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Origami Dripper satın almadan önce bilmeniz gereken 5 şey - kahvebi

5 things you need to know before buying an Origami Dripper

As a team, we actually met Origami Dripper around November 2020 and we loved it. We have been using it almost every day since then. It also offers very nice images on Instagram. Frankly, it's a piece of equipment that could become an Instagram phenomenon.

As the Origami Dripper started to become incredibly popular and caught the attention of specialty coffee lovers around the world, we wanted to share a few things about it.

1. The most aesthetic dripper

Without a doubt, the Origami Dripper is the most aesthetic coffee equipment and dripper you can find. We're trying to tell you how stunning it looks and how good it looks in photos. It has officially become an Instagram favorite. You can take a photo with poor light, bad angle or a bad camera, but it will still look great if you have the Origami Dripper in it.

It is made of Mino Poerselen, one of the finest Japanese ceramics with a 400-year history. This dripper's 20-ply rib is an homage to the traditional and bizarre art of Origami, which literally means "folding paper." It's quite a craft.

You can also beautify it by including a wooden or plastic holder. Frankly, it's hard for him to keep straight on a pitcher when he's alone. We usually recommend wood, as the wooden one is much more suitable.

2. Have different colors

Origami Dripper, which never compromises on aesthetics, has 9 different and very beautiful colors. Unfortunately, there is no other coffee equipment that offers a variety of colors like origami. To be honest, the most challenging thing when deciding can be which color to buy. At least you can go for a week while you go back and forth between colors.

The navy blue and red look very nice at first, but then you say that the pink was also very good. In fact, heads are burning when I think I should buy the white one too. Then when you buy the full white, the turquoise color catches your eye and again a confusion. To be honest they all look great.

3. Not just looks, of course

The design of the Origami Dripper isn't just for looks, of course. It is also designed for functional purposes. This dripper has 20 folding ribs that create air channels and increase the flow rate. This gives the person brewing the coffee better control.

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At the same time, its upper part is much wider than other equipment, and it has a large hole in the lower part. This means it allows you to brew faster, which can produce sweeter coffees. You can also create more balanced cups with Origami and get great results from naturally processed coffee.

4. You can use conical filter paper or flat bed papers

One of the biggest advantages of owning an Origami Dripper is being able to use it with both Hario V60 conical papers and Kalita Wave's flatbed filter papers. When we consider that both filter papers are completely different from each other, Origami's versatility draws attention.

We're not really sure which filter paper is better suited for Origami, this is up for debate but to be honest, both filter papers do a really good job. Conical papers offer sweeter and more juicy coffees, as we mentioned in the previous point. It provides a faster pull-down compared to the V60. You can also try Origami's own conical filter papers instead of V60 papers.

Shall we say something interesting to note? Those who use Chemex papers in Origami Dripper have seen these eyes. You know how thick and big Chemex papers are, right? We haven't tried it yet, but something interesting might come up.

5. Its popularity increased after the World Brewers Cup in 2019

Origami became popular after being used by Chinese Du Jianing, who won the World Brewers Cup in 2019. Not to mention its impeccable technique, but Origami is so beautifully presented that we're not surprised it's attracted so many people.

Since then, Origami has become really popular due to its appearance. Nowadays, V60 and Kalita Wave are compared a lot, but they are very different equipment from each other. It may be best to say that it is purely a matter of personal preference.

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