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Hario Mini Plus Ceramic Coffee Mill

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Hario Skerton Plus Ceramic Coffee Mill

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Hario V60 02 Ceramic Coffee Brewing Set White

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V60 kahve demleme sanatı

V60 the art of brewing coffee

All coffee lovers know that the pleasure of using the V60 and the taste of brewed coffee is unmatched. Using the right equipment, using coffee and water will double the flavor and offer a unique experience. When it comes to 3rd generation coffee equipment, we have discussed the product, details and tricks of the V60 brewing set, which is indispensable among filter coffee equipment. Let's start by telling you how to make the right brew!

How to Brew V60 Coffee?

If your V60 brew set, coffee and water is ready, let's get started right away!

  1. After placing our filter in the V60 brewing set, we wet the equipment thoroughly with hot water to wet the equipment and ensure that the paper is properly adhered to the equipment.
  2. After heating the teapot, we empty the water in the teapot. It's time to combine fresh, good and quality water with your choice of coffee!
  3. The ratio of coffee and water: Although there are many rational data on this subject, our recommendation is to use all products in the ratio that you choose in line with your own experience. (According to global data, 16 ml of water is considered suitable for 1 gram of coffee.)
  4. Temperature of the water: According to global data, the temperature of the water in this brewing form should be between 93-97 degrees. However, this will again be shaped according to your experience, preferences and tastes. As an additional information; global authorities say that water should have a pH of 7 and should not contain chlorine at all. The information that you can get the right brewing and delicious coffee with water with these properties is available in many sources.
  5. Add the amount of coffee you will brew to the part on the V60 brewing set where you wet and drain the water in the brewing chamber and where you place the paper filter. Ensure even distribution by shaking lightly.
  6. When adding water for brewing, the first stage is Blooming, that is, blooming or soaking. Add the hot water so that the dry coffee is evenly and completely wet. During this process, a small amount of coffee will accumulate in the brewing chamber. We will not use this coffee. Empty the accumulated coffee and never rinse the reservoir with cold water.
  7. It's time to brew! Add your hot water. A little trick: the foam that appears on the coffee while adding the water we call cream will show how fresh your coffee is. Add the coffee at the rate you specify between 3-5 parts as the brewing chamber is full and the filter part is empty. If it takes the V60 part, do not fill it completely with water, make sure to add the water in circular and regular movements. We also recommend adding the water in a circular motion near the center from the outside to the inside, without making direct contact with the coffees at the edges and the edges of the filter. The most important part here is that you have already determined how many ml of water you will add. Making a judicious addition during brewing will spoil the taste of your coffee and it will be a wrong way of brewing.
  8. Your coffee will be brewed when the water in the filter is completely empty and the brewing chamber is full.

It's time for service!

How to brew v60 coffee

First of all, you have to shake the coffee in the brewing chamber with circular movements and ventilate the product you get with the V60 brewing set . The reason for this is to distribute flavors and heat accurately and evenly. After completing the shaking process, you can take it in a glass and serve.

Enjoy your meal!

How to Use the V60?

The V60 is a brewing format that does not have a single standard with alternatives. You can find the market with glass, copper, porcelain and plastic alternatives, and the copper one is our first choice. Because the copper V60 brewing set ranks first in the list of 3rd generation coffee equipment that provides the best heat distribution and maximizes the taste experience.

Instead of copper, you can also buy ceramic or glass production equipment, which is the best choice for health. Among all the alternatives, the one that we do not recommend with certainty is the plastic V60 products that will negatively affect both your health and the taste of your coffee.

Paper filters, which are an indispensable part of filter coffee equipment, are used in this type of brewing. We recommend paying attention to V60 compatibility when purchasing paper filters. Because these filters are in different sizes from coffee machine sizes. In addition, these filters have different types such as bleached and straw paper.

If we need to share a few details about water temperature;

  • The temperature of your water drops a few degrees when pouring and waiting times are calculated. Adjust the temperature with this in mind.
  • If you have a thermometer, heat your water 2-3 degrees higher than your target temperature so that your heat loss does not cause you to brew coffee with water below your target temperature.
  • If you do not have a thermometer, we recommend that you boil your water completely and leave it open for 3-4 minutes at room temperature, then use it. This will roughly coincide with a target temperature.

What is the Difference of V60 Coffee Brewing?

The V60 is a product that is highly regarded by coffee lovers as it is brewed manually. The tip of this equipment, in which the water is drawn in and the air is blown upwards, thus achieving a high quality of flavor and aroma, is actually hidden in its name! How Does?

The reason why this equipment is called V60 is because the product has a 60 degree “v” form. The internal channels used in its design allow the water to go down for brewing and the air to go up.

Filter Coffee Brewing Equipment

If you want to make a world-class choice in the filter coffee equipment, 3rd generation coffee equipment and V60 brewing set categories, we think that the product group in our Kahvebi store may be of interest to you.

Do not hesitate to contact us for all your questions about filter coffee brewing equipment. See you in our next blog post!

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