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Hario Cold Coffee Brewing Jug 0.6 L Red

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Hario Water Dripper Drop

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Hario Slow Drip Brewer Shizuku

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Serinlik İçin Mükemmel Seçenekler: Soğuk Kahve Demleme Ekipmanları - kahvebi

Perfect Options for Coolness: Cold Coffee Brewing Equipment

Cold brew equipment offers a great advantage for those who want to drink a refreshing coffee on hot summer days. The cold brew method is a method that slowly extracts the essence of the coffee and provides a softer drink with low acidity. As a brand selling coffee machines and equipment in Turkey, we are proud to offer the best quality equipment to cold brew enthusiasts. In particular, the Hario Cold Coffee Brewing Pitcher and Hario Filtered Cold Brew Bottle stand out as products designed to perfect your cold brew experience.

Hario Cold Coffee Brewing Pitcher

Hario Cold Coffee Brewing Pitcher is designed to perfectly serve coffees prepared with the cold brew method. This special jug attracts attention with its quality glass material and adds elegance to every table and kitchen with its elegant design. The jug can be easily filled and cleaned thanks to its wide mouth structure. The filter inside allows you to obtain a clear coffee by filtering the coffee beans. In addition, the jug offers the opportunity to serve more than one person with its high capacity, so you can have a pleasant cold brew experience with your family or guests.

Hario Filtered Cold Brew Bottle

The Hario Filtered Cold Brew Bottle is an ideal option for those looking for a practical and portable solution. The bottle stands out with its high-quality glass material and leak-proof cap structure. Thanks to its transparent glass structure, you can observe the cold brewing process and follow the clarity of the coffee. Its filtered structure ensures a clean brew by keeping the coffee beans in the bottle. The wide mouth structure of the bottle allows easy filling and cleaning. Hario Filtered Cold Brew Bottle allows you to enjoy cold brew coffee wherever you want all day long, thanks to its practical use and portability.

While cold brewing offers a refreshing coffee experience during the summer months, equipment such as the Hario Cold Coffee Brewing Pitcher and Hario Filtered Cold Brew Bottle are products designed to perfect this experience. Produced in accordance with Hario's quality standards, these equipment meet the needs of cold brew coffee enthusiasts. With their practical use, elegant designs and high-quality materials, these equipment make your cold brew coffee preparation easier and ensure you get a quality result.

Cold brew coffee equipment offers a refreshing and delicious coffee experience during the summer season. Hario Cold Coffee Brewing Pitcher and Hario Filtered Cold Brew Bottle are products specially designed for cold brew enthusiasts. These equipment stand out with their quality materials, practical use and stylish designs. If you want to perfect your cold brew coffee experience and enjoy a refreshing drink, you can choose the Hario Cold Coffee Brewing Jug and Hario Filtered Cold Brew Bottle.

Take a cool break with Hario cold brew equipment

To cool off with a refreshing drink on hot summer days, Hario's cold brew equipment is a great option. The fine filter system in cold brew filters prevents the coffee beans from coming into contact with water, while also allowing aromatic and sweet notes to pass into the water. For a cool break while traveling, at work or on a picnic, Hario cold brew equipment will be a companion you won't want to leave alone!

We wish you a delicious, cool and refreshing summer spent with cold coffee!

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