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Ruby çikolata neden pembe? Katkı maddesi ve meyve yok! - kahvebi

Why is Ruby chocolate pink? No additives and no fruit!

Ruby chocolate is the fourth type of chocolate that comes into our lives after the classic dark, milk chocolate and white chocolate flavors and stands out with its pink color. It differs from other chocolates with its color as well as its taste. Let's take a look at the origin story of ruby chocolate and why ruby chocolate is pink together!

In 2017, the Swiss company Barry Callebaut announced that it had discovered a product that would revolutionize chocolate as a result of 13 years of research. The introduction of Ruby chocolate was held in Shanghai in September 2017, where for the first time the 4th chocolate was tasted, joining the already known varieties (dark, milk and white).

Why is Ruby chocolate pink?

The main feature of this bean, which comes from ruby cacao fruits grown only in Brazil and Ecuador in South America and in Ivory Coast in Africa, goes through a secret transformation process and turns into chocolate, is the pink color it offers naturally. The secret to obtaining the pink color lies in choosing the right beans and is obtained by special processing of carefully selected ruby cocoa beans.

Chocolate, which takes its unique natural color and taste from unfermented ruby cocoa beans, leaves intense fruity flavors with mild acid notes in the mouth. Chocolate gourmet Argus Kennedy states that the taste of ruby chocolate resembles a mixture of white chocolate, milk chocolate and raspberry, leaving both a sweet and sour taste in the mouth.

The sour taste it leaves in the mouth is reminiscent of intense red fruits and the fact that this taste is obtained naturally without using any aroma makes ruby chocolate special.

Today, many companies are launching various products using ruby chocolate . If you want to discover new tastes using ruby chocolate, you can browse our stores on Hepsiburada and Trendyol.

Also known as ruby chocolate

Although it looks like it gets its color from its fruits or additives, it actually does not contain any additives or fruits. Thanks to the pigments completely contained in the cocoa beans , pink chocolate emerges. Another name for this wonderful chocolate is known as ruby chocolate. After the beans go through many processes such as fermentation and drying, a pink powder is obtained and then turns into chocolate.

What about the taste? The taste of pink chocolate is legendary!

One of the most curious things about Ruby is definitely its taste. Milk, dark or white chocolate does not have the intense cocoa flavor we are used to. Ruby tasters often say about this chocolate that it is not a sweet chocolate. This feature puts this type of chocolate in a completely different place.

If we describe the taste for those who have not tried it yet; We can say that it is slightly sour, forest fruit and incredibly delicious.

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