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Moccamaster KBG Select Filter Coffee Machine White with Glass Pot

Sale price   9.625,00 TL Regular price   10.700,00 TL

Moccamaster KBG Select Filter Coffee Machine Yellow with Glass Pot

Sale price   9.625,00 TL Regular price   10.700,00 TL

Moccamaster KBG Select Filter Coffee Machine Brushed Brass with Glass Pot

Sale price   10.395,00 TL Regular price   11.340,00 TL
ahşap büfe üstünde moccamaster filtre kahve makinesi

A Moccamaster story: Every cup is a new adventure

With Moccamaster, those who take a new adventure in every cup meet the world's best filter coffee machine and discover the true meaning of a good cup of coffee. In this article, we will briefly touch on the story of Moccamaster for our visitors who we think will agree with us.

Moccamaster was founded in the Netherlands in 1964 by Gerard Clement Smit and has since spread his passion for making excellent coffee to the world. Since it was first produced, the Moccamaster has been a favorite with coffee lovers and has become a symbol of the excellent taste of quality coffee.

The Moccamaster filter coffee machine is made using the highest quality materials and the assembly of each machine is completed by hand. Every detail has been carefully thought through and designed. Therefore, the story of the Moccamaster is not only the story of a coffee machine, but also the story of years of hard work, passion and search for quality. This passion is felt in every cup of Moccamaster coffee and takes a special place in the hearts of coffee lovers.

moccamaster outdoor image

The secret to a perfect cup of coffee

The heating system in Moccamaster filter coffee machines provides an optimal brewing temperature between 92 and 96 °C, adjusting the temperature required for brewing perfect coffee. So why is this temperature optimal? If the coffee is brewed too cold, the coffee will taste sour when brewing is complete. If the coffee is brewed with very hot (boiling) water, we will get a bitter taste in the brewed coffee as this temperature will burn the coffee. The brewing temperature of the Moccamaster is optimized to make a good tasting hot cup of coffee.

The brewing time also affects the taste of the coffee. The brewing time setting is perfectly adjusted, as it should be on all Moccamasters. In this way, each cup of coffee has the perfect strength.

How is Moccamaster produced?

In the production process of the Moccamaster filter coffee machine, every stage of which is carefully controlled, quality materials are used and the processes are carried out meticulously. In this way, each filter coffee machine is among the best filter coffee machines in the world.

If you are curious about the quality of Moccamaster and how it is produced, you can watch the video showing the details of the production process. Thanks to this video, you can understand why the Moccamaster filter coffee machine is unique and why coffee lovers prefer it.

Where do Moccamaster filter coffee machines come from?

The Moccamaster is produced in Amerongen, a town in the Netherlands. If you want to see the surroundings of this beautiful town, watch this video!

Why is the Moccamaster known as the best filter coffee machine?

Moccamaster is a brand that not only produces quality coffee, but also attaches great importance to sustainability. Made of high quality and safe materials, the devices are extremely durable and can be used safely for many years. Moccamaster is also known for the importance it attaches to sustainability.

The Moccamaster makes coffee quietly and all appliances are certified by the European coffee organization ECBC. All of these devices are handmade and with good quality guarantee, all Moccamaster devices come with a 5-year warranty period.


Sustainability is extremely important to Moccamaster. All devices are made of high quality and safe materials, making the Moccamaster extremely durable.


The Moccamaster brews the coffee at the optimum temperature between 92 and 96 °C. This ensures that you always have the most delicious filter coffee that doesn't taste sour or bitter.


The Moccamaster brews coffee almost silently.


All Moccamaster machines have been handcrafted in the Netherlands by Technivorm since 1968.

ECBC certified

All Moccamaster machines are certified by the European Coffee Organization ECBC.

5 years warranty

As a guarantee of good quality, all Moccamaster devices have a 5-year warranty.

moccamaster handmade assembly

Produced by professionals

It is produced by Technivorm, the manufacturer of Moccamaster coffee machines and coffee grinders. Moccamaster filter coffee machines have been brewing the finest cup of coffee since 1968 as a result of Technivorm's dedication to product development, research and craftsmanship combined with precision technology.

Only high-quality and recyclable materials are used in its manufacture, turning it into a reliable coffee machine. Thanks to the modular design of Moccamaster, the parts can be easily replaced and repaired, and they are long-lasting.

  • BPA free
  • Phthalate-free
  • Sustainable and recyclable materials, long lasting

What are ECBC and SCA?

ECBC tests all coffee machines for machine and coffee quality. Coffee brewing time, temperature and extraction are of great importance here. All Moccamaster devices have carried the ECBC quality mark since 1975.

SCA's goal is to ensure the quality of the global coffee community. Moccamaster coffee machines also carry the good coffee making quality mark SCA.

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