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Cold Brew Kahvenin Faydalarını Keşfedin

Discover the Benefits of Cold Brew Coffee

Today's topic is the benefits of cold brew coffee . Sometimes a cup of hot coffee can be too much to drink in the morning. We feel this much more clearly, especially in hot weather. There are exceptions, of course, but usually in this type of scenario, the craving for hot coffee never goes away. Cold Brew is a very good alternative at this point.

Cold Brew, which is one of the favorite preferences of coffee consumers in summer, is digested more easily by the stomach. Hot brewed coffee and cold brew coffee also have benefits. Here, details such as brewing conditions and consumption volume can override beneficial factors. Our guide to the benefits of Cold Brew coffee begins!


  • Detailed Information About Cold Brew
  • Cold Brew Calories
  • Cold Brew Nutrition Facts
  • Does Cold Brew Burn Fat?
  • Cold Coffee vs Hot Coffee
  • ease of digestion
  • Low acidity rate
  • I'm comfortable drinking
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Get detailed information about Cold Brew

Although Cold Brew seems to be a much more popular drink in recent history, it is not so new. Cold brew method has been around for years, but hot coffee brewing methods were always in the foreground because they were much faster. Cold Brew has always existed as a hidden flavor overshadowed by fast hot brewing methods. Some coffee consumers prefer cold-brewed coffee for ease of consumption.

The extraction process in cold coffee is different than in hot brewed coffee. When brewing Cold Brew, we brew coarse ground coffee with ice, cold water or room temperature water. After the brewing process is completed, a concentrated coffee emerges. For more detailed information about the brewing process , how to make cold brew coffee at home? You can read our guide.

The chemical components present in the coffee bean react differently to cold water compared to hot water. In this way, a different type of coffee emerges. The lack of heat due to the temperature of the water used in the brewing means that certain oils and acids will come out at different rates. Many consumers think that cold coffee is better than hot coffee for this reason.

Cold Brew Calories and Nutritional Information

Cold brew coffee has the effect of accelerating metabolism. For this reason, it is consumed in various diet programs or before weight training. If you are on a diet or pay attention to your nutrition alongside sports, you may be wondering about the content of topics such as cold brew calories and nutritional values. While giving information about the benefits of Cold Brew, it would not be necessary to ignore the issue of calories and nutritional values.

Cold brew nutritional values ​​are quite low. In short, you don't need to think that drinking a cold brew will upset the accounts while calculating calories. Still, there's no harm in knowing what we're consuming. The calorie values ​​of cold brew coffee are quite low. Let's shut up about cold brew calories and nutritional values ​​for now, let the numbers talk.

Cold Brew Calories:

  • Small size: 59 calories
  • Medium: 79 calories
  • Large size: 92 calories

Fat Milk Cold Brew Calories:

  • Small size: 107 calories
  • Medium: 140 calories
  • Large size: 167 calories

Nutritional Value of Small Size Cold Brew:

  • 148mg caffeine
  • 0.1 protein
  • 0 fat

Does Cold Brew Burn Fat?

It is a proven fact that coffee speeds up metabolism. For this reason, Cold Brew is one of the supplements you can apply to speed up your metabolism, as in other coffees. So the answer is yes, cold brew burns fat.

Metabolism is the process of chemical reactions that takes place in order for every living thing to survive. It covers all of the constructive and destructive chemical events that occur in a living organism or living cell. In this process of the body, which works to create energy, you can do sports or supplement with the nutrients you take to speed up the metabolism. The higher your metabolic rate, the higher your calorie burn rate. Cold Brew is one of the drinks that speed up metabolism.

Cold brewed coffees can raise your metabolic rate by up to 11% at rest. The beverage, which is considered almost calorie-free with its low values, will benefit from increasing the amount of calories burned while resting. Please don't try to lose weight by drinking coffee just because it tastes good, okay?

Cold Brew vs Hot Brew

Both cold and hot brewed coffee have many health benefits. Many of these benefits are the same for each brewing method. But when you ask yourself, "Is cold brew coffee better for you," you start to notice a few extra benefits.

Easy to digest

Although cold brew is generally stronger than regular brewed coffee, it is known to be more effective on your entire digestive system. Coffee produced by cold brew contains a large number of crude polysaccharides. These are sugar molecules that positively affect the digestive system by increasing immunity. If the acidity of coffee upsets your stomach, these molecules will help prevent the intestinal irritation you may have experienced with hot coffee.

Low Acidity

If you are prone to acid reflux or heartburn, hot brewed coffee can trigger these ailments. Cold brew coffee may not be one of the many great things about this beverage. This is because cold brewed coffee is more alkaline than hot brewed coffee. Hot coffee has higher concentrations of titratable acidic compounds and a lower pH


In the debate between cold brew and hot brewed coffee, cold brew coffee is undoubtedly less bitter and smoother. This brewing process gives the coffee beans the best flavor components and leaves the bitter flavonoids and acids in the ground. You may want to add cream and sugar for more appealing flavors. However, you may not need it for a cold brew coffee with a light taste. If you drink sugary coffees and don't like black coffee, try a Cold Brew. We recommend!

You can make your consumption habits much healthier. Consuming 2-3 cups of coffee with cream and sugar a day is not a very healthy activity. A black cup of cold brew coffee is much easier to get used to than hot coffee. Try it sometime.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Is there more caffeine in cold brew coffee?

Cold brew coffee does not always contain more caffeine than hot brewed coffee. If you make your own cold brew concentrate, you can lower caffeine levels by using less concentrate and increasing the amount of water you dilute.

2- Can Cold Brew be drunk hot?

Yes, you can drink the coffee you get with cold brew hot. The phrase “cold” in cold brew does not mean that all cold brews are served cold. If you want to prepare coffee that you will consume hot by cold brewing, you should dilute your concentrate with boiling water. It's that simple. Just remember that adding boiled water can change the original taste of cold brew.

3- Is Cold Brew and Iced Filter Coffee the Same Thing?

Cold brew coffee is not the same as iced coffee. Iced coffee is hot brewed coffee served chilled or immediately over ice. When people say “cold brew,” they may think that this drink is cold coffee that sounds a lot like iced coffee.

Cold brew is a method that is prepared with cold water and is expected to be infused for a long time for brewing before serving. When you examine the two coffees in depth, you can see the difference.

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