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Soğuk kahve nasıl yapılır? Soğuk kahve tarifi ve buzlu kahve - kahvebi

How to make cold coffee? Cold coffee recipe and iced coffee

Cold coffee is one of the indispensable drinks of the summer season by coffee lovers. It is possible to reach different flavors with different cold coffee making techniques. In this article, we will cover how to make cold coffee. You can find what you wonder about cold coffee and various recipes in this article.

Before moving on to the question of how to make cold coffee, let's take a look at the differences between cold coffee and hot coffee. Cold coffee can be obtained in more than one way. For example, you may have used direct cold brew methods to drink cold coffee. You can also get cold coffee by brewing ice with hot water. Don't get too confused and continue to gather information on how to make cold coffee. Assemble the pieces and try to get an idea of ​​the coffee brewing method that will reflect your own style. If you have no idea about this subject, you can turn to the methods closest to you. Don't worry, we are here for all your questions. You can contact us in the comments, on Instagram, briefly how you want, and ask your questions about cold brew.

cold coffee recipe

You can find out more about the cold coffee recipe in our article on making cold coffee at home. Open the link to the side tab and hibernate. Because we know you will want more cold coffee recipes at the end of the article. For this reason, we have prepared more cold coffee recipes.

There are several ways to make a refreshing cold coffee recipe. The simplest is undoubtedly to go to a coffee shop and say the name of the coffee you want. However, there is no harm in producing alternative solutions at home, since our life is not constantly spent in coffee shops and it will be a bit tiring financially in regular consumption. So how to make cold coffee at home?

To make cold coffee at home, first start to review your coffee brewing equipment at hand. You can have an automatic coffee brewer. Or a V60 Dripper. After brewing the coffee, the rest of the touches should be in a way that appeals to your taste. If you don't know what to do, you are likely to get lost among the recipes you come across in line with your research on the internet. For this reason, you can reach the result in a shorter time by making more specific searches.

cold filter coffee recipe

A cold and hearty cold filter coffee is a great choice to enjoy a hot day. If you regularly consume coffee, you should improve yourself on the recipe for cold filter coffee at home. Consider the pleasure of being self-sufficient as much as the happiness of cold coffee. Pamper yourself with an excellent cold filter coffee. So how is cold coffee made?

Making cold coffee is the simplest with a few easy splits. After determining your basic needs such as plain-milk, sugar-free, you can set off. The steps you need to follow for plain cold filter coffee are as follows.

  • Brew your filter coffee at home the same way you have ever brewed it.
  • Add 2-3 ice cubes for 1-person brews and 4-5 ice creams for 2-person brews into the brewing jug.
  • If you want the brewed coffee to be as cold as ice, keep it in the refrigerator for a while.
  • When your coffee is cold enough, put it in a thermos and enjoy for hours.

Making cold coffee with Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is one of the most consumed coffees in our country. Songs sung, poems written about it... But is it possible to make cold coffee with Turkish coffee, which has such an important place in our culture? Yes it is done. Sit back for the tricks you need to know about making cold coffee with Turkish coffee.

  • First of all, do not be surprised by the one-person Turkish coffee recipe you always make and brew your coffee.
  • Then add at least 7-8 ice cubes into a large glass (approximately 500 ml.).
  • Pour a cup of coffee into the glass with ice.
  • After adding the coffee, add 1 tea glass of cold milk.
  • Optionally, you can squeeze some cream on top of the glass and add cocoa to it.

To put it bluntly, Turkish Coffee is not our favorite when it comes to cold coffee. However, those who have an emotional bond with Turkish Coffee may like this recipe very much when they say 40 years of memory or something. Have fun right now.

Making cold filter coffee

If you are looking for different recipes for making cold filter coffee, coffee ice may be of interest to you. Yes, you did not misread; coffee ice. Whether you add ice to a shot of coffee you have prepared with your Moka Pot or Espresso machine, or into milk. Choose the one you like among the cold filter making techniques for every taste and take action.

An Americano is a drink made with water added to a shot of espresso. Making your own Ice Americano in hot weather is easy with the Moka Pot or Espresso machine. Brew the coffee and add cold water to it. A little ice, it's over. If you're one of those people who like to "make my coffee a little stronger", add some cold water to the strong coffee you brew and throw your coffee ice in it.

Coffee ice is very easy to prepare. Brew your favorite flavored filter coffee as usual. Put coffee in your ice container instead of water and wait for a while for it to freeze. Within hours, your coffee ice will be ready to use. Depending on your brewing taste, you can take it out of the freezer and use it whenever you want.

If you like coffee with milk, pour the milk into the glass. Put the coffee ice in it and stir a little to melt it. If you wish, start drinking coffee shortly after the ice starts to melt and you can join a feast of taste that will continue from the first sip to the last sip.

Iced coffee making

You started to get the breeze of making iced coffee from the lines above. Because when it comes to making cold filter coffee, it is very useful to turn to practical solutions, especially in limited time. In most of the cold filter coffee recipes, we see that ice reinforcement or the refrigerator take the leading role. Brew your coffee as you always do for the most delicious and practical iced coffee making. After the brewing process is complete, take the coffee from the jug into a glass. Then take another glass that is empty. Start to fill and empty the coffee between two glasses. This is the first step necessary for the coffee to cool in a shorter time.

The second step starts with putting the coffee in the refrigerator. Leave your coffee in the fridge for a while to cool. Make sure you have a few pieces of ice in the freezer during this process. After waiting for a while, add the coffee extractor and the ice pieces. Optionally, you can add cold milk. This is one of the most practical solutions for making iced coffee.

You can have the Hario V60 Iced Coffee Brewer, one of the budget-friendly solutions for making iced coffee, at a discount with the code BUZZ10.

Cold Brew recipe

If you want to make Cold Brew easily at home, we recommend you to take a look at practical solutions made by coffee equipment manufacturers. Hario V60 Iced Coffee Brewer is a budget-friendly product that appeals to people looking for a Cold Brew recipe for a practical cold coffee at home.

You can also use the jug made of heat-resistant glass for hot brews. V60 Iced Coffee Brewer is also known as Hario V60 Japanese Cold Brew. It is possible to create wonders in a short time with this product, which allows you to get the taste of cold brew in the fastest and most delicious way. The brew you start with hot water will turn into a great Cold Brew in 10 minutes!

How is it used?

First, we place the ice bin in the jug. 500 ml. 200 grams of ice is enough for cold coffee. You can determine the coffee/ice ratio over this data according to the amount of coffee you will prepare.

We place the Dripper on the top and put the filter paper inside. After putting the coffee in the filter in accordance with the amount of cold coffee, we shake the brewer slightly so that the coffee is distributed evenly. First, we pour some of the water you heated to wet the coffee. This amount should not be excessive. After waiting for approximately 45 seconds, we add the remaining water to the coffee in a circular manner in 4 batches. We wait until all the water in the Dripper is empty and we reach the happy ending. Enjoy your meal!

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