stuck in the thin outlet holes. Offering a more balanced brew, the filter is the ideal choice for outdoor activities such as camping.

Also, metal filters are more environmentally friendly compared to paper filters. Because paper filters are disposable for each brew, metal filters are a more sustainable option in the long run.

Advantages 👍🏼

Durable, it is more practical to use since you do not need a paper filter. Thanks to its metal structure, you can easily clean it with just water after brewing and make it ready for the next brewing. The metal construction is the most durable choice for outdoor activities as it takes up less space and is the most resistant to damage of the v60 type.

Disadvantages 👎🏼

Because metal filters do not filter out the oil and sediment of the coffee beans, you can get a more cloudy coffee in your cup.

All these coffee brewing equipment offer different advantages unique to each coffee table. Coffee consumers often discuss which is the best for which coffee, but you should think for yourself. We recommend that you find the important variables of your own brewing equipment and, guided by this information, choose your ideal brewing equipment.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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