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Queen Mary Üniversitesinden Kahve Ömrü Uzatıyor Araştırması - kahvebi

Coffee Extends Longevity Research from Queen Mary University

Queen Mary University, one of the most established educational institutions in England, conducted a research together with Semmelweis University in Budapest and the result is really interesting. In this article, we will talk about the direct effect of coffee consumption on human life.

Shared information indicates that drinking 3 cups of ground coffee a day prolongs human life. Namely, people who regularly consume coffee have a lower risk of death than those who do not. According to the explanations, the difference between people who consume coffee regularly and those who do not is 12%. According to this data, people who have regular coffee habits have a 12 percent lower risk of death. Research has shown that coffee protects people from heart disease. It has also been reported to reduce the risk of stroke.

Largest Scale Research

The research on the health effects of this coffee, led by Queen Mary, is the most comprehensive of any research to date. It was a study in which people who consumed and did not consume coffee for 10 years were followed and the reports were meticulously recorded.

22 percent of the people participating in the study do not consume coffee, 58 percent consume between 1 and 3 cups of coffee every day, and 30 percent consume more than 3 cups of coffee a day.

The research was conducted with approximately 500,000 people. It was determined that those who drank 3 cups of coffee had better heart health. It was observed that the probability of having a stroke decreased to one in five. In addition, regular coffee drinkers were found to have a lower risk of diabetes and obesity.

Ground Coffee Beans

In the research, it was emphasized that the coffee that is good for heart health is only ground coffee beans . The coffees sold as instant coffee powder in the markets are not at the same level.

Researchers have revealed that the substance that protects heart health is not just caffeine. Antioxidants and chemicals found in coffee beans were also found to be effective.

3 Cup Measures a Day

It has been proven once again how beneficial coffee drinking is for human health. However, as with everything, there should be a limit on coffee consumption. The measure that will be beneficial for health is 3 glasses a day. Drinking more than 3 cups of coffee a day does not have any extra benefit.

Professor's Message

As a result of the research, Professor Steffen Petersen, who works as a cardiovascular medicine specialist at Queen Mary University, made the following sentences on the subject:

“Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. However, its cardiovascular effects are not well known and some previous studies have shown conflicting results.

"To our knowledge, this is the largest study to date to focus on the effect of coffee on cardiovascular health."

If we look at the words of the professor, we should consume coffee more often but in moderation to protect our heart health. We should also learn about the effects of coffee on heart health. Knowing that coffee provides benefits and reduces the risk of death will increase our motivation to consume coffee regularly.

In the statement made by Semmwels University, it was reported that regular and moderate coffee consumption protects heart health depending on age.

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