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Food Thermos

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Food Thermos

A food thermos is a detail that raises your life standards in every aspect of life whenever you need it. At home, in the office, at school, at a picnic, at the camp, in short, wherever we are outside of the house, we can carry it comfortably with us by keeping the temperature of our food with the food thermos. Thermoses are specially designed to maintain the temperature of food for a long time with their special designs and insulation systems.

There are some fine details you must fulfill to ensure maximum heat retention of the thermos. It is recommended to heat it with boiling water before hot meals and to cool it in cold foods. What you need to do for this is very simple. Before placing your hot food, pour the boiling water into the thermos, wait 10-15 minutes and pour the water. You can also add ice to cold foods or put them in the freezer. In this way, the food thermos will keep the temperature of your food much longer.

As Thermos World, we bring our visitors together with the best thermoses in the world. Each product in our store consists of the world's best performance thermoses, which have made a name in their field. You can take a look at the insulated food thermos options in detail in our virtual store. If you are unsure about which product to choose, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The world's best quality food thermos brands such as Stanley and Thermos are at with a wide range of products and affordable prices! Moreover, with fast shipping and originality guarantee!

Always Keep Your Food Warm With the Food Thermos

The food thermos is an insulated food jar. Whenever you are away from home, you can maintain the temperature of your meals for a long time with a food thermos you have. He knows the pleasure of taking your own food from home at the office or school, or keeping the temperature of the food you prepared in the camp environment for a long time. Moreover, this action is much more than a hobby or a pleasure!

With the food thermos, you not only keep your food warm all the time, but you also experience the happiness of eating healthy foods that you have prepared yourself. When both the happiness of eating your own food and the peace of healthy eating come together, you need to get some serious news to make you feel unhappy.

Preparing your own food, pleasure, health… Another advantage of food thermoses is of course; saving. Especially recently, we are in a process where everyone thinks about their expenses several times. People who carry their food with their own food thermos can fit 2-3 meals from outside for the price of one meal. On the long-term, saying that shopping for a food thermos is unreasonable is a sensible move, no matter how you look at it.

What is a Food Storage Thermos? What Does It Do?

What is a food storage thermos? These are thermos jars that maintain the temperature of hot and cold foods. The time bowls used by most people in the old period have evolved into food storage thermoses with today's modern touches.

What does a food storage thermos do? It maintains the warmth of the most delicious food at home, office, school or outdoor activities. Food storage thermoses, referred to as insulated food jars, will be your travel companion where you can entrust your food and trust without looking back, wherever you are away from home. And not just for hot meals! It also shows long-term performance in cold (yoghurt, olive oil foods, salad, etc.) foods.

Thermos Food Container Models

Thermos lunch box models, which are self-insulated, are produced in accordance with different uses. Different products are designed to suit all tastes and needs with their stylish designs. How do thermos lunch box models that make daily life easier and preserve the temperature of your food for a long time come about? Let's get deep into the matter.

A double-layered wall is formed inside the lunch box models that have a thermos feature. The spaces between these walls are produced in the form of thermos by removing the air during the production phase. Lunch box models, produced with the same logic as coffee and tea thermos, have a system to prevent air flow from inside to outside (also from outside to inside). In this way, the temperature of the hot or cold food you put in the thermos is preserved for a long time.

All models are produced in the same logic regardless of brand and model. While the inner surface is made of stainless steel, the outer material varies according to the model and design. Some are bright and colorful, some are plain white-black matte colors. Plastic materials are used in some parts of thermoses produced by brands that have proven themselves in the industry. These plastics are made of environmentally friendly, recyclable materials that do not contain BPA. Among the features that distinguish thermos types from each other are the carrying handle, shoulder strap, capacity, design, lid structure and lock system features that make it easy to use. Apart from that, food thermos prices are directly proportional to the quality of the thermos and vary according to the brand and model.

With the Soup Thermos, Your Soups Never Get Cold

A cup of hot soup is what you sometimes need at the office or for outdoor activities such as camping. Especially in winter camps, the one who lives the happiness of a hot coffee or a hot soup to relieve the tiredness of the evening knows best. With the soup thermos, you can keep your soups at the same temperature for a long time, and you can enjoy hot soup regardless of the weather.

The most preferred soup thermos models in our store are Stanley Classic, Stanley Adventure (Stainless Steel) and Thermos's 470 ml thermos. You can use products with an average of 300 TL not only for soup, but also for other cold and hot foods. Some thermoses are sold with a spoon. If you want to create a complicated set, you can choose the thermos models with a spoon.

Vacuum Food Container Types

The most preferred vacuum lunch box types of Thermos World are Stanley and Thermos products. You can maintain the temperature of your food for a long time with vacuum food containers. 400 ml. You can browse all types of vacuum lunch boxes with volumes ranging from 1 liter to 1 liter at

Hot Food Thermos Models and Prices

Hot food thermos models and prices vary according to the brand and model of the product. In general, their volume is 0.40 lt. to 0.94 lt. Prices vary between 300 TL and 750 TL.

Hot food thermos models do not have as wide a range of products as beverage thermoses. Food thermoses, which have just started to be used in our country, appeal to a much wider audience around the world.

All thermoses are separated according to their sizes, and some models are produced with a spoon and a handle.

Maintain the Temperature of Your Meals with the Steel Food Thermos

The steel food thermos allows you to carry your food comfortably with you whenever you are out. Food thermoses, which are much more than a simple storage container, will be a part of your life with their long-lasting lifespan.

Steel food thermoses, which keep the temperature of your food for a long time, are not suitable for washing in the dishwasher. It should be cleaned with the soft side of the sponge together with dish soap. Otherwise, the thermos will lose its feature and it will not maintain the temperature of your food, and bacteria will begin to form. For this reason, in order to get high performance from your thermos for a long time, you should clean it in accordance with the instructions for use. Take good care of him, and he will take good care of your food.

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