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Kamp Yaparken Kahve Yapmanın En İyi 7 Yolu - kahvebi

7 Best Ways to Make Coffee While Camping

Is there anything better than drinking fresh coffee in the morning of a night when we fill our lungs with oxygen while camping? Searching for the best ways to make coffee while camping is something everyone who consumes coffee regularly thinks about. That's why we've listed the best and easiest ways to make coffee while camping.

You need some equipment to be able to apply the coffee brewing methods on the list. Which equipment you will prefer is a matter that is completely shaped by your personal preference. Details such as how much you care about your coffee and how much load you want in your backpack are among the factors that make up your coffee brewing set. Without further ado, let's start exploring the methods of brewing coffee at camp.

1- It is very easy to brew coffee with the self-pressing thermos

Brewing coffee with self-pressing thermos will make your work much easier in places such as camping where practicality comes to the fore. Enjoy the privilege of brewing coffee wherever you want with just some coffee and hot water. We have listed the thermos models produced by different brands for you below. You can choose the thermos of the brand you want according to your priority. The biggest advantage of these thermoses is that they are companions that you can use not only for brewing coffee but also in your daily life.

Below you can browse the different products produced by Espro, Stanley and Bodum. Making coffee with these products is really easy. All you need is coffee and hot water. Put your coffee in the thermos and add hot water. Press the press slowly and enjoy great coffee in 4 minutes.

You can browse the product page for more detailed information about self-pressing thermos, which is one of the easiest ways to brew coffee while camping. The only key point you need to pay attention to here is; is a coffee grinder. As the owner of a coffee grinder, you can instantly grind your coffee and get the best aroma. Because coffee begins to lose its aroma as soon as it is ground. However, if this detail is not very important to you, you can take your pre-camp ground coffee with you and keep it ready to brew in your thermos. The choice is yours.

2- AeroPress

AeroPress is a coffee brewing equipment designed by Alan Adler in 2005. Ease of use is enough to make AeroPress unique in a place like camping where practicality is one of the most basic requirements. Among the manual coffee brewing methods, it is very easy to reveal the coffee aroma in the easiest way with AeroPress.

Add the coffee to the larger tube of your AeroPress container. Wet the coffee grounds and wait half a minute for flowering. Then add hot water until the reservoir is full. Stir the coffee briefly. Insert the plunger into the chamber, then press down gently. For a detailed explanation of the use of AeroPress, you can take a look at the guide we prepared earlier.

3- MokaPot

To make coffee using the Moka pot method, it is sufficient to fill the lower compartment with water and the middle compartment with coffee. Then place the serving jug on top. When the water boils, you will notice that the coffee essence has risen into the serving bowl. Moka Pot is a great choice to start the day with a strong coffee. Since most of the Moka Pot models are made of aluminum, they are suitable for use with campfires. If you are unsure about which model to choose, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can take a look at the Bialetti Moka Pot models, which is the first company that comes to mind when Moka Pot is mentioned in terms of quality and creating coffee aroma, on our store.

4- French Press

The French Press, together with the Moka Pot, is one of the most preferred coffee brewing equipment. Made of durable materials, French Press models deserve to be among the ideal coffee brewing methods for camping. Its ease of use and cleaning is enough to attract the attention of anyone who wants to drink good coffee in a short time. Hot water and coffee you need when making coffee with French Press.

Before brewing your coffee, warm the French Press with hot water. Then add coffee according to your brewing amount. Wait for a short time after adding water to it. After letting your coffee brew, start pressing the press slowly. Afterwards, start the day by serving your wonderful coffee that is ready in 4 minutes. We continue our list of the best ways to make coffee while camping with "cowboy coffee".

5- Cowboy Coffee

You have coffee but no brewing equipment. What will you do? Crown the peace of being intertwined with wild nature with cowboy coffee. This method, which you will brew with a pot over the fire in the open air, is also known as camping coffee. Although it is similar to tea making in terms of preparation, it is most similar to preparing traditional Ethiopian coffee. Although it is likened to Turkish Coffee because of its graininess, it has nothing to do with it. Put the water in the pot for the Cowboy Coffee. Wait 2-3 minutes after the water boils. Then pour the coffee over it and wait for it to brew. When the coffee sinks, you can serve it in a glass and consume your brewed coffee.

The cowboy method is also ideal for light packers. A simple way to brew coffee using limited resources. All you need is a pot that you can place over a campfire or camp stove. Coffee should be ground coarsely. If you know how to source hot water, you can enjoy cowboy coffee with your coarse ground coffee.

6- V60 Dripper

One of the easiest ways to make coffee at camp is the third-generation coffeemaker's favorite, V60 Drippers. With the V60 Dripper, you can enjoy your freshly ground coffee at heights. The V60 Dripper's easy-to-brew channels are specially designed for you to get the most out of your coarsely ground coffee beans. V60 Dripper is produced in harmony with thermos, mugs or cups. After you get the hot water, you can start the brewing process by placing the Dripper on your thermos, mug or cup to start the brewing process. You can browse the V60 Dripper options, which are very easy to use and clean, on our online store.

The coffee, hot water, dripper and paper filter you need in the V60 brewing method. Wet the filter with hot water. Warm up your thermos or cup with the hot water flowing down and empty the water. Then add the coffee on the filter. Start pouring hot water at intervals of 30 seconds. Your coffee will be ready in about 3 minutes.

Drippers are manufactured from BPA-free plastic, copper, ceramic and metal. Since ceramic products are more likely to break in the camping environment, it may be more logical to choose other products. However, we like ceramic models the most and take risks. It is up to you.

7- Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is one of the coffee varieties that is loved by many and has an important place in our culture. Although it is not very easy to make compared to other methods, people who have set their heart on Turkish Coffee do not end their camp without enjoying Turkish Coffee by enduring all kinds of difficulties. So, what should you pay attention to when making Turkish Coffee at the camp?

Everyone has an idea about how Turkish Coffee is made. The first factor you should pay attention to while making Turkish Coffee at the camp is the fever level. As you know, Turkish Coffee is a beverage that is cooked over low heat. Therefore, if you want your coffee to be delicious, you should avoid brewing at high temperatures. Use fresh coffee and prepare the coffee-water ratio very well. For 1 cup of coffee, you should put 2 teaspoons of Turkish coffee in the cezve. If you measure the water of the coffee with a cup, you will prevent possible mistakes. Remember that the grounds and foam will fill part of your cup when the coffee is cooked, and stick to the ratio.

After adding your coffee to the coffee pot, mix it for 30 seconds. Then leave the coffee on the fire to brew. After it starts to foam, remove the coffee pot from the fire and put it on the fire again. Repeat this process several times in a short time (without overflow). You can now serve your coffee. Enjoy your meal!

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