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Evde Pour Over demleme yöntemi ile harikalar yaratın! - kahvebi

Create wonders with the Pour Over brewing method at home!

If you want to create wonders when brewing with Pour Over at home, sit back and follow the instructions. In this article, we will talk about the intricacies of pour Over brewing at home.

All the coffees you can obtain from Kahvebi are Arabica. Well what does it mean? The Pour Over brewing method continues to become increasingly popular with the third generation of coffee making. Pour Over, which allows you to brew more delicious and aromatic coffees, is in perfect harmony with coffees with floral flavors. If you want to better understand the difference between Arabica coffees, we recommend that you take a look at this excellent guide we have prepared before.

What is Pour Over?

Pour Over is a brewing method that has become increasingly popular with the third generation. In this drip method, where the coffee brewing process takes place gradually, you can use different equipment. However, the system works more or less the same.

This brewing method is also known as drip brewing or pouring water over coffee. Pour Over, which is one of the simplest ways to brew a cup of coffee at home, may seem slower and more laborious, but when we consider the taste it offers, we can guarantee that your efforts will be rewarded. People who have made drinking coffee a ritual have already started to experience the innovations offered by the coffee world with innovative coffee equipment. So if we are new to this, where do we start?

There are some details you need to pay attention to when brewing with Pour Over. Fresh coffee, clean water, the right equipment, the right temperature. This quartet leads the details that we will specify for the most accurate brewing.

Choose from traditional coffee brewing equipment you can use when brewing Pour Over at home. Equipment such as Hario V60 Dripper , Chemex or Origami are the basic equipment you can apply to brew coffee with the drip method. It continues by making our selection among these most popular and functional equipment.

The working style of these equipments is more or less similar. You'll usually get similar and tasty results after brewing, although there may be micro-swipes.

Electric kettles are among the equipment you may need for a good Pour Over brewing. However, it is not that indispensable. You can take a look at the special electric kettle models to save time and control the speed of the water flow. Electric heaters allow you to obtain water at the ideal temperature necessary for you to get the best aroma of coffee during brewing.

If you want to turn to lower-budget products, you can have a server, that is, a pitcher. Thus, you can use the jug during the transition of the water you heated from external sources to the ideal temperature, and control the flow rate in an elegant and comfortable way.

How to Make Pour Over Coffee?

Brewing coffee with Pour Over can seem much more troublesome than automatic machines. However, once you get used to it, this process starts to take no place at all. On the contrary, it gives pleasure! Brewing coffee with Pour Over not only provides you with delicious coffee, but also provides the necessary environment to show off your friends. If you say "No, I don't like showing off", we can promise that you will be satisfied in every sense, as there is no question mark in terms of functionality.

He will give the answer to the question of how to make pour over coffee step by step. In this way, you will have access to detailed answers to questions such as what we pay attention to in the brewing process and how we brew. We can use the comments section for all the topics you want to ask. We are also waiting for you on Instagram.

Step 1- Preparation Process

Just follow these steps to perfect your coffee brewing art and learn how to use your coffee brewing equipment. Boil your brewing water and transfer it to a preheated kettle of your choice. Meanwhile, put the paper coffee filter in the brewer and wet it with hot water. This will help you get rid of the paper taste. It also allows you to preheat your coffee brewing equipment.

Remember that heat is the biggest coffee killer when it comes to extraction! For a good brew, the temperature must be kept under control in the best way.

Step 2 - Setting the Coffee Measure

You may not know how much coffee you should use when brewing coffee. However, with a short research on the internet, you can easily access resources that will show you how much coffee you should use in accordance with your brewing method. So how do we set the most accurate size?

There is no such thing as the best in coffee. Yes, it is possible to reach qualified, high quality and more delicious coffee beans. But when it comes to brewing, there can be microflips. So there's no harm in playing around with the numbers a little at every brew to find the perfect one for yourself. On the contrary, maybe you can brew a coffee that you will like more. Approximately 240 ml for a start. For water, you can use 15 grams of coarse ground coffee.

Step 3- Respect the flowering process

Before brewing coffee, you should slightly wet your ground coffee beans. After soaking, you should wait for 30 seconds and continue the brewing process. Make sure all the coffee is thoroughly soaked. After 30 seconds, you can continue to brew your coffee. Another name for this process is "pre-brewing". Thanks to the pre-brewing process, the gases and softening oils in the coffee are released, the extraction release process begins.

Step 4 - Time to brew!

After waiting 30 seconds for flowering, we start to brew our coffee. There is a fine detail you need to pay attention to here. You should add the water with slow and circular movements. Feel the happiness of the foam of the freshly ground coffee beans and complete the brewing by adding water gradually.

Step 5 - Enjoy

Wait until the flow of water slows down. Throw away the paper filter and serve your coffee. Don't forget to rinse your brewing equipment. It should not be difficult to spare 10 seconds for rinsing to enjoy the same pleasure in the next brews.

Now you know all the necessary steps for brewing with the Pour Over method at home. You can share your experiences in the comments and let other coffee lovers benefit from your experience. Bon appetit now! See you in our next article.

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