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AeroPress ile kahve demlemek hakkında bilmeniz gereken her şey - kahvebi

Everything you need to know about brewing coffee with AeroPress

Get ready to make a great cup of coffee in seconds. Because AeroPress is a coffee brewing equipment produced exactly in accordance with this description. Welcome to our blog post, where you will learn the steps to prepare coffee in seconds with the AeroPress coffee brewing guide. Scroll down a bit if you want to jump straight into the brewing steps. Because we don't want to rush. Now let's talk a little bit about the emergence process of AeroPress.

AeroPress was discovered by Professor Alan Adler at Stanford University. American inventor Adler made a name for himself with different inventions such as footballs with wings, flying rings and discs. Adler also owns the Frisbee company Aerobie.

It's Easy to Brew Coffee with AeroPress

Apart from its segment, there is no other brewing device that can reveal the aroma of coffee in such a short time. A true space age brewing equipment, the AeroPress is a must-have for anyone who prefers interesting equipment to make coffee. In addition to brewing delicious coffees, details such as cleaning and ease of transportation are among the other features that make it unique.

While chatting with his friends one evening, Adler begins to talk about how difficult it is to make coffee alone. He combines the brainstorming that swirled throughout the night with his own ideas and starts working for AeroPress.

The flavor that emerges after brewing is appreciated by everyone and AeroPress is quickly becoming popular. After all, who wouldn't like the brewing equipment that makes it possible to brew great coffee in such a short time?

Hot and Cold Brewing with AeroPress

With AeroPress, you can make both hot and cold brews in a short time. The AeroPress coffee brewing guide has been a concise guide to the essentials of preparing hot and cold coffee.

By the way, if you say you don't have an AeroPress, can you recommend a product close to it, we can recommend you Delter Press . You can get very different flavors with Delter Press, which has a mechanism with the same logic.

Although it is very similar to espresso , the paper filter used outside of the pressure is one of the biggest features that distinguishes the AeroPress from espresso. The paper filter placed in the chamber filters the oils that spoil the taste and allows you to reach the pure coffee taste.

You should grind the coffees you will brew with the AeroPress at a coarse setting. The ratio of coffee to water is 30 ml. You can set 8 grams of coffee for water. By making small changes on these values, you can be experimental and pursue different flavors.

The AeroPress coffee brewing guide begins!

How to use AeroPress?

one- push the piston out

2- Place the filter in the filter cover

3- Screw the filter cover onto the chamber

4- Place the AeroPress securely on the mug or thermos .

5- Add your finely ground coffee

6- Shake the AeroPress to straighten the coffee

7- Add water up to Level 1 that appears in the reservoir.

  • 80°C water for hot brewing,
  • You can use room temperature water for cold brew.

8- Stir for about 10 seconds for hot brew or 1 minute for cold brew.

9- Insert the plunger and press lightly until the plunger reaches the coffee grounds, pausing when you feel resistance.

10- Remove the filter cover, push the plunger to remove the used coffee and discard the coffee grounds. Then rinse the sealing part.

Super! Now you will learn how to serve. But first, we'll take a look at the video below to reinforce the above steps.

If you want to drink espresso, drink it as it is.
americano 237 ml in addition to coffee for add hot water.
Latte for 237 ml. add milk.
cold brew for 237 ml. Add tap water or ice water.

Recipes are for single serving.

Brewing tips with AeroPress

Cleaning: Always dispose of used coffee after brewing. Store the seal of your AeroPress in the fully pushed position. This releases the pressure inside the sealed area and extends the life of your brewing equipment.

Dripping of Water: It is normal for a small amount of water to drip down before pressing before starting to brew. If too much liquid flows out prematurely, shake off the level of ground coffee and add water slowly. If excess liquid still drains prematurely, use finer ground coffee.

Ground Coffee Types: Use fine-ground or espresso-fine ground coffee on the strained coffee setting. Espresso-fine coffee requires longer pressing times and requires a bit of patience when using more than one measure, but offers a richer flavor.

In multiple brews: Prepare a few espresso-style cups of coffee before your guests arrive. Then, Americano, Latte or Cappuccino etc. You can quickly fulfill your requests.

Washing tactics: You can wash it on the top rack of your dishwasher, but this is not essential. The main chamber is cleaned automatically during every coffee making. It is sufficient to brush or wipe the sealing part under running water.

When the main bowl becomes sticky, wash it with vinegar. Occasionally, it is recommended to remove the sealing piece from the end of the piston and wash thoroughly with warm water and dish soap.

If you have difficulty pressing the piston, Pause when you feel it showing. Then continue pressing when the resistance of the pressure decreases. If pressing forcefully compresses the coffee and gets the flow, try using coarser ground coffee.

Water temperature, Coffee made with 80°C water for hot brewing was chosen by the vast majority of a panel of tasting experts. You can also brew it with cold room temperature water if you stir it for a minute.

The AeroPress coffee machine is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase from an authorized dealer. Please keep your receipt.

We hope the AeroPress coffee brewing guide has cleared all the doubts. Apart from the topics we have mentioned, you can share all your questions with us in the comments section or on Instagram. Hope to see you in good days when we drink healthy and qualified coffee.

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