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Good news for coffee lovers: Petra Coffees are now at Kahvebi!

As Kahvebi family, we have exciting news for you! We continue to offer special flavors for passionate coffee lovers. For a while, we were sharing Fluxus Coffee's quality coffee beans with you, but this time we are bringing Petra Coffees to offer you a new hot coffee experience. We work with great passion to take your coffee pleasure to the next level every day.

Petra Coffees: Taste and Experience Together

As Kahvebi, our aim is to leave unforgettable tastes on the palates of coffee lovers. When you pay attention not only to coffees but also to the coffee brewing equipment in our store, you may notice that we include coffee brewing equipment that has proven itself both as a brand and as a product in every field.


Petra Coffees are produced from carefully selected coffee beans and packaged to decorate your cups in line with the work that continues with great care behind the scenes.

Bringing together the unique coffee profiles of different regions, Petra contains a story in every drop. If you want to experience new flavors while discovering the rich world of coffee, we definitely recommend you to try Petra Coffees.

Meet Petra Coffees

Unique options of Petra Coffees are now waiting for you in Kahvebi stores. If you would like to spice up your coffee adventure and experience the unique tastes of different coffee regions, we invite you to Kahvebi. Each bean of Petra Coffees has been carefully prepared for you as a result of a long and meticulous process. Now, it's time to embark on this delicious journey!


Step into the magical world of coffee

As Kahvebi, we always continue to be open to innovations and flavors. We believe that the presence of Petra Coffees in Kahvebi stores is an exciting step for both us and coffee lovers.

We choose not to go into too much detail by saying many more beautiful days when every journey that starts with a cup of coffee will turn into unforgettable moments in the world of tastes and aromas. Take care of yourself, see you in our new articles!

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