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Arabica vs. Robusta: Hangisi Daha İyi? (En İyi Rehber!) - kahvebi

Arabic vs. Robusta: Which Is Better? (Best Guide!)

There is no age, place or time to learn! If you love to drink coffee and continue to question the better, it's time to learn more about coffee beans. In our article comparing Arabica vs Robusta, you will learn the differences between Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. So which one is better? This guide may guide you in finding your new favorite coffee. Therefore, we recommend that you read it carefully. Please feel free to share with us in the comments section what you wonder about or what you wonder about after reading.

Our side is clear: Arabica! We like more aromatic and light-tasting coffees. We do what we love and bring aromatic coffees together with coffee lovers. In summary, all the coffees you can buy from Kahvebi are made of Arabica beans. Now, we first consider the basic differences between Arabica and Robusta.

Arabica coffee beans have sweeter, softer, fruit-flavored notes than Robusto. Its acidity is also higher than Robusta. Robusta coffee beans, on the other hand, have stronger aromas and intense flavors compared to Arabica. Robusta beans have a more intense aroma than Arabica beans. At the same time, the caffeine rate is twice as high as Arabian. If you want firmness and earthy flavors in coffee, Arabica beans will be more suitable for you. But if you are looking for variety and rich flavors in coffee, Arabica beans will satisfy you.

Arabica Coffee Properties

Arabica coffee is obtained from the beans of a Coffea Arabica plant originating from Ethiopia . Arabica coffee is the world's most popular type of coffee, accounting for more than 60% of cups consumed worldwide. Diversity is one of the reasons why Arabica is so popular. Arabica beans, which have softer, floral and fruity flavors, are preferred by people who are bored of monotony in their coffee and are open to innovations. If you are looking for variety and rich flavors in coffee, Arabica will be a more suitable choice for you. Arabica coffee beans are grown in higher regions. It is produced mainly in Africa, Papua New Guinea and South America.

Robusta Coffee Features

Robusta Coffee is coffee made from the beans of the Coffea canephora plant, originating from Africa. The main feature of Robusta coffee is its bitterness. It is used as a filler in instant coffee, espresso and certain ground coffee blends. It is a strong coffee with a high caffeine content. These beans, which leave a more intense taste on the palate, should not be consumed too much due to the intense caffeine content (twice as much). Excessive consumption can cause palpitations as well as stomach pain. Robusta seeds are grown in abundance in Africa, Indonesia and India. Robusta coffee beans are grown at lower altitudes than Arabica.

Arabica vs Robusta

The big fight: Arabica vs Robusta! Coffee lovers must have made this comparison before. They read about it, made experiments and created their own styles. If you're seeing this comparison for the first time, we might think we're picking up coffee beans grown in different regions. This would be a very illogical move because there is no winner in the Arabica vs Robusta fight. Because the best coffee is the one that best suits your taste buds. So what does the Arabica vs Robusta fight do for us? It's all about finding the coffee that appeals to us best! Now, what have we learned so far?

  • Robusta has more caffeine and more caffeine
  • Arabica is more comfortable to drink and has less caffeine.
  • Robusta is less acidic
  • Arabica has higher acidity

You might think we're biased, but that doesn't change the fact that Arabica coffees taste better than Robusto! Although it is more expensive, we deserve a good cup of coffee if we have a habit of drinking a cup of coffee in the morning. The difference is absolute value if you want to enjoy your coffee.


When many people think of Robusta's neutral and hard structure, can we say that coffee is oatmeal? We can say. Oatmeal is healthy but we cannot consume it all the time. Robusta is the same shape. Arabica beans, on the other hand, have a wide range of flavors depending on the variety. There is so much coffee to try and discover...

These differences can be distinguished much more easily in Arabica beans. Unroasted Arabica beans have a blueberry-like odor. When it is roasted, it combines with the notes of fruit and sugar tones and that enchanting scent emerges.


Robusta coffee beans come from hardy plants that can be grown at low altitudes such as 200-800 meters. Robusta beans are not very susceptible to pest damage and produce more finished products per acre. They have relatively low production costs, although they vary by core. The Arabica bean is fragile, unlike Robusta. It should be grown in cool and subtropical climates.

Arabica beans also need lots of moisture, rich soil, shade and sun. Because of their fragility, Arabica beans are vulnerable to attack by various pests and can be damaged by cold weather or abuse. This seed variety should be grown at higher altitude (600-2000 meters).


Robusta is much cheaper than Arabica. We cannot say that it is successful in appealing to the wide palate. Because it has a unique flavor. Arabica is just the opposite. It is more expensive, with its wide aromatic structure, a coffee bean can be found for almost everyone's taste. Arabica is more expensive than Robusta, as it is more difficult to plant and cultivate. Some companies may even mix Robusta with their Arabica to save money. This means that you will have a terrible smoking experience. When you enter a market to buy instant coffee, look for 100 percent Arabica coffees in the aisle.

What do we do as coffee?

Of course we use Arabica beans as we sell some of the best coffees! Click to find and shop your new favorite Arabica.

If you cannot decide which coffee to choose, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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