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Eureka Mignon Specialita Espresso Grinder 16CR ( Black )

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Eureka Drogheria 75 Automatic Coffee Mill

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Eureka Mignon Zero 16CR - Mat Siyah

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Eureka ürünlerini keşfedin: Elektrikli kahve değirmeni seçerken nelere dikkat edilmelidir? - kahvebi

Discover Eureka products: What should be considered when choosing an electric coffee grinder?

The variables in the world of coffee grinding are quite numerous. There are many who fill hundreds of glasses completely with espresso every morning. Eureka continues to produce quality electric coffee grinders for your home or small/medium business as a result of years of experimentation. In this article, we will talk about what you should pay attention to when choosing an electric coffee grinder, especially for Eureka models.

Eureka producers, with the experience they have gained in the sector for many years, try to analyze the needs of coffee consumers in the most accurate way and bring the coffee grinder models they have produced so far to coffee consumers.

Being aware of the complexity of the multifaceted needs of coffee consumers, Eureka continues to produce electric coffee grinder models based on meeting the preferences and expectations of its customers in the most accurate way.

So which is the best electric coffee grinder? What should you pay attention to when choosing the most suitable electric coffee grinder model for yourself among all the models offered on the market, and especially the Eureka models?

There are no strict rules governing how to choose a coffee grinder, but there are some indicators that can help a barista guide themselves in that choice. In this article, we hope that we will provide information that can answer all these question marks. If what we have explained does not correspond to what you are wondering, please do not hesitate to contact us. Here we go!


Discover the models of electric coffee grinders

Electric coffee grinders are among the indispensables of coffee lovers in recent years. With their quick and easy use, ability to easily grind quality coffee beans, and features that can be adjusted to different grinding levels, electric coffee grinders enable coffee lovers to increase their coffee enjoyment even more.

Eureka, as a brand known for its quality and durability, offers electric coffee grinders with which you can grind coffee beans at different grinding levels. The Eureka electric coffee grinders in our store are among the top quality grinders designed for coffee consumers to increase their coffee enjoyment. We recommend that you take a look at the products before choosing a coffee grinder model that suits your needs and budget. By clicking on the grinders below, you can go directly to the product page of the relevant model and get detailed information about the product.

How to choose an electric coffee grinder?

One of the most important steps for coffee lovers is to buy quality coffee beans and grind them. At this point, choosing the right automatic coffee grinder can be difficult among many similar models. Choosing between different brands and models is one of the biggest challenges when buying a coffee grinder. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to some factors in order to make the right decision.

Before you buy a coffee grinder, you first need to decide what you will use it for. Will you use it at home or for commercial purposes? It is also important to decide how often the coffee grinder will be used. A mill that will be used more often should be more durable than domestic models.


The coffee grind level range is another important factor. There are different grind settings for each brewing type. Some mills can be adjusted for different grind levels, while others can only operate at a certain grind level. Therefore, you have to decide at what grinding levels you will grind coffee, after which you have to decide which grinder to choose.

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You should pay attention to the features of the coffee grinder you are considering to buy. Some models have features like digital displays, timers and different grinding options, while others may be simpler. Also, prices vary a lot, so it's important to choose one that fits your budget. In summary, to choose the right coffee grinder, you must consider your intended use, grind levels, and specific preferences.

Consumption level

One of the first things to consider when choosing a coffee grinder is how much coffee you grind per day with your grinder. Grinding according to the operating volume with household mills may cause you to experience a breakdown in a short time. In addition, when making this calculation, it is important not only daily, but also how it is distributed throughout the day. For example, there is a big difference between grinding 3 kilos of coffee at once and grinding it piece by piece by spreading it all day. If you grind more than necessary with the models designed for brewing for 3-4 people, this is one of the factors that may cause you to get a malfunction.

The estimation of quantities serves to understand the productivity levels that the grinder must withstand, not only delivering the required amount of ground material at the right time, but also preventing the grinding system from going into the "thermal" state frequently. The thermal system protects the electric motor; Before reaching a high temperature, the device switches off automatically so as not to damage the engine and thus adversely affect its performance.

