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Sıradışı bir yerde uyumak ister miydiniz? - kahvebi

Would you like to sleep in an unusual place?

Would you like to sleep in the most extraordinary and romantic place you have ever seen? Then we would like to introduce you to a hotel now built by French designers.

The Attrap Reves

Designed in the middle of nature, this hotel named The Attrap Reves is located close to Marseille, one of the touristic cities of France. This hotel, whose rooms are all made of bubbles, offers a unique beauty both day and night. Wanting to provide its guests with an unprecedented experience, The Attrap Reves truly achieves this.

With the telescope in the rooms, you can watch the sky at night and wake up in a green environment during the day. Offering five room options: Suite Chic, 1001 Nights, Zen, Glamor and Natura, The Attrap Reves arouses curiosity even with its room names. The upper parts of these rooms, each of which are fantastic and different from the other, can be closed at any time.

Now let's leave you alone with the unique atmosphere of this wonderful hotel…

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