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Filtre Kahve Nedir? Filtre Kahve Demleme Yöntemleri Nelerdir? - kahvebi

What is Filter Coffee? What are Filter Coffee Brewing Methods?

First of all, let's start our article by answering the question of what is direct filter coffee . The coffee that is created by brewing hot water over the ground coffee beans is called filter coffee .

Coffee was discovered in Ethiopia in the 6th century. Many coffee brewing methods have been developed for centuries, and filter coffee is brewed with different equipment today. Discovery of coffee; It begins when a shepherd named Khaldi realizes that the goats he is looking after are eating the coffee fruit. Khaldi, after tasting this fruit himself, realizes that it is very bitter.

what is filter coffee

What is Filter Coffee? The Adventure of Filter Coffee

The adventure of coffee begins with Khaldi taking the coffee fruit to the monks in Abyssinia. The monks, who throw the coffee into the fire, begin to make a kind of tea form of the coffee on top of the beautiful smell that spreads. Coffee brewing, which started its adventure in this way, is increasing its popularity with Turkish Coffee, the oldest known method of cooking coffee.

The brewing methods of coffee, which spread to the world day by day through the Ottoman Empire, are also starting to differentiate. Granular/soluble coffee, which we call "first generation coffee" today, entered our lives with the First World War. During the war, it was very preferred due to its ease of brewing.

Afterwards, coffee machines developed by the Italians and forming the basis of today's espresso machines created Espresso, which we call the “nectar of coffee”, by giving pressurized water to finely ground coffee.

With coffee leaving Europe and becoming a popular and widely consumed beverage all over the world, especially in America, “filter coffee” and “filter coffee brewing methods” have gained great momentum and today, when coffee has started to become a “gourmet” drink, it is more important than filter coffee. Innovation continues continuously to increase the enjoyment we receive.

Basically filter coffee; It is formed when hot water passes through the ground coffee. Filter coffee making methods are among themselves; There are differences such as the filter (metal, paper, etc.) they use, pressure usage, brewing amounts.

Filter coffee brewing methods

  • French Press
  • Chemex
  • V60 and similar “Pour Over Brewing” methods
  • Filter Coffee Machine
  • Aeropress, Delterpress
  • syphon

French Press Brewing

Although the French Press method, which has a very simple structure, was patented in 1932, it is estimated that it was first tried by a French soldier in the 1800s.

It is a coffee obtained by soaking the ground coffee beans in hot water and then separating the brewed coffee beans with a metal filter.

Chemex Brewing

Today, Chemex is a method of brewing coffee that everyone likes, which we can see in almost every coffee shop.

In 1941, German chemist Dr. Originally designed as a "beaker glass" by Peter Schlumbohm, it soon became coffee brewing equipment. However, Dr. Peter Schlumbohm also designed the double-layered and flavorless Chemex filter paper.

In addition to being a delicious coffee brewing equipment, Chemex has received many design awards as an elegant service tool, with its design being highly appreciated.

Unlike brewing filter coffee in French Press; Coffee is not brewed by standing in water. Medium-thick ground coffee is put into the filter paper in the upper chamber, water is poured on it and brewing is made. The water is filtered by gravity between the ground coffee grains, the coffee grounds and sediment remain inside the filter paper. Thus, it offers a more filtered, cleaner coffee drink.

V60 and Similar Pour Over Brewing

In 2005, the Japanese company Hario introduced the V60 brewing method.

Although it looks like a more portable version of Chemex, it aims to make a more aromatic coffee than Chemex due to its more vertical structure (60°) and the presence of channels on the walls to prevent the filter paper from sticking; in the same way, it is a method that allows water to brew by flowing through the ground coffee bean thanks to gravity.

Today, the Hario V60 is a very popular brewing method and is one of the so-called "Pour-Over" filter coffee brewing methods.

These types of products have developed with the preference of Chemex and Hario V60 filter coffee brewing methods. Products such as Origami Dripper, Cafec Flower Dripper, Kalita Wave Dripper etc., which are also a Japanese company, are among the commonly used "Filter Coffee" brewing methods today.

Filter Coffee Machine

The features of filter coffee machines on the market differ from each other. But filter coffee machines are generally similar to “Pour-Over” brewing methods. Water into the water tank of the filter coffee machine; The coffee is put into the coffee chamber.

When the water in the chamber reaches a sufficient temperature, the machine automatically empties it into the coffee chamber and, thanks to gravity, hot water passes through the ground coffee grains and filter coffee is brewed.

With most filter coffee machines, you cannot manage the brewing process. Brewing is provided by pouring water at a constant temperature, continuously, at the same point.

Aeropress and Delterpress

Aeropress and Delter Press are similar in logic, although the two methods are different filter coffee brewing methods.

These filter coffee methods, which are brewed by putting water and ground coffee in their reciprocating chambers, are not due to gravity like pour-over brewing methods, but thanks to the hand pressure we apply. But the pressure here is not as high as in espresso machines.

At the same time, this system based on hand pressure has a paper filter at the end, thus giving a clean filter coffee like Chemex-V60.


Although Siphon is an equipment originally designed by the Japanese Hario company for brewing tea, it is a popular and enjoyable filter coffee brewing method today.

There is a heat source at the bottom, a water reservoir on the top, a cloth filter in between, and a coffee reservoir at the top. As the water in the lower chamber heats up and steam is formed in this way, it meets the coffee in the upper chamber thanks to the steam pressure. After the coffee is brewed in the upper chamber, the lowest heat source is turned off and the brewed filter coffee descends back to the lower chamber, while the grounds and residues are separated by the cloth filter.

If you want to drink a nice filter coffee, what brewing method you should pay attention to;

  • The coffee you use is fresh and of high quality.
  • Ground coffee bean just before brewing
  • The brewing equipment you use is clean
  • The water you use is not tap water, but drinking water or purified water
  • When water and coffee come into contact, the temperature of the water is lower than 97°

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