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Bialetti Moka Pot Black Express 3 Cups

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Bialetti Moka Express Kırmızı Metal 3 Cups

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Bialetti Musa Moka Pot 2 Cups

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Bialetti Musa vs Venüs vs Kitty Karşılaştırma: Aralarındaki Fark Nedir? - kahvebi

Bialetti Musa vs Venus vs Kitty Comparison: What's the Difference?

Bialetti is the first brand that comes to mind when it comes to Moka Pot. Bialetti's traditional Moka Express Pots are known for their aluminum octagonal shape, powered by gas cookers. However, with the advent of electric and induction cookers, we met the stainless steel moka pot series that can be used on all kinds of cookers, such as Bialetti Musa and Bialetti Venus . So what are the differences between these two models that have just entered our lives? In this article, we will compare Bialetti Musa vs Venus . Let's see what the differences are?

Bialetti Musa vs Venus vs Kitty

Here are the things we can say as someone who has used all three equipments:

Both models are available in 4 and 6 cup sizes. On the other hand, both are made of stainless steel and can be used on all stoves, including gas, electric and induction. They are dishwasher safe and have extra-wide reach heatproof handles to prevent accidental touching while pots are hot.

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So what are the differences between the two products?

In fact, there is no real difference between them. For this reason, you can choose the moka pot with your favorite design when purchasing. You can be sure that they will give you the traditional coffee flavor as they both work the same way.

While examining the Moka Pot models, the New Brikka model may have caught your eye. Let's briefly touch on the features of the Brikka model.

What is Bialetti Brikka? How Is Bialetti Different From Musa or Venus?

Bialetti Brikka

  • Brikka is the only stovetop coffee machine that can deliver espresso crema.
  • New column with silicon membrane, which has been studied and developed to increase the maximum creaminess of the coffee.
  • The new silicone membrane technology, combined with the properties of Moka, achieves an espresso-like result in a glass: full-bodied, dense and lasting cream.
  • Suitable for all hobs except induction hobs
  • 2-cup coffee maker (90 ml coffee)

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If you're looking for a moka pot for making coffee, you're probably looking for equipment that will make coffee closest to espresso. If you like your coffee extra strong, this is for you. It has a special valve designed to make a coffee with almost twice the concentration of Bialetti Moka Express .

It uses the same basic cooking method as the Moka Express. Using the measuring cup provided, fill the bottom of the moka pot with water and add your favorite espresso ground coffee and gently heat on your stove.

The only thing you should not forget here is that Brikka's aluminum, Musa, Venus and Kitty models are also stainless steel. Brikka is made of aluminum, not stainless steel. It will work on gas, electric or ceramic hobs but will not work on an induction top.

What is the best grind for bialetti? (General moka pots)

By the way, if you're grinding your coffee fresh, which is great! You're doing the best thing to do for a cup of coffee. We recommend grinding your beans as finely as possible. If you want to use a pre-ground coffee, of course, our best recommendation would be Akademi Espresso Blend.

Academy Espresso Blend

It is a special and distinguished coffee with a medium body, balanced and soft acidity, and stands out with its chocolate and caramel flavors. This blend, which consists of South American and Island coffees, has emerged from the common meeting of different geographies. A medium roasting system is followed. The taste profile of our blend, which meets you after passing the quality control, maintains its continuity throughout the year.

  • Aroma: Chocolate, Caramel
  • Roasting: Medium

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Why is the coffee I make in Bialetti bitter?

There are several factors that cause a bitter coffee in general. Such as stale, stale filter coffee or espresso, over-extraction (brewing coffee for too long), or overheating. So you have to make sure you use fresh coffee, it's a good start for you. If you grind your coffee at home, you can try adjusting the grind.

Overheating or over-brewing can also make coffee bitter. Sometimes it takes too long for water to reach boiling point. This means that the coffee is filtered longer than it should. Other times, the heat is higher than it should be. This causes it to boil faster, but the coffee is less brewed. What should you do then? We have two suggestions:

As a simple solution, we recommend adjusting your temperature. Moderately will suffice.

Another tip you can try is; Boil your water separately and then add it to the moka pot. This will reduce the time it takes to boil and will require less heat.

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