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French Press ile hangi kahveler yapılır?

Which coffees are made with the French Press?

French Press lovers here? Today, we will talk about the french press, which has been thrown out after the third generation brewing methods. One of the most popular brewing methods of a period, the french press is a method that allows you to reach coffee in a short time practically. So what coffees are made with the French Press?

You may have seen that coffee lovers are divided in their comments when it comes to French Press. While one side says that they still enjoy coffee with this method, the other side defends the failure of this brewing method. You should not be affected by good or bad reviews, and you should decide for yourself which brewing method is best for you. Because there is no such thing as the best coffee. This is a case of taste that varies from person to person. For this reason, when you decide to buy a French Press , be careful to say it yourself rather than comments.

Is French Press the easiest brewing method for filter coffee?

Another issue that is as curious as the question of which coffees are made with French Press is whether this brewing method is practical. As our personal interpretation, we can say that it is one of the easiest brewing methods of the french press method for filter coffee. The scent it emits while preparing, drinking or even cleaning motivates for the next brewing. So yes, we can say that the french press is one of the easiest brewing methods for filter coffee .

The coffees offered by many coffee brands today can make it difficult for you to decide which one to choose. It is possible to encounter a lot of coffee varieties, especially on the internet and in the markets. It can be difficult to decide at this point, we admit. However, instead of getting lost among dozens of varieties, you can start by taking the first steps to find the one that suits your taste with a few different varieties you will try in coffee shops.

We have completed all these stages and wanted to start our brewing journey with French Press or expand our coffee equipment. But we don't know which coffee to brew. How can we decide this? Which coffees are made with the French Press?

What should be considered when choosing coffee for French Press?

You can brew any coffee you want in the French Press. Yes, you heard right, all coffees can be made ready to drink with this brewing method, regardless of the type. However, there is one detail you should pay attention to. The way of grinding!

Depending on the brewing method you will use, the coffees may vary depending on the grinding setting as extra coarse, coarse, coarse-medium, medium, medium fine, fine and powder. In addition to the aroma you prefer when choosing coffee for the new French Press, the way the coffee is grinded is also very important. In this method, you have to grind your coffee in a coarse setting to brew coffee. Even if you have no idea about this subject, it is enough to say that you will brew the coffee in the French Press where you bought it.

In summary, when choosing coffee for the French Press, you should pay attention not only to the aroma but also to the grinding setting. Our favorite coffee for French Press is El Salvador. Please do not hesitate to contact us to get detailed information about this coffee or other coffees and to ask what you have in mind.

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