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Chemex Kahve Demleme

Chemex Coffee Brewing: Tips for the best taste

Chemex coffee brewing method is a filter coffee brewing method that has gained popularity in recent years and is highly preferred among coffee lovers. Brewing coffee with Chemex requires careful craftsmanship for each cup, and the resulting delicious coffee pays off.

Chemex has a slightly different design than other filter coffee methods. It has a cone-shaped glass design and a thicker filter than other V60 dripper filters. This filter traps the coffee grounds, allowing the coffee to be brewed with a clearer and cleaner flavor.

Factors such as the right grind level, water temperature, coffee-to-filter ratio and brewing time are very important when brewing coffee with Chemex. Setting these factors right is important for brewing a perfect coffee with Chemex. In this article, we will help you to get the best flavor by explaining all the tricks required for the Chemex coffee brewing process.

Brewing coffee is easy with the Chemex, a brewing equipment that was invented in 1941 and whose design has become iconic over time. It adds elegance to your kitchen with its aesthetic design. Especially large groups of friends provide satisfactory results and preserve the balanced floral notes of the coffee bean.

List of needs for brewing coffee with Chemex

  • Chemex
  • Chemex filter paper
  • Coffee Mill
  • 42g (about 6 tablespoons) coffee
  • 92-96 C° hot water
  • Weight
  • wooden mixer
  • glass or mug

white coffee cup and chemex

How to brew coffee with Chemex?

Chemex has been carefully designed to bring out the natural aromas and flavors of coffee beans. It is also a method of brewing coffee that highlights the notes of coffee. Brewing coffee with Chemex is quite simple and at the same time quite enjoyable. In this article, we tried to give the shortest answer to the question of how to brew coffee with Chemex.

As a basic preparation, prepare the Chemex filter and place the filter paper on the top of the Chemex. Next, grind the coffee into the Chemex and spread it out to cover the filter paper as well. Next, pour the boiled water over the Chemex and soak the coffee. Then slowly pour the boiled water into the Chemex with a grind level suitable for coffee. The filtered water from the coffee filter will accumulate at the bottom and will be ready for you to serve the filtered coffee. The steps you need to follow for brewing Chemex coffee are as follows.

1- Prepare and preheat

Insert the Chemex paper filter. Wet the filter with hot water and make sure all sides are thoroughly wet. This process is done to remove the filter odor before the coffee brewing process. Do not forget to warm the lower part of the Chemex in circular motions with the same water.

2- Weigh and grind the coffee

42g milled in coarse setting. place the coffee in the paper filter. If you don't have a scale or style, you can use the tablespoon to adjust this setting. Approximately 6 tablespoons, 42g. equivalent to coffee. If you are using a scale, do not forget to reset the weight setting after adding the coffee.

precision scale for coffee

3- Add hot water

You can start brewing coffee by adding hot water. Remember to start the timer when you add the hot water. Add water until all coffee beans are thoroughly wet, to about 150 g. You can stir with a wooden stick to make sure there are no dry lumps in the coffee during this process.

4- Add more water

After 45 seconds, start the second water addition, making sure that the coffee and water have recombined. Pour in circular motions, then add gradually until the volume reaches 450 g of water, about a fingertip down from the top of the rim. When adding the water, do not try to incorporate the small coffee particles remaining at the top of the filter into the brewing.

5- Fill it to the top

You should have completed the brewing and adding water process in about 2 minutes.


6- Wait for it to brew

At 4:00 you should be pretty close to the volume. Look at the glass bubble or belly button, that's 20 ounces. Remove the filter. It's okay to let it sit for a few seconds to make sure you have enough volume. Then pull the filter out completely and let it drain into the sink.

7- Serve and enjoy

Twist the Chemex a little and you're ready to serve up two cups of brewed coffee.

In this article, we have provided information on how the Chemex coffee brewing method is done and tips for the best flavor. There are a few key points to consider when brewing a high-quality coffee with Chemex, an aromatic coffee brewing method that is a great option for coffee lovers. The right grind thickness, the right water temperature, the right proportions and the right time. By applying these tricks, you can make a perfect cup of coffee with Chemex.

Remember, using good coffee beans is as important as the right equipment for a quality coffee experience. We hope this article helped you learn the Chemex coffee brewing method and provided you with useful information to get the best flavor.

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