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What is Couverture Chocolate? How to Melt Couverture Chocolate?

What is couverture chocolate, which adds incredible flavor to cakes and is also used for decorative purposes, and how is it melted? Couverture is used to add flavor to desserts such as chocolate, cake and cake, as well as to add a decorative atmosphere. You can decorate the melted chocolate by pouring it over the desserts. So, what is couverture chocolate that you can use as a raw material for personalized homemade chocolates? How is couverture chocolate made, how is it melted? In this article, we will shed light on all these questions.

What is Couverture Chocolate?

What is couverture chocolate?

Couverture chocolate is a raw material used in chocolate production, although it contains a lot of cocoa butter in its content. The difference between it and a normal chocolate is due to the cocoa butter it contains. Although it does not contain any additives, manufacturers who produce good quality generally process these cocoa beans they produce and obtain this chocolate. In this way, both its taste and standard are preserved. These chocolates are sold in large masses or in mini-drops, in sealed packages that do not absorb air, light and moisture.

There are 3 types of couverture. These; bitter, milky and white couverture. When we look at the bitter, it is divided into classes such as semi, sweet, extra and double extra bitter (also known as extra extra) according to the cocoa content. Some people find dark chocolate very bitter, but in fact, this is the most acceptable chocolate. Dark chocolates are of high quality, dark chocolates are pure, dark chocolates are sweet! Along with the wonderful desserts you will prepare, with a warm coffee

How to Melt Couverture Chocolate?

I hope we have explained well what happened in the lines above. Well, well, but how is this couverture chocolate melted? When we look at the usage areas of this chocolate, we see that the most common one is making ganache. In order to make ganache, chocolate and milk cream are weighed in certain proportions according to your use. The cream is brought to the boiling point in a controlled manner and then the couverture chocolate, which has been divided into small pieces, is slowly added into it and it is completely melted.

You can use it by pouring it on cakes and desserts when it is not fully solidified. It adds really good flavor. If you wait until it solidifies at room temperature, the ganache you will get later can be used by squeezing with a piping bag or spreading with the help of a pastry spatula. Those who want to make ganache can use milky, white or bitter. By the way, before adding chocolate to the heated cream, make sure that it is at the appropriate temperature. Because if you do the opposite, the chocolate will be cut and will naturally release its oil. In the meantime, we strongly recommend you to review our Callebaut chocolate varieties on the Kahvebi shelves.

Bain-marie Melting

The term bain-marie is a term used for the melting process of couverture chocolates. We put a bowl of water in it on the stove and place a smaller bowl on top. The important point here is that the upper bowl should never touch the water below. When the water starts to boil, the steam starts to melt the chocolate you will put in the upper container. At this stage, do not forget to mix your chocolates, which are starting to melt with the help of a silicone spatula, from time to time.

After your chocolate is completely melted, take it off the stove. Couverture chocolates are extremely delicate after melting. For this reason, even the smallest water particles should not drip into it. Do not forget that water changes the structure of your chocolate, which you have worked so hard to prepare.

You can use the chocolates you make with this bain-marie melting method while you prepare your delicious desserts. For example; A wonderful brownie with plenty of chocolate, a mousse recipe that you will serve in stylish cups or a warm soufflé seems quite ideal for this. At the same time, any strawberry and banana cake that goes great with chocolates is a great match with your melted couverture chocolates.

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