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Eureka Mignon Filtro İncelemesi: Ufak ama potansiyeli büyük! - kahvebi

Eureka Mignon Filtro Review: Small but big on potential!

Everything you want to know about Mignon filtro, the small but potentially big model of Eureka, famous for its espresso grinders, is in this article. In this review, we will focus on the most suitable option in terms of price/performance among the electric coffee grinders produced by the company.

The Eureka Filtro has some noteworthy features, but it also has some serious drawbacks that you should be aware of. Let's soon move on to all the features, pros and cons of the device.

About Eureka

Eureka is an Italian electric coffee grinder manufacturer based in Florence. It is possible to say that it is one of the most well-known and respected companies in the coffee industry. The brand produces exclusively coffee grinders and has been doing so for over 100 years. We think that this information alone reminds you of how devoted they are.

Literally, "eureka" is a cry of triumph over discovering or solving something. We also love this meaning 😁

The company offers a wide range of grinders, from entry-level to professional models; but previously the focus was only on espresso grinders. Today, we see models produced by Eureka to suit different personalities and usage areas. In this way, models such as Mignon, where you can get grinding performance for many brews at the lowest cost, come to the fore.

Filtro is a flat blade grinder designed for people who brew their coffee at home. The working principle of this grinder is very similar to Mignon Specialita.

The Specialita model was clearly created for espresso. So in this review, we will cover the similarity in how two similar designs perform in V60 brews.


Filtro looks like a really high-quality coffee grinder. Thanks to both its external appearance and the quality of the materials that make you feel the quality when you touch it, it gives the feeling that it has been designed to be one of the most beautiful decorations of your home.

Eureka models have a stylish metal body with signature touches. Additionally, there is the adjustment knob and the cool red Eureka logo on the back.

Thanks to its compact design, it does not take up much space on your counter. In this way, it offers a good usage experience both at home and in the office. Filtro, 5.6 kg. weighs.

💡 Filtro is in a different class among its equivalent models in terms of weight and durability.

When we look at the engine, it is large and robust, the chassis and grinding chamber are also made of steel.

Filter Chamber

The Filtro has a similar appearance to Eureka's most popular home espresso grinders, the Mignon Specialita and Mignon Silenzio.

But this also means that some design features designed for espresso have been transferred to Filtro. Yes, you got it right, with Filtro you can grind for all types of brews. 👍🏼

The ground coffee container capacity, which has a stylish design on the front, is 300 grams. A smaller chamber would have been more stylish in the Filtro model, which is generally used for single-dose grinds, but it looks pretty good as well.

  • Freshness: There is almost no coffee left between the gears, as the number of brewing increases, you will not experience the scenario where the coffee particles remaining between the gears spoil the taste.
  • Diversity: You can grind for many brewing types with Filtro, but using a single dose instead of filling the grinder to the brim and grinding will provide you with a healthier and longer-lasting experience.
  • Precision: Thanks to the sensitive and very easy grinding setting, it is very easy to grind the coffee beans you need.

Home users often brew coffee for themselves or, in some cases, for coffee with a few friends. So 20-100 gr in each brew. We can say that he uses coffee in the range.

Eureka Mignon filter has a 300 gram seed chamber. This size is sufficient for a comfortable grinding experience in both situations.

It should now be a stereotype that large tanks are still preferred. This model has single dose coffee bean hoppers modified by users. We touched upon this issue later in the article.

Flavor consistency

A look at the large chamber reveals that this grinder is not designed for single doses. We can say that it is very durable for single or double dose grinding.

Between brewing, some coffee remains between the grinder blades; in the Mignon Filtro model, this is around 1.5 grams.

The coffee beans remaining between the blades between brewing can equal up to 10% of the total coffee. This affects the taste negatively. Considering the 1.5 gram performance in Mignon Filtro, it is very unlikely that you will notice this in terms of taste.

