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Comandante C60 ve X25 Trailmaster kapak

Comandante's new C60 Barracuda and X25 Trailmaster grinders stand out with their stylish designs

German manual coffee grinder manufacturer Commandant , launches the C60 Barracuda, the highest-capacity hand grinder to date! Although the model is not yet available for sale in Turkey, let's take a closer look at the newly introduced product.

The coffee grinders, which were presented to a limited audience at the SCA Expo held in Portland, Oregon, were met with great interest by the audience. When we look at the Comandante mills produced in the last 10 years, these two new products show us that the brand appeals to a wider audience by producing different models.

In a statement from the Comandante team, Raphael Braune drew attention to the changes in the products, noting the differences between the X25 Trailmaster model of the C40 model with a lighter and smaller chamber, a more durable outer coating for outdoor activities and the heavier C60 Barracuda model.

Comandante C60 Barracuda Coffee Grinder

Satisfied with the build quality used in the production of the C40, the Comandante team drew inspiration from the old model for the C60 design. Having the same external dimensions as the C40, the C60 offers a larger grinding surface with more teeth in the ring burr to grind more beans at once. In this way, we will be able to grind more coffee at once.

comandante c60 barracuda and x25 trailmaster

"The way we measure burrs in the industry doesn't really help us understand whether a burr is good because ergonomics and grinding performance always play a big role," said Braune.

According to information shared by Comandante officials, the C60, which took five years to build, includes a longer crank arm than the C40 and can crack cores about two to three times faster. With the Comandante C60 Barracuda, we will be able to grind more coffee at once. And in a much shorter time!

comandante gear image

“We did a lot of research to find the right angle when grinding,” Braune said.

“There are a lot of fast grinding mills on the market, but they can be a little difficult to operate. Making a larger product does not always mean you will get better results. For the best performance, you have to consider all the details.”

While the C60 is compatible from the factory with the thinner Red Clix system available for the C40, it offers additional settings on its internal stepped adjustment dial. Thus, by developing the product with the Red Clix axle set, we will be able to use it with wider grinding settings.

Commandante X25 Trailmaster

Comandante's first ultraportable and waterproof shredder, the X25 Trailmaster, is about a third lighter than the C40 at 420 grams (14.8 ounces) empty. You can take a look at the link below to learn more about the Trailmaster model, which has recently taken its place in Kahvebi stocks.

comandante x25 trailmaster

Its body is made of a "techno-polymer" reinforced with a material called QTP, while its waterproof covers allow users to keep all beans fresh and dry on the go.

X25 first last year HOST was introduced at the Milan trade fair. This year, in conjunction with the launch of the C60, the X25 has been upgraded to include Comandante's "Tiger Shark" set. The materials used in the construction of the C40 and C60 are made from the same steel but optimized for the smaller size.

As with all Comandante grinders, the X25's outer ring is permanently fixed to the grinder body to maintain alignment.

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Using the Comandante C60 Barracuda and X25 Trailmaster grinders takes you one step further to discover all the richness and flavors of coffee. These grinders provide an excellent grinding consistency, ensuring the best results in every cup. Create your own personalized coffee experience by making the most suitable adjustments for you and enjoy being a true coffee lover!

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions, comments or suggestions, including Comandante models. See you in our next blog post!

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