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Cold Brew, Dutch Coffee ve diğer soğuk demleme yöntemleri - kahvebi

Cold Brew, Dutch Coffee, and other cold brew methods

Cold Brew and Dutch Coffee are often used interchangeably when it comes to cold brewing. It may satisfy you in terms of taste, but it is technically wrong to think that two brewing methods are one. In this article, we will discuss the differences between Cold Brew and Dutch Coffee.

Although both methods are cold brew methods, their brewing styles are completely different. For this reason, there will be a difference in the flavor that emerges at the end of brewing. After all, you can't expect espresso and filter coffee to taste the same, right?

Let's start with Cold Brew first.

Cold Brew is a brewing method in which freshly ground coffee is brewed at room temperature for 12 to 24 hours. Some cold coffee makers like to add spices or fruit to their cold brews. After the extraction period, the mixture is filtered once or twice.

Some brewing equipment manufacturers, such as Hario, design unconventional Cold Brew brewing systems. While these types of products are widely used, they can basically be made in any sealable storage container or French Press. A filter is included in products from brands like Hario to make it easier to filter the coffee after the extraction period. Cold Brew is a relatively simple and inexpensive way to produce large volumes of cold brew coffee. This is why most companies focus on this brewing method for their bottled coffee. What about Dutch Coffee?

Dutch Coffee

The brewing time of Dutch Coffee varies between 3.5 and 12 hours. The brewing process is done by dripping ice-cold water on freshly ground coffee. While making Dutch Coffee requires a Dutch Coffee machine, there are definitely a few reasons why you should try it!

The most important reason for choosing Dutch Coffee instead of regular cold brew coffee is taste. Dutch Coffees tend to have a more complex and fuller body than cold brew coffees.

The second reason to use a Dutch Coffee machine is efficiency. Cold Brew will take twice the amount of coffee you need compared to making Dutch Coffee. Everyone knows that great coffee can be quite expensive, so if you turn to iced coffees and get yourself a machine for Dutch Coffee, you will definitely see the benefits in the long run. However, if you have just decided to brew your own coffee and you are just reading and researching these topics, the situation is a little different. It's always better to go for the simpler one. Considering the 3rd generation coffee making is at the forefront and the flexibility it gives you, a simple V60 set may work for you at first. Other than that, discover places that make good coffee, read, research and taste plenty of coffee.

Another detail we see when we compare Dutch Coffee with Cold Brew is that the coffee is brewed in a shorter time. The shortest extraction time in Cold Brew is 12 hours. However, you can serve Dutch Coffee in 3.5 hours. We mentioned above that Dutch Coffee is brewed between 3.5 and 12 hours. Of course, you can get different experiences by extending the time. In addition, Dutch Coffee, which can be brewed in a short time, can be one of the most practical ways to meet your cold coffee needs on hot summer days.

Other cold coffees

A third well-known cold brew method is Japanese iced coffee ( Shizuku ). When brewing, brewed coffee should be poured into an iced pitcher instead of brewing with ice water. You can take a look at the different models that you can apply this method to on our store. It is easier to use and access than other methods. The main disadvantage of the brewing method is that coffee is higher in both bitterness and acidity as the coffee has some time to oxidize. In addition, the oils in your coffee will melt and will not allow you to store the coffee for later.

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