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Moccamaster filtre kahve makinesi nas─▒l ├žal─▒┼č─▒r? - kahvebi

How does the Moccamaster filter coffee machine work?

Preparing filter coffee may seem very complicated compared to other brewing methods, but we can say that this is a misconception. Brewing coffee with Moccamaster is actually much easier than you think! In this blog we will tell you how the Moccamaster works and give you some important information to brew the perfect cup of coffee.

Fundamentals of the Coffee Brewing Process

Making good coffee is like cooking delicious food. When you add a little more love into it, the difference will be noticed immediately. ­čśç

When preparing coffee, all you need to do is use fresh water, preferably freshly ground coffee, and white filter paper . These things will help you get better results in terms of taste on your way to a perfect cup of coffee. Once you've done this, all you have to do is turn on the coffee maker and wait a few minutes for the brewing to complete.

The first thing that happens after you turn on your Moccamaster's power switch is the heating mechanism that heats the water inside and allows it to pass through. After about 30 seconds you can see the hot water going from the glass tube towards the outlet arm. You can then observe that the coffee in the filter basket starts to flow by spraying on it. Moccamaster brews coffee at an ideal temperature of 92 to 96 degrees Celsius, which is the ideal temperature range for brewing the perfect cup of coffee. If it were colder, the coffee would taste sour, and if it was brewed at higher water temperatures, it would be bitter.

Because water that is colder than it should be prevents you from getting the full aroma of the coffee. Likewise, water temperature that is higher than necessary will burn the coffee and cause you to have a more bitter taste.

Now you start to see the ground coffee getting wet and slowly starting to drip into your jug. Depending on how much you brew, it will take 4 to 6 minutes to complete the brewing process. This time is necessary to extract all the aromas that will give you a perfect coffee taste.

The coffee will flow from the bottom into the jug and brewing will be completed for the best coffee taste. Now your coffee is brewed! It's time to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee; Enjoy your meal!

In which glass should filter coffee be placed?

When it comes to filter coffee, choosing the right cup is also important. Generally, thick glass or porcelain glasses are preferred. Thick glass cups help the coffee maintain its temperature longer. Additionally, porcelain cups are also among the preferred ones. Thin, tall glasses or mugs are among the other options in which you can enjoy your filter coffee. In summary, you can maximize your filter coffee experience by crowning it with a glass that suits your personal taste.

These types of cups are ideal for preserving the natural taste and aroma of coffee. Paper, aluminum etc. Cups made from materials often cause the coffee to lose its temperature quickly, which can affect its flavour. However, thick glass or porcelain cups maintain the temperature of the coffee longer. Thus, it ensures that you get the most accurate taste of filter coffee. In addition, these types of cups best reflect the natural taste profile of coffee and offer a pleasant drinking experience.

Moccamaster filter coffee bean grinding setting

The success of the coffee brewing process is strictly dependent on the correct grinding settings. If your brewing equipment has a paper or metal filter, medium ground coffee should be preferred. This ensures ideal extraction during the time the coffee is in contact with water. However, for those who prefer medium-fine ground coffee, choosing this setting can also produce excellent results. If a filter coffee machine is used, medium-fine grinding ensures that the flavor and aroma are fully captured. This way, you can always enjoy a perfect cup of coffee with your Moccamaster.

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