Depending on the productivity of each product, Eureka coffee grinders can ideally be divided into the following categories: high productivity electric coffee grinders designed for grinding large quantities, and coffee grinder models suitable for home or office use. These models are designed to meet the needs of professionals, as are models designed for large-volume grinds, and are produced for lower volume grinds.

coffee beans in jar

Performance varies depending on the model, the design and size of the burrs vary, the technologies used and the grinding chambers may differ. In particular, the geometry of the burrs directly affects the performance.

type of coffee

After determining how much coffee you will grind, it is necessary to analyze the brewing type of the coffee to be obtained and therefore the required grinding degree. Some coffee grinders are designed specifically for grinding espresso. Some models, such as the Mignon Filter series, which is one of the most preferred models of Eureka models, are only filter-specific; Some other models, such as the Atom 60 series, guarantee a particle quality suitable for all types of brewing (espresso and other brewing types).


Most coffee grinders use flat burrs, which consist of a metal disc, usually steel, with a series of plates around it. Alternatively, there are taper cutters, one larger and the other smaller, with a nested, toothed cylindrical shape.

Let's debunk a myth: there is no great inconsistency between the two on a practical level, the choice mainly comes down to personal preference and the productive tradition of the company that makes the coffee grinder. However, there are some differences and it is useful to know them in order to understand how to choose a coffee grinder.

In general, taper cutters are better suited for very high consumption and perhaps more rarely cause clogging problems. On the other hand, their price is higher and their maintenance is more troublesome because their replacement is usually more complicated. Conical cutters with the same motor are also said to produce more, but this is a simplification that we cannot fully verify. Flat cutters are more maintainable and last as long as tapers, thanks to the use of non-steel materials such as titanium and special coatings such as Red Speed ​​and Diamond Inside, unlike before.

drogheria eureka

The latter has a cryogenic thermal treatment patented by us, which gives the grinder greater resistance to wear and therefore increases its durability.

If flat end mills are used, it is important that they are perfectly parallel to each other so as not to lose the optimum particle distribution for espresso extraction. However, with conical burrs, the quality of the dispersion will only be guaranteed if the burrs are perfectly concentric and the axis coincides. As a result, it is essential to rely on top manufacturing companies who can very precisely position burrs at the factory level through specific mechanical processes, whatever the shape chosen.


Variations in the world of coffee are quite high, but if you decide what you want, these variations will start to look more like a guide than a problem. If you are trying to choose an electric coffee grinder for the first time, these variations can be intimidating. However, when you determine your basic needs, you will easily realize that making a choice is not that difficult.

Just as there are no strict rules on how to choose a coffee grinder, some indicators will decide which grinder you choose. To choose the right coffee grinder, you can easily decide which is the right automatic coffee grinder by considering the purpose of use, price, grinding levels and your special preferences. With all this information, you will be able to choose the most suitable electric coffee grinder model among the Eureka models.


Eureka products are designed to produce the highest quality floors and meet the most refined needs without complicating the life of baristas. For example, among the latest innovations is the "Easy Adjust" button, a color-labeled button that allows you to adjust the spacing of the burrs at a glance. The precision of the arrangement remains the same, but those who need to change their grind type frequently can do so much faster with this feature.


Material quality is very important and Eureka always uses the best quality parts to ensure durability in the models it produces. A plastic machine body will last less than a metal machine body. When you examine the low-priced models as a practical example in the smaller products segment, you will come across that these types of parts are used in the body. The situation is the opposite in models produced for large volume grinding. Plastic materials in the models produced for small-volume grinding will not cause problems for users when the grinding volume is considered. If metal parts were preferred instead of using such materials in low-capacity products, it would not be a good development for home users as this would directly affect the price.

Of course, design is also very important. Remember that the coffee grinder will always be in sight when behind the counter or in the kitchen of your home. For this reason, it is useful to keep in mind that design pleasantness combined with great functionality is an inevitable necessity.

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Finally, there is another very important point we would like to mention; This is a detail that has an integrative task when combined with all that we have told. Yes, we are talking about trust. Confidence is one of the basic feelings that relaxes us in every aspect of life and ensures that we are not left behind. For this reason, choosing successful brands that take into account consumer recommendations when choosing an electric coffee grinder and have proven themselves in after-sales services will enable you to use your grinder safely in the long run.

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