Those who make small batch brews for one or two people can easily clean these remaining coffee bean residues and prepare them for the next brew. Thanks to the compact design of the machine, these operations can be carried out very easily and in a short time, and it offers a high level of grinding performance.


You can easily find the work done to reduce the size of the coffee bean hopper with an easy search on the internet. In the design you see in the photo below, the part that looks like a pump serves as the coffee bean container.

The same part acts as a pump after the grinding is completed and provides a practical use so that there is no coffee left between the blades. If you own a Mignon Filtro, you may be interested in these types of modifications.

grinder blades

Now let's move on to the most important part of every grinder review, how are the blades on the Mignon Filtro model? Eureka has a long history of producing knives with espresso geometry. Apart from espresso, this model can also grind V60 brews.

The geometry of the 50mm straight blades is extraordinary! You can grind perfectly between espresso and French press grinding. This consistency is quite remarkable because in a mill, its performance is this high for all grinds; At the same time, it is really great that it is affordable.

Our unbiased review: It's an incredible grinder

Consistency in grinders is something we talk about and appreciate. This means the flavors are more subtle, balanced and accurate.

However, with these extremely high volume brews, you may need to change your brewing style slightly.

In terms of taste, filtro is a very neutral grinder. You get whatever you want. Multi-purpose blade sets available on some mills can emphasize acidity and higher notes. Filtro is a grinder closer to the middle notes. This is the detail that helps you achieve a balanced cup of coffee. You will get whatever grades you need in the core, no more, no less!

If you have been brewing your coffee at home for a long time, you may have experienced that some grinders bring out different notes. If you are owning this type of mill for the first time, you may think that you are faced with the ideal model for you without worrying about such details. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have about the product.

  • With a poor grinder, approximately 66 grams of coffee will be used for a 1 liter brew.
  • With a consistent grinder like Filtro, you can make a liter brew with the same TDS with just 55 grams of coffee.

If we drink a cup every day of the week, we will save almost a coffee pack every month. Filtro not only produces beautiful coffee beans, but it even pays for itself over a period of time. 😀

Can it grind espresso?

Yes it can grind. Thanks to its easily adjustable mechanism, you can make technically fine grinds and take beautiful shots. You should make sure that you set the calibration well for single shot shooting. We will touch upon this issue in another blog post soon. You can sign up for our e-mail newsletter to be informed about such issues as a priority.

This grinder is also pretty good for modern espressos. You can get very delicious long shot espressos with a slightly coarse grind.

Generally speaking, if you want to buy this grinder only for brewing espresso; Do not buy. But do not forget that you can grind at espresso setting with this grinder. 😉

Who is this grinder good for?

It has a nice price and many valuable features, but can we call this grinder perfect; Let's evaluate it.

The grinding feature is at a level that can be appreciated, coffee lovers who are devoted to brewing coffee find this compact usage very easy to use and very useful.

If you drink lighter or medium roasted coffees and know the extraction theory, this grinder will be a lot of fun for you. 🎉 If you are just starting out, start by brewing smaller batches between 12-30 grams for single use. When you start to evaluate the differences that arise, you can reach the brewing range that is most suitable for you.

Premium hand grinders or more modern electric grinders (like Fellow Ode) work better for single dosing.

However, Filtro is cheaper than most straight blade grinders, and some people avoid using manual grinders. So perhaps Filtro is being built to be an exciting option for these people.

As we said before, the Filtro can be a reliable and well-performing grinder outside the home, in the office, or at a local club or organization.


The Eureka Filtro is an extremely consistent grinder and produces clear and balanced flavors.

If you are looking for a sturdy device that also excels in consistency and grain distribution, the Filtro is a suitable option for you.

If you're willing to work around these issues, you'll get great value for your money. In this price range you will usually find grinders with tapered blades. He adds that Filtro is a model a few steps ahead in terms of structure and grinding, and we come to the end of this blog post.

We hope that in this article you can find everything you want to know about Eureka Mignon Filtro. See you in our next blog post. Goodbye! ☕️🍀